What Happens When A Baseball Bat “Dies?”

Baseball bats are expensive pieces of equipment. They can last for years if taken care of properly, but eventually, they will die. In fact, there comes a time when metal bats hit like wooden bats. This usually happens when they’re dead and lose their pop and their power. So what happens when a baseball bat dies? In this article, we … Read More

How Far Should an Average 12-Year-Old Hit a Baseball?

The distance of the baseball hit by a 12-year-old depends on several factors. These include the batter’s strength, the ball’s velocity, and trajectory, and the pitch’s speed. But after considering all factors, statisticians have come up with an average distance for different age groups. According to Raspodo, the average hitting distance for a 10-year-old is 80 feet, while an 11-year-old … Read More

Is Your Bat Too Light? Here’s How You Can Tell

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5 Best Outfield Gloves of 2022 – Pro Tested & Reviewed

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Best Batting Practice Tees for 2022 – Top Reviewed

“There’s always room for improvement.” This isn’t just a saying for general growth. It also extends over to sports, especially sports like baseball. Even if you’re a professional player, you’re always going to need to work on making sure your technique is the best it can be. For that, you’ll need to maintain a regular practice schedule. The easiest way … Read More