Best Baseball Bags for 2021 – Included Wheeled, Catcher, Backpack

all types of best baseball bagsFrom home to field and field to home, baseball players need a durable bag to keep all their belongings in one place. Best baseball bags is the one that has the space to put bats, gloves, helmet, balls, clothes, and even shoes.

Here is my list of best bags for baseball gear 2021 of all kinds to reduce your research when you want to buy one.

Best Baseball Bags for 2021 all types

Which one to select – wheeled or backpack – is exclusively depending upon the choice of the baseball player. Some players like to drag the bag while others want to carry it on their shoulder.

No matter which one is the personal favorite, keeping a bag is all about keeping your baseball gears protected in the harsh environment as well as during the playing season. Some best baseball bags that make to the top for 2021 are as follow:

Wheeled Catcher’s Bag

Bag Our Rating
Rawlings R1801 Wheeled Catchers Back PackCheck Price5/5
Rawlings Sporting Goods YadiCheck Price4.9/5

Backpack Bag

Bag Our Rating
EASTON E210BPCheck Price5/5
DeMarini Special Ops Spectre Baseball/SoftballCheck Price4.9/5
Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack SeriesCheck Price4.8/5
EASTON WALK-OFF IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag, 2021Check Price4.7/5

Best Catchers Bags (Best Wheeled Baseball Bags)

The best catchers bags are the one that equally distributes the weight and could easily be dragged on hard and smooth surfaces.

The wheels should be sturdy and the option of carrying it on a shoulder is a plus. Along with that, the building material should be of high quality to bear the wear and tear of the ground.

Here are the 2 best baseball bags for catchers that could keep all the gears safe and secure.

#1. Rawlings R1801 Wheeled Catchers Back Pack

Rawlings works thoughtfully on every need of the players and this catcher’s backpack is one best example.

Specially designed to safely place all the catcher’s gear, this bag is your all-in-one solution on the go. It makes transportation of your goods not only easy but faster as well. This bag features an extendable handle and rugged wheels, so you can drag it quickly around.

Everything can go in its specific space for quick access. It can hold up to four bats easily. The bag has extended leg guard storage along with a specified glove pocket having a removable panel. There’s also a separate space for mask and chest protector storage. Further, a fleece-lined pocket keeps the valuables secure.

The bag appears good as new always as it is very easy to clean especially the bottom tarpaulin material that gets dirty promptly. Thanks to the xl fence hook, you can either keep the bag on the floor or the fence in the dugout. From storage to functionality, this bag is perfect in all aspects.

#2. Rawlings Sporting Goods Yadi

Extra large main compartment with customizable options, Rawlings doesn’t disappoint the players at all.

Having the capacity to hold four bats, this bag is ideal to carry all your gears. It has external pockets to provide extra space to the items that are failed to adjust elsewhere. . It features a removable top panel for customization; place the things in your bag in the way you like.

The combination of telescopic pull handle and bigger wheels with reinforced support base makes it very easy to transport your belongings from one place to another.

Having a great look with astonishing color, this catcher’s bag could be your long-term partner to go with you to the game.

Best Baseball Backpack

Carrying the bag on the back has its own style. It gives the benefit of transporting the goods with ease, irrespective to the surface of the ground.

Also, selecting these bags is a matter of personal choice. Here are the 4 best baseball backpacks that are classy and durable and make you enter the field elegantly.

#1. EASTON E210BP Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

Having updated sport utility configuration with padded straps for comfort, this is one of the best baseball backpacks by the Easton.

Easton is a well-known name in the bat industry and their bags are also classical. This bag features rubberized pullers with separated and vented space to keep the shoes.

For dugout functionality and Smart gear storage, this bag comes with the fence hook. Place it easily on the fence and enjoy the game.

When it comes to organizing your stuff, this backpack doesn’t disappoint. In the main compartment, it uniquely offers an interior shelf to perfectly place the things.

It also has a top pocket that is ideal to place personal items. Along with them, there are two external neoprene pockets for bats.

To remain soft on shoulders, it has a padded back and shoulder straps. The bag is designed to equally distribute the weight so it doesn’t feel heavy when loaded.

Make your bag different from others as it has a place for team embroidery; you can write your name or team name as per your wish. Among all the sports utility 2.0 backpacks, it has a vast storage space.

#2. DeMarini Special Ops Spectre Baseball/Softball

Spacious, long-lasting, and comfortable, DeMarini packed this bag with everything necessary.

This backpack has a huge main compartment and two separate neoprene bat sleeves that can hold four bats in total. Thanks to the internal shelf, everything remains in place when you hang the bag. You can place your shoes in the vented compartment. There’s also a special sunglasses pocket and fleece-lined mobile phone pocket.

It is made from a high-quality composite treated waterproof material that protects your things even when it rains. The looks are also cool. Along with having a perfect color combo, it also has a decoration panel that makes it more appealing.

Thanks to the padded shoulder straps and back, you feel comfortable when you hold it. Also, the straps are adjustable so you can set the right size. You can also hang it in the dugout using its integrated fence hook. Overall, this bag is made to fulfill all your traveling needs as a baseball or softball player.

#3. Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Series

With this bag, travel with all your baseball essentials fully organized.
This bag has a massive main compartment to keep cleats, facemask, gloves, and other important items. The compartment can expand up to two and a half inches more. The molded neoprene bat sleeves accommodate four bats easily.

Internally, there is a fleece-lined pocket to keep your phone, keys, wallets, etc. safe. Also, there is an interior shelf with pockets so your things remain organized. You can hang this bag using the J-hook on a fence or in a dugout to keep your things above the ground.

The panel is removable so you can easily add your team logo to make this bag look more personalized. The shoulder straps are foam-padded to make you feel comfortable while hanging the bag. The bag size is ideal for baseball players of all levels. Whether you are playing in the youth leagues or adults, you can have this bat.

#4. EASTON WALK-OFF IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag, 2021

Having extra space, perfect quality, and unique design, with this bag you don’t have to leave any of your gear behind.

This backpack provides you maximum storage inside because your helmet is not going inside the bag. It will remain secure outside in a special external helmet holder. It has two side pockets to place your water bottles or bats. In the top pocket, you can put your items.

To keep your things odorless, it has the ventilated back and pockets. It allows regular airflow and your gears feel fresh. Made using high-quality polyester and nylon fabric, the bag is very durable. It can withstand mud, dirt, and rain, so you can travel with your gear in all weather conditions.

It features a dual zipper for convenient and secure access. There’s also a fence hook to hang your bag in the dugout. You can also personalize your bag by using the designated space for the team logo. All in all, this bag is one of Easton’s finest with all the amazing features.

The other Baseball Bags Reviews

Bownet The Commander – The Ultimate Catcher’s Bag

Great at organizing and sturdy in composition, this catcher’s bag is to store all your gear.

This Bownet’s bag comes with 14 distinct pockets for completely organizing and storing all your belongings in the most effective way. Different pockets make it easy to access everything without delay to search it in the bulk.

Tag the bag with your name, team name, and number with its great removable personalization panel so your bag can be distinguished easily among others.

The molded semi-hard case is present for the trouble-free carrying of cleats or helmets. This bag also features a side bat panel pocket that can easily fit three big barrel bats that are of full size, which is really huge.

Whether it is grass, road, and gravel, this bag doesn’t cause any trouble during moving from one place to another with its powerful big Trax wheels having rubber tread.

Overall, this bag has everything that makes transportation and storing really convenient for all kinds of players.

Mizuno Samurai Catcher’s Wheel Bag

Powerful wheel, spacious, and durable, you can find all the qualities of the good baseball bat in the Mizuno Samurai.

This Catcher’s wheel bag from the Mizuno is the true samurai in holding and protecting the items inside. It is the best baseball bag equipped with wheels. Being versatile top of the line, it is the super-quality product by the company.

Having molded compartment for gloves and the ventilated footwear compartment, the separate space makes this bat ideal to carry all the gears.

The top feature of this bag is its 4 bats compartment which is a large space to put anything. It also has a J Hook for fence hanging when needed.

The pull handle makes its transportation easy and the smart design equalizes the weight on the wheels in a way that it doesn’t burden the player to drag the bag. Conclusively, it is an astonishing bag that is big and durable with a great many pockets.

Easton E900c

On top of the line bag that is designed to meet all the needs of the catchers with a great many options to put all the belongings.

Easton has integrated many features in this bag to make it stand out among all in the market. It has a massive zipper that makes it easy to open or close the bag. To keep the water bottle cold, it comes with an insulated water bottle holder. Also, it has vented pockets to reduce the odor of the substance and make equipment to dry fast.

The bag has a greater capacity to hold different items; thus, it is constructed with durable polyester. It is strong to bear the weight of the heavy items. This bag also features a felt-lined valuable pocket to protect valuable items.

It comes with stable wide-set wheels with axel plus full bottom rails to make transportation quick and easy. Fence hook is present at the bottom rail.

All in all, this bag is perfect to trust as it is durable and tough; but not only that, this bag is also great in design with so much room separated for different items.

DeMarini Momentum

The new Momentum Backpack is fully packed with style having great storage capacity with exceptional features.

DeMarini has created the backpack for the players who want to leave the home with style. This bag has mesh bat sleeves to put two bats along with a ventilated shoe compartment.  An interior fleece lined pocket is also present for placing the cell phone which is highly convenient while playing the game.

To personalize this bag, it also has a customization panel. Not only that, it comes with the area to fit gloves and helmet as well. The decoration panel is removable; you can keep it or remove it on your wish.

The shoulder and back straps are padded for comfortable carrying. It is one DeMarini backpack to transport all the requirements that you need in the field.

Buying guide Baseball Bags

There are certain factors to consider when you go to buy baseball bags. Keeping an eye on these factors along with making some personal decisions could help you to buy the best bag.

#1. Your Needs

First thing first, you need to consider the number of equipment you need to place in the bag. From your bat to your gloves you need to think over everything.

If you have lots of things to carry just don’t go for the bigger bag just because it is is going to fit all your gears. It is because you also need to consider the size that you can carry easily.

If you go for the bag that is big enough to carry all the items but you cannot carry it then it is of no use to you. A bag should be smart to keep all the things instead of being large only.

#2. Your Styles

Different types of bags are available in the market today. Formally there were bags that were known as a standard bag or equipment bags.

They were large and could be swung from the shoulder; they have lots of room and they are large and heavy.

Because of their few amazing features and customizability, they are now replaced by more compact bags. Mostly the players have two choices of the baseball bags nowadays

  • Backpacks
  • Catcher’s  bag


Also known as batpacks, they are really good for equipment transportation with the availability in different sizes and scales. They have different compartments and can easily protect the equipment inside.

The carrying weight is made equal so that they don’t feel heavy on the back of the player. These bags are usually big enough to have the room for enough items to be placed.

Every baseball equipment in the bag is protected except for the handle of the bat.

Compartments are usually present with a separate place for the shoes. There is a great variety of color combination in backpacks usually.

The only con of this bag is that you need to carry it on the back even when it is very heavy.

Catcher’s  bag

Another form of the bag for the dirty players on the field who needs to carry lots of equipment. Divided into various compartments, it has a space to put normal equipment as well as extra items.

They mostly come with wheels and have a pull handle that makes their transportation quite easy. Though they are easy to drag to the field, sometimes conditions don’t make it easy to transport, this is the only con of this type of bag.

#3. Look and how do you feel?

How your bag looks is totally dependent on your choice. The color combination, the style, number of compartments, everything depends on the players’ personal choice.

#4. Fence Hooks

In most baseball backpacks, there are J shaped hooks that allow the bag to be hung on the dugout so that equipment of every player stay in a single place. Having the hook makes it easy to hang the bag during the game.

#5. Material

Your bag is composed of which material plays a vital role in your gameplay indirectly. The most common materials that are used in baseball bag production are plastic, polyester, nylon, and cloth.

Every material has its own pros and cons. The leather required lots of maintenance while the cloth can get wet when the humidity is high.

However, it is commonly known that the combination of nylon and polyester makes the bag highly durable.

Whatever material you choose just make sure that the bag is durable and keep all your belongings secure inside. Here are some common materials used in the game play:

  • Cotton Canvas

It is a heavy-weight rough cotton material which is now also be made from synthetic materials.  it makes the bag waterproof with providing sturdiness.

  • Nylon

This material easily accepts a waterproof coating and is highly resistant to the environment.

  • Polyester

Polyester is a highly resistant material that is strong and tough. It has a cheap price compared with others. It easily accepts colors; thus, it is available in many different colors.

#6. Shoulder strap

It is again up to the choice of the player specifically when it comes to the backpack. The shoulder strap should be padded because it will provide comfort to the player’s body.

Some straps are extra cushioned to provide enhanced softness while some are rigid for toughness. No matter which one you select, make sure it remains attached to the bag when it’s filled with a heavy load.

#7. Water resistance

Usually, the baseball bags are not 100% waterproof but they provide enough resistance and protect the content in the emergency situation by being semi resistance to water.

Bags that are made from polyester and nylon are a perfect choice when keeping water and moisture in mind. As the baseball gears and bats are made from wood and leather they are prone to get wet and damaged so going for the bag that offers water resistance is recommended.

#8. Zipper

It is obvious that a strong zipper is better than the weak one. For that selecting #10 zipper is the best. Usually, the bags have to hold more than their capacity and the zipper has to keep everything inside the bag.

Selecting the zipper that is thick and could be closed from both ends makes it easy to close the bag and also lock it when needed.

#9. Padded

Many baseball bag interior is padded to provide extra cushioning to the objects inside. The padded bags make the exterior really impact free which means even the rough use of the bag doesn’t cause any damage inside.

#10. Ventilated or separated compartments

Along with space, the number of compartments in a bag increases its functionality. Having the largest space only does not solve the matter but having different compartments for different kinds of stuff make the organizing easy and also helps in protecting the items. Like a separate shoe, compartment keeps the odor away from other equipment.


Baseball equipment is a huge investment that is needed to be protected from the harsh environment when going to the field from the home or vice versa.

Investing correctly in the baseball bag could save all the baseball gears to be safe inside when at the ground or home. My list contains the best in the market available today.

For the catchers, you can go for Mizuno or Rawlings, or you can select Easton as your baseball backpack. No matter which one you choose, you will be satisfied because this list is highly made with care.

These baseball bags are extremely durable while providing enough space to keep all the materials safe inside.

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