The Best Axe Bats of 2024–With Expert Reviews

March 12, 2024
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Axe Bats have become a favorite choice among professional and amateur baseball and softball players since producing their first bat in 2012, and known for its iconic handle design, Axe licenses to four MLB-approved bat makers: Victus Bats, Chandler Bats, Dove Tail Bats, and Tucci Lumber. 

But players don’t have to limit themselves to these bats to experience the innovation of the Axe handle. Axe Bats has their own baseball and softball products, so players of all ages and skill levels can try them out on the diamond. 

Check out the latest releases from Axe below and see why these are becoming among players’ most popular choices.

ImageProductOur Rating
Axe Bat 2023 Avenge Pro Hybrid (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat Check Price5/5
2023 Axe Avenge Pro (-10) 2-3/4” USSSA Baseball Bat (Youth)Check Price5/5
Easton GHOSTMONDO Slowpitch Softball Bat Check Price4.9/5
2023 MERCY SLOWPITCH BATCheck Price4.8/5

1. 2023 Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR Baseball Bat

The second generation of the Avenge Pro Hybrid has features that make Axe fans obsessed with the brand. The Avenge Pro Hybrid’s sweet spot has been increased, making it one of the bats with the most pop available. A stiffer, 3-piece handle ensures maximum energy transfer with virtually no vibration. When you add the iconic Axe tapered handle to the mix, this bat allows players to have the freest swing possible, which feels amazing.

The Avenge Pro Hybrid, featuring an Armor Enhanced Alloy Barrel, offers incredible performance straight out of the wrapper and durability to last the entire season and more. Its Precision Variable Wall engineering suits power hitters perfectly, enabling them to hit home run after home run. Players looking for a generous sweet spot will enjoy the larger and longer barrel on this Avenge Pro Hybrid.

While producing much power, comfort is still a priority for the Avenge Pro Hybrid. The ergonomic Axe flared knob ensures that players have the best grip for the most powerful and uninhibited swing. The shock suspension and Endogrid technology reduce vibration so that even mishits leave no sting on the player’s hands. 

This bat is balanced and easy to swing, allowing players to generate top speed. If you want a bat that transforms your fast swings into raw power, the 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid is your go-to.

2. 2024 Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Softball Bat

Unlock the full potential of your swing with one of the newest fastpitch softball bats by Axe. The 2024 Danielle Lawrie Fastpitch Softball bat has a balanced swing weight, so players can quickly generate top speed with their swing. Endorsed by two-time National Player of the Year Danielle Lawrie, this fastpitch bat is becoming a top pick among many players.

The patented LP1 Alloy barrel is designed for peak performance and is durable enough to last. The 2 ¼-inch barrel results in a generous sweet spot, while the HyperWhip End Cap removes any unnecessary weight from the non-hitting side of the barrel. The Danielle Lawrie is a softball player’s key to faster swings with barrel control so they can hit the ball more often with precision.

This bat also has the Axe handle that has a flared knob, allowing players to have the perfect grip for fast and powerful swings. Many players liked that this bat is easy to swing while the long barrel generates far-flying softballs. If your player needs help getting a good grip on a bat, the Axe Danielle Lawrie bat is excellent to test out. 

3. 2024 Avenge Pro 3 USSSA Baseball Bat

One of Axe’s newest bats, the 2024 Avenge Pro 3, is a player’s key to crushing every ball. 

It boasts ShieldBoost2 technology in its barrel for maximum power and durability. This bat’s barrel is made of Charged Carbon Ultra, a carbon composite material that pushes bat performance to its limit. The composite is a complex polymer matrix that keeps individual layers thin to keep this bat ultra-lightweight, flexible, and powerful. With the lowest compression possible right out of the wrapper, players wielding the Avenge Pro 3 will dominate the diamond.

The HyperWhip2 End Cap is better than previous iterations and allows the bat to shed unnecessary weight as a player swings. The 3-piece design and Shock Suspension 2 reduce vibrations for maximum comfort even during mishits. But mishits might be rarer with a bat as good as the Avenge Pro 3, making any player a pro at dropping bombs.

The classic Axe flared handle ensures the perfect grip, improving barrel control and swing speed. For a bat that does it all and takes your game to the next level, the Avenge Pro 3 is worth the investment.

4. 2024 Strato 2 USA Baseball Bat

Players who need an excellent 1-piece USA baseball bat can swing the Strato 2, another new release from Axe. This bat has the latest CNC Precision Barrel technology for maximum power and a light swing weight. Every inch of the barrel is optimized for performance and speed, making each swing an opportunity to produce peak power. The bat’s New Groove System allows for a generous sweet spot, perfect for rising baseball stars.

The Strato 2 uses Armor Alloy Ultra, Axe’s newest and most advanced bat material. This ultra-thin alloy makes it the lightest and most flexible material. This specially heat-treated material for added durability gives the Strato 2 insane pop and strength.

With the ProStandard Axe handle, the Strato 2 gives players better control, more consistency, and top speed in their swing. Experience what the pros swing with thanks to this handle that allows players to find their perfect grip on the bat. 

5. 2024 Inferno 13” Endloaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Axe Inferno shows off a bold look in its 2024 version with the perfect blend of stability and performance. The 2024 Inferno Endloaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat features a HyperFlex barrel for stabilized compression and optimized rebound. If you want to break personal records for bombs dropped and style, this bat is for you.

As its name suggests, the Inferno is insanely hot right out of the wrapper but stable in its low compression to hold up hit after hit. The barrel is designed with a complex polymer matrix that keeps individual layers thin, while an elite-grade resin adds durability and strength. 

This bat’s end-loaded swing weight delivers maximum speed and power in every swing. The Pro Flared Axe handle is thinner and more tapered, allowing players more control over the barrel and a freer swing. Get ready to crush the competition as the Inferno 13” Endloaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball bat packs a ton of pop as soon as the ball makes contact with its generous sweet spot.

Which Axe bat are you choosing this season? See our other bat reviews below if you need more bat ideas to power up your game in 2024. Let us know if there are any other bats that you’re excited about this year! 

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