Basketball, Baseball, and Football in College: Which One is the Best?

Games and sports are an essential part of healthy student life. Sports improve the overall performance of the students and make them active, team player, patient, and intelligent.

Many high school athletes dream to continue their playing career but not all are able to turn this wish into reality. According to one report, only 12% of students continue baseball in college, 9% carry on playing football, and only 5.7% maintain their basketball career. These numbers are even lower for NCAA I, only 2.1% for baseball, 2.8% for football, and 0.9% for basketball. On average, only less than 7% of high school athletes continue their sports journey in college.

To understand which sports are the best to continue in the future, we must look into the reasons why many athletes are unable to continue any sports at all?

One thing that every athlete must keep in mind is that academics matter. A student, who wants to shine as an athlete, must get good grades as well. No matter which sports you select, if you are having low grades, you might not continue in the future. You need to study to stay on the team.

No matter how good you play, you will not get admission to a good college if your grades are low; that’s the main thing. Even if you somehow manage to reach college, if your grades are not good, then your college coach might not consider you because of the fear that you might wash out due to your academic reports. Many college leagues and inter-college games have the defined eligibility criteria that you must meet to participate in any sports. One of which is getting good grades.

Good grades mean the athlete is responsible, time managing, and hard-working. Also, being good in academics increases the chance of getting an academic scholarship for athletes which makes things easy for the player.

Many athletes neglect their grades, in the beginning, to catch up with them in the final years, but this leads to trouble for their future. This approach even makes it harder to get selected for the team in the first place.

Baseball, basketball, and football, which one is better?

Baseball, basketball, and football, three are very famous among college players. There are different criteria on which we can find which one provides more benefits.

Right To Choose

If it comes to the personal choice of the students, they can choose anyone they like. The sports which they find to be more fun, they can go for that. Also, many students continue with sports in college that they have played in their high schools because they know it better than other sports.

But, there are many multi-players as well who are not only good in one sport but two or more. They can go for the one that offers more advantages. It totally depends on the personal choice of the athlete.

Difficulty Level

According to a special report, presented by the United States Olympic Committee, football is the toughest sport among the three. Basketball takes the second spot and baseball stands on the third. In the degree of difficulty in overall all sports rankings, football is the third most difficult sport.

Basketball comes at the 4th place; while, basketball secures the 9th position in the list of 60 sports. Sports scientists have used several parameters to determine the difficulty levels like strength, endurance, power, agility, speed, durability, nerve, flexibility, etc.

If you want to select on the level of difficulty, you can make your choice using the rankings. As we have mentioned earlier that you have to give good attention to your academics, thus, you need to select the sports with which you can finish your studies in a better way. The difficult the sport is, the more energy and practice it demands to get a positive outcome.

Selection of College

Colleges have their athletic programs. Not every college has a good ranking in your favorite sports. Also, not every sport needs to be offered in your selected college. Many athletes decide their college based on their favorite sports.

The same goes for athletic scholarships. If you want to opt for the scholarship, then selecting football could be better. The number of athletic scholarships for football, offered every year, is more than the sum of basketball and baseball scholarships.

Even though more students play football in their high school, but still it has a better ratio to get the scholarship than both sports.

Final Verdict

Researchers believe that a student must not play only one sport. He should not focus on one sport only but play different sports from time to time.

Restricting an athlete to one sport might keep the true potential of the player hidden. While playing different sports help the athlete to know which sport is more fun for them. Many athletes are good at more than one sport.

Any sport can only produce its benefit when the student is not burdened. Otherwise, the fun and gain will become zero when it is forced on him. So, which sport is better than others? The answer is not simple enough. An athlete must be free to choose the sport which makes him happy.

There are other benefits as well like the scholarship that cannot be neglected. However, when an athlete puts his heart in the game, the outcome is marvelous.

Thus, if you want that your child makes the best of his sports career, then just let him enjoy. He should make the selection of which sports he wants to play in high school so that he can continue that in college.

In the end, just remember, any athlete will only get a chance to be selected in any sport in college when the academic results are above-average. Because the coaches in the college have lesser time and resources to make the team, so, those who are the best of both worlds win the race.

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