ASA/USA Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2023 – Top 5 Bats

March 5, 2023
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“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” This famous quote from Benjamin Franklin is priceless advice to make you think about your best 2023 ASA/USA slowpitch softball bats helping you conquer the game.

Now is the perfect opportunity to pick our fabulous options that suit your playing style and tactics. 

Also, you can boost your performance with terrific bats that provide immense control and pleasing feels in every swing.

To ensure they satisfy ASA/USA league standards, we’ll get straight to the point and tell you the necessary details concerning the barrel, sweet spot, weight distribution, etc.

Maybe you’re feeling puzzled by too much information. That’s why we give you the most concise and factual guide to choosing your winning bats.

Because we’re also softball batters and experienced coaches, here is our expert-reviewed list of the best ASA/USA slowpitch bats for 2023 games.

ImageProductOur Rating
DeMarini 2023 Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat - 34Check Price5/5
DeMarini 2023 Mercy Slowpitch Softball Bat - 34”Check Price5/5
2023 DeMarini Nihilist USA Slowpitch BatCheck Price4.9/5
2023 DeMarini Nihilist OG Slowpitch Softball BatCheck Price4.8/5
DeMarini 2022 Steel Slowpitch Softball BatCheck Price4.7/5

DeMarini 2023 Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat – 34 “

This DeMarini 2023 Juggy bat was born only to help you destroy the competition with an end-loaded barrel. 

DeMarini combines Juggy’s signature 12” Stack3d Double Wall Composite Barrel with a stiff TR3 F.L.O Composite Handle. 

This combination gives you powerful hits and satisfying pops, stunning pitchers in every swing. Softball experts have recommended the ASA/USA bat to slowpitch hitters with a strong playing style.

In other words, this bat is hot right at the moment you hit the ball and whips your competitors with jaw-dropping power in the contact.

Another bonus point: the weight is distributed toward the barrel end, so the 2023 Juggy is effective with more distance during the hit. 

This ASA-approved bat is the most trustworthy companion for all power hitters.

You can’t miss this weapon in the list of the best ASA/USA slowpitch bats for 2023. 

DeMarini 2023 Mercy Slowpitch Softball Bat – 34”

Carrying the day is easy with this DeMarini 2023 Mercy bat. The two-piece composite rocket gives you a superior advantage with its 13” balanced barrel and stiff 4. One Composite Handle.

This bat is designed to bring maximized power and highly boost your performance thanks to its stiffer handle. 

Another great attribute is its pleasurable pop when you swing through the zone with the Stack3d Double Wall. 

You can feel the satisfying contact reaching your hands after hitting the balls and making them travel plenty far.

“Out of the box” and “great pops” are popular reviews from both users and coaches, telling you why the DeMarini 2023 Mercy bat deserves a special place in your collection.

Don’t you love a superb barrel performance? This bat hits the spot.


2023 DeMarini Nihilist USA Slowpitch Bat

Here comes the top-rate weapon for softball sluggers. The 2023 DeMarini Nihilist bat hands you an optimum, end-loaded swing in powerful hits.

Consistency is the best feature of this mammoth because it always enhances your performance with the two-piece hybrid construction.

This ASA-approved bat features a 12” gapped wall Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel, wiping out lower compression balls and running circles around the opposing team. 

The reason why this bat is unstoppable: the long and unbroken lengths of fiber guarantee the ultimate strength and consistency. This game-changing strength gives batters a massive sweet spot.

Nurturing its non-stop innovation, DeMarini introduces a stiff ZnX Alloy Handle to help you dominate the 2023 softball season with boosted durability and less flexing, making the barrel deflect more.

Are you looking for a monster-like bat to rack up heavy hits? Bingo!

2023 DeMarini Nihilist OG Slowpitch Softball Bat

In the midst of a crucial game, you’re about to mash the ball with an end-loaded swing. Make sure you get this DeMarini Nihilist OG in your hand because it’s designed to gain monstrous hits with a 13” Endloaded Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel.

Huge bonus point: the composite adds weight across the barrel and keeps the balance perfectly for the swing.

Power batters have recommended this unstoppable weapon after they held its Gapped Wall barrel with a solid ZnX Alloy Handle and hammered balls out. This attribute can give you significant leverage to overwhelm pitchers in decisive moments. 


Also, the two-piece hybrid design makes this ASA-approved bat a juggernaut to destroy any competition. The fantastic feel of the ball contact is another feature that we want you to experience.

Are you a huge fan of heavy bangs and “pop” sounds? This treasure matches up to expectations.

The Best ASA/USA bat from 2022

We’ve come together and enjoyed first-rate ASA/USA bats for your 2022 games. From great control to mega-responsive barrels, we’ve matched you with amazing bats that display perfect balance and a large sweet spot.

It’s also pleasing to hear consistent pop sounds and feel the satisfying contact in every swing. 

Among those great options, most hitters loved this top-shelf bat as their favorite.

That king is…

DeMarini 2022 Steel Slowpitch Softball Bat

The end-loaded feel and solid contact make this DeMarini Steel Bat prominent among all other options.

 “This bat is fire” and “The best steel wall bat” are popular reviews for this excellent DeMarini innovation.

Slowpitch batters highly rate the 12” Carburized Seamless Drawn Steel Barrel with maximized performance and remarkable durability. 

Besides, the two-piece construction combines the barrel with a ZnX Alloy Handle to boost energy transmission to the next level. This design also eases much vibration and enhances the comfortable feeling of your bottom hand. 

Thanks to its outstanding balance and speed flexibility, this bat is a tricky riddle for pitchers and gives you the leading edge to notch up points.

Experts and seasoned players are giving you a trusty sword. Let’s rack up amazing hits together!

Hang on!

Don’t tell your competitors about the following tips:  

  • Prepare a solid and balanced stance.
  • Distribute your weight from the back hip to the front one.
  • Throw your hands at the ball and swing with the knob of the bat.
  • Chop down on the ball to create more backspin.
  • Hammer the ball out in front of the plate – don’t place it too deep in the strike zone.

  1. for years the rules of my leagues dictate i can’t use the best bats, those usually being some kind of composite … but the bat that’s always legal and i’ve seen gets best results is the demarini steel