ASA/USA Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2024 – Top 5 Bats

February 24, 2024
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Whether you’re a rookie looking for a new slowpitch softball bat or a regular on the diamond who wants an ASA/USA bat to add to their roster, we’ve got you covered. A decent number of ASA/USA slowpitch softball bats are out there, so we rounded up the top 6 for your convenience.

Dispel any confusion surrounding ASA/USA slowpitch softball bats with our helpful guide!

ImageProductOur Rating
2025 DeMarini Juggy Slowpitch Softball BatCheck Price5/5
2025 DeMarini Mercy Slowpitch Softball Bat”Check Price5/5
2024 DeMarini Flipper USA Endload Slowpitch BatCheck Price4.9/5
2024 Miken Freak Patriot USA Slowpitch Softball BatCheck Price4.8/5
2023 Easton Dunn Deal Slowpitch Softball BatCheck Price4.8/5
2023 Miken DC41 SuperMax Slowpitch Softball BatCheck Price4.7/5

2025 DeMarini Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat

The 2025 DeMarini Juggy Slowpitch Bat can send your softballs light years ahead while retaining top velocity in your speed. While that may not be why the latest DeMarini ASA/USA softball bats are named for next year, this bat indeed packs a ton of power and control.

This 2-piece composite slowpitch bat has a 12-inch end-loaded barrel for maximum power and speed. Equipped with a Stack3d Double Wall Composite Barrel, any player can stack the deck and overpower the competition. 

Alongside the double-wall construction, the stiff TR3 F.L.O Composite Handle maximizes energy transfer for consistent, powerful swings. With its head-turning design, there’s no denying the 2025 DeMarini Juggy will turn any player on the plate into a juggernaut.

2025 DeMarini Mercy Slowpitch Softball Bat

Set out to put opponents at your mercy with the 2025 DeMarini Mercy Slowpitch Bat. This 2-piece composite bat is the 13-inch balanced counterpart to the 2025 Juggy. If you prefer more accurate control and a more forgiving sweet spot, the 2025 DeMarini Mercy is your top choice.

The 2025 DeMarini Mercy, with its balanced swing weight, offers less of an axe-type swing than end-loaded bats, yet it still delivers a lot of pop thanks to its double-wall barrel construction. The 4.One Composite Handle is stiffer to maximize barrel performance. Players looking for consistency at the plate can rely on the 2025 DeMarini Mercy to deliver.

This bat’s beautiful gray and lavender colorway cannot be ignored and will be a showstopper on the diamond.


2024 DeMarini Flipper USA Endload Slowpitch Bat

Crush any low-compression softballs that come your way with the 2024 DeMarini Flipper USA Endload Slowpitch Bat. Standing 12 inches, the Gapped Wall Composite Barrel creates a hyper-responsive sweet spot so you can send any 52/300 softball soaring over the fence. Though the sweet spot can be more challenging on a shorter barrel, it delivers unmatched power.

The 2024 DeMarini Flipper’s composite barrel works hand-in-hand with the ZnX Alloy Handle, which is stiff and rigid, to provide complete energy transfer. With some breaking in, this bat can be the ideal choice for hitting consistent bombs.

2024 Miken Freak Patriot USA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Harness the power of Tetra-Core Technology with the 2024 Miken Freak Patriot USA Slowpitch Softball Bat. Miken’s barrel technology uses an inner core tube that increases compression, thus improving the bat’s responsiveness and optimizing performance.

The Sensi-Flex Vibration Reduction system in the handle comforts the player while maximizing energy transfer. Feel the bat head speed increase in your swing without any of the sting.

The 2024 Miken Freak Patriot features a Maxload barrel with a .5 oz end-load and a 14-inch barrel. This not only gives unmatched pop but also a forgiving sweet spot. The A1 Knob is small enough to feel natural and comfortable while swinging at the plate.

The Best ASA/USA Slowpitch Softball Bats from 2023

Get high-performing slowpitch softball bats for great deals with these top picks from last year.

2023 Easton Dunn Deal Slowpitch Softball Bat

For a bat that sits in the middle in terms of length and is perfect for players looking to improve their power hitter skills, the 2023 Easton Dunn Deal Slowpitch Softball Bat is a great option. While not the latest bat to be released, it lands a spot on our list for being a reliable and consistently timeless classic.

Featuring the athlete signature of Ben Dunn, the 2023 Easton Dunn Deal is one hot bat. The double-wall barrel provides low compression and high performance straight out of the wrapper. With this bat, you’ll make far-flying hits that will make you the envy of the field.

Despite it being a mid-load barrel, the 2023 Dunn Deal still packs a lot of punch with its 13-inch length. It has a bigger sweet spot that sends balls soaring, and a 2-piece Connexion system reduces vibration.

2023 Miken DC41 SuperMax Slowpitch Softball Bat

Look no further than the 2023 Miken DC41 SuperMax Slowpitch Softball Bat for total power at the plate. Built to give any hitter the utmost advantage at plate, you will have no-fail home runs with this bat. 

The 2023 Miken DC41 features a massive 14-inch barrel, giving the player a generous and forgiving sweet spot. This bat’s Tetra Core, F2P Barrel Flex Technology, and revolutionary 100 COMP composite fibers add durability and increased flexibility for insane pop. 

The 1 oz end-load maximizes your swing velocity to deliver the most power, even right out of the wrapper. When broken in, there’s even more pop to this max load slowpitch softball bat. Despite it being loaded with features for power hitters, players can still enjoy good barrel control with each swing.

As ASA/USA slowpitch softball bats continue to evolve, we can’t wait to see how these bats perform for you in 2024. Let us know if any of them are ultimate keepers for you even in the coming years or if you’re excited to head back here and see what’s in store for 2025. Keep crushing it on the diamond!

Hang on!

Show your opponents a real fight with these tips:  

  • Prepare a solid and balanced stance.
  • Distribute your weight from the back hip to the front one.
  • Throw your hands at the ball and swing with the knob of the bat.
  • Chop down on the ball to create more backspin.
  • Hammer the ball out in front of the plate – don’t place it too deep in the strike zone.

  1. for years the rules of my leagues dictate i can’t use the best bats, those usually being some kind of composite … but the bat that’s always legal and i’ve seen gets best results is the demarini steel