Best Baseball Gloves 2021: Infield & Outfield

best baseball gloves awesome buyer's guideWith so many gloves on the market, it can be nearly impossible to sift through the information and choose the best glove. We have spent the time curating and researching the best gloves of 2021, so you don’t have to!

We will cover the best gloves of the year for infielders, outfielders, catchers, pitchers, and 1st basemen. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to upping your defensive game and playing your position like a pro.

Our brief reviews list the key pros of each model with each reviewed product categorized accordingly. This enables you to choose the best gloves in each category.

Best Baseball Gloves for 2021

Baseball Gloves 
Wilson A2000 SeriesCheck Price
Rawlings Encore SeriesCheck Price
Mizuno Prime Elite SeriesCheck Price
SHOELESS JOE H-Web ProfessionalCheck Price
Marucci Cypress SeriesCheck Price
Akadema ADH214 ProSoft Series GloveCheck Price
Wilson Game Ready Soft Fit First BaseCheck Price
Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Baseball Glove SeriesCheck Price
Easton Z7 Hyperskin Batting Pair GlovesCheck Price
Rawlings Workhorse 950 SeriesCheck Price
Akadema ARA93 Rookie Series Glove
All-Star Pro-Advanced 33.5 Inch CM3100SBT

Wilson 2021 A20001786 – 11.5″ – Best Infield Glove

Wilson 2021 A2000 - Best infield glove of 2021

Wilson really outdid itself this year with the A2000 model. The shallow pocket design makes this glove an infielder’s best friend so the transfer from glove to throwing hand can be instant.  It doesn’t look to shabby either!

Let’s look at the different parts of this glove. It features a Chevron Cross Web which provides greater flexibility. Its thin heel pad allows for faster break-in so you can use it quickly.

JA27 is known for its durability thanks to Dual Welting. Its Finger pockets are flat and consistently made with the help of Gap Welting.

As far as the materials are concerned, SuperSnakeSkin is combined with Pro Stock Leather which keeps this glove light in weight, gives it greater strength and offer unmatched feel.

Main color palette on JA27 is orange/blonde with hints of Navy. This model is made for adult infielders, wearable on right throwing hand with a glove size of 11.5 inches.

Overall, Wilson A2000 series gloves are well made and have a quicker break-in process which makes them a fantastic choice for many players out there!

Rawlings Encore Series – Best Outfield Gloves

Rawlings Encore Baseball Gloves Series has some of the big guns for 2020. This series is made for both male and female youth players aged between 8 to 14 years.

It has a Pro H-Web which allows outfielders to catch those hard hit balls without accumulating a large amount of dust and debris in their glove.

This 12.25 inch glove is made from Synthetic leather which is fairly light in weight. Thanks to an all-new technology, it has additional protection on palm area. In order to reduce sting, it comes with an extended base.

According to Rawlings, players only require 35% of break-in as rest of the 65% is already done during manufacturing process at the factory. Its speedy break-in process makes it easier for Youth to perfect their game in no time.

It has a right hand orientation and an adjustable hand opening. Each player can then adjust this glove according to their comfort and fit.

To sum it up, Rawlings Encore Series gloves are beginner friendly purchase for young players who are looking to perfect their game without breaking the bank.

Mizuno Prime Elite Series

Among other products, Mizuno USA is known for its premium quality baseball gloves. Their Prime Elite series is no less and is definitely made to give players a pro-level feel.

Crafted using soft and smooth leather, this glove has a classic mahogany-colored richness to it. The leather is long-lasting and sturdy.

It features an I-Web leather post which is prominent with a Capital “I” shape. For an infielder, such a pattern allows for quicker transfer of the baseball.

Softness is enhanced with UltraSoft Pro Palm Liner. Both thumb and pinky panel are perforated meaning that they keep the glove light in weight and also makes it easy for air to pass through it.

Roll Welting on Fingers offer more stability and gives an overall neat finish. It also comes with Finger Core Technology that provides more flexibility and a stronger grip.

It is designed for Right Hand Throwers and has a size of 11.5 inches. Its’ Professional Patterns make it a perfect equipment for Pro players.

There are other variants in Prime Elite Series according to Hand orientation, Glove Size, Web Type and Color. Their Left hand thrower gloves can be found in sizes 12 and 12.75 inches. I-Web, Tartan Web and Shock 2 Web varieties are all available too.

Overall, this Series Gloves are known for being high in quality with easy break-in process and great comfortability. Buying these does not break your bank and are therefore a must-have!

SHOELESS JOE H-Web Professional

Without any doubt, Shoeless Joe Gloves is all set to compete with the big guns in the market with its professional series baseball gloves.

Their H-web style glove, as the name suggests, features an H-Web which is a perfect choice for infielders. It not only eases transfer to throwing hand but offers an eye-catching look too.

Its special aged 100% antique Tobacco tanned leather material is a cult favorite. It is hand made and it includes an XRD foam which offers protection in case of extreme impact.

The brand claims that their gloves are “Game Ready” and therefore do not require any break-in. Many players agree to this claim and they seem quite happy about it as well.

H-Web professional gloves are most suitable for teen to adult players with sizes going from 11.5 to 14 inches. As per the company’s recommendation, sizes 11.5 and 11.75 inches work best for teenage infielders whereas 14 inches is intended for adults playing as 3rd basemen.

These gloves are available in both right and left hand orientation. In order to add a more personal touch to the glove, these can be customized with embroidery.

All in all, H-Web professional baseball gloves are a piece of fine craftsmanship combined with high quality materials. They are known for yielding satisfactory results in the field.

Marucci Cypress Series

Marucci Sports has set the bar really high with their Cypress Series Baseball Gloves. Let us look at its unique features.

It comes with a Two-Piece Solid web style which works great in concealing both the ball and player’s hands. Downside to this web type is that it increases weight.

In order to keep the glove light in weight, Premium Japanese-tanned leather is used. Extra padding and super soft lining is in place to ensure comfortability. Moisture build up inside the glove is reduced with the help of mesh wrist lining.

Marucci does not compromise on quality even on the smallest parts of its’ gloves and therefore it uses professional-grade laces made from USA rawhide leather.

Given its quality, the 12-inch Cypress Series Baseball Gloves are definitely worth your cash.

Akadema ADH214 ProSoft Series Glove – Best Pitchers Gloves

Akadema manufactures a wide range of baseball equipment, including several baseball gloves. One of the best gloves from the company for the 2020 season is the ADH214 ProSoft Series glove. This glove come constructed from high-quality leather and is fairly light-weight. Despite its light-weight profile, it offers great protection for the player’s hands while allowing the player to snag the baseball effectively.

A great thing about the ADH214 glove is that it requires a very little time to break-in. So you can essentially break in the glove in no time and have it game-ready. The glove features a B-hive web pattern which is sized at around 12 inches. It is designed to offer an excellent fit for players at various levels.

The open back of the glove adds some flexibility to its design. This makes it perfect for catching baseball with minimum sting on the hands. A deep pocket ensures that the baseball, once captured, stays put and does not escape the glove.

Wilson Game Ready Soft – Best First Base Glove

Wilson has a reputation for crafting some of the best gloves for baseball players. Wilson gloves not only offer great performance, they also sport awesome looks which make them truly stand-out on the baseball field.

One of the best Wilson gloves this season is the Game Ready Soft Fit First Base glove. Wilson has used high-quality exclusive Cheyenne Penny leather in creating this glove. This particular variety of leather is incredibly durable. The full-leather construction also ensures that you are able to break-in the glove quickly and have it game-ready in no time.

The glove features a Single Post web sized at around 12 inches. Wilson has used dual welting and double palm construction. These features add to the stability of the pocket and make sure that the glove is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear without incurring any damage.

This Wilson glove comes with a low profile heel. The low profile heel helps in opening up the palm and pocket, making them more flexible, and make sure that the glove is a lot more forgiving when snagging a grounder. While ensuring optimal performance, Wilson has also ensured comfort for the players. The palm of the glove has a very soft feel so that the glove is incredibly comfortable to wear while preventing any sting on the hands during the play.

Mizuno Classic Pro Soft Series

Mizuno gloves consistently rank among the best in the market. This is true for the company’s outfield gloves as well. The Classic Pro Soft series features some excellent baseball gloves for the outfielders. The gloves in this series have been manufactured to a premium finish and deliver good performance.

Mizuno has used 3D technology in designing these gloves. This ensures that the gloves are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the outfielders. The material used in the manufacture is classic leather which is pre-oiled so that the glove retains its original shape over a long period.

Mizuno promises that each glove has been individually inspected by glove technicians, so you can be sure of the craftsmanship of these gloves. The gloves are sized as 12.75 inches and feature a conventional open back. They also have a modified T-web design. Mizuno has used roll welting on these gloves which strengthens the structure of the gloves and ascertains its long-term durability.

The palm of the glove comes with Ultra Soft padding. The padding keeps the gloves comfortable while also ensuring that players feel little to no sting even when catching fly balls at high speeds.

Easton Z7 Hyperskin Batting Pair Gloves – Best Baseball Batting Glove

The Easton Z7 Hyperskin gloves are among the most popular batting gloves among youth and college baseball teams. These gloves have been featured in the World Series at the Youth and Little League levels during 2016.

The gloves feature a tacky goatskin leather palm. The palm is designed specifically to offer superior and stable grip on the bat. At the same time, the goatskin palm reduces feedback sting on the batter’s hands and ensures a more comfortable swing.

Easton has used BASECAMO pattern in designing the back of these gloves. The BASECAMO pattern reinforces the structure of the gloves and keeps them in shape. The company has also utilized a flexible Hyperskin Lycra with fused silicon. This keeps the glove back flexible while bringing exceptional durability and strength to it.

Easton has included a Lock Down strap on these gloves. The strap allows batters to ensure a good glove fit and stability when swinging on the plate. These gloves are available in a wide range of colors including Black, White, Stars and Stripes, White and Green, White and Purple, White and Orange, White and Royal, and a number of other options. Size options for the glove include Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Rawlings Workhorse 950 Series

Rawlings Workhorse 950 Series gloves are an excellent choice for batters. These batting gloves combine form and function by delivering an optimal performance as well as excellent looks. Rawlings has used Oitac 2 treatment leather in the manufacture of these gloves. This ensures that these gloves are sturdy yet soft and comfortable to wear.

The gloves in the series come with Dynamic Fit System. This is a uniquely designed and exclusively Rawlings design feature which ensures a snug and dynamic glove fit adapted to the player’s hands. The Dura-Plus pad makes sure that the batter’s palms are protected from feedback vibrations in the handle. As a result, players can swing the bat with perfect comfort and composure when wearing these gloves.

Rawlings has also used a reinforced elastic wrist closure which is adjustable. Players can adjust the wrist closure to make sure the glove fits them perfectly.

Workhorse 950 Series batting gloves are available in Black, Lime, Navy, Royal, Scarlet and Red and White colors. It is available in multiple sizes including Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Akadema ARA93 Rookie Series Glove – Best Youth Baseball Glove

Another great mitt for Akadema for this season is the ARA93 glove. Akadema has used U.S. steerhide leather in constructing this mitt. This highly durable yet soft leather is used on the palm and web sections of the glove. On the back, special AkademaLyte leather has been used. This ensures that the glove remains light-weight enough for a comfortable wear, without wearing down the player.

The glove comes with a B-hive H-web. Another useful feature of this mitt is the Grasp Clasp Wrist System. This system ensures that the glove fits perfectly on the hand of the player, improving the catching efficiency. It also makes for a more comfortable and confident wear for the player.

A stand-out feature of this glove is that it is quite lightweight. It features a conventional open back which offers good breathability and keeps the player’s fingers cooler.

All-Star Pro-Advanced 33.5 Inch CM3100SBT – Best Catchers Mitts

If you are looking for a catcher’s mitt that has slightly adjustable openings, the All-Star Pro-Advanced mitt is for you. This mitt has a more raw construction which means that it may take slightly longer to break in.

On the upside, once broken in, the mitt delivers an excellent performance and a guaranteed durability. In fact, within its price range, this mitt delivers a performance that is at par with far more expensive and top-of-the-line catcher mitts.

All Star has constructed this mitt from Japanese tanned US steer hide. The hide as well as the tanning process ensures that the construction material is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Coupled with this basic material are rawhide laces which offer an equally durable and sturdy performance.

The overall construction of this mitt features a combination of black leather and tan leather. Used perfectly, the two complement and support each other. These mitts also come with extended pockets as well as a wrist guard. The wrist guard protects the wrist and mitigates the possibility of injury in this area of the hand.

The Velcro openings on these mitts are adjustable. This allows catchers to adjust the openings to make the mitt fit perfectly to their hand size. The only challenge for this mitt is the breaking in. Breaking it in may take significant time and effort. But the resulting performance is definitely worth this effort.

The Other Baseball Gloves Review

Wilson A500 Series

Wilson’s baseball gloves are known for their excellent quality, performance and durability. It is precisely for this reason that this list contains another Wilson glove that is among the best for the 2020 season.

This mitt is specifically designed for baseball catchers. It has a half-moon web and is sized at 32 inches. The glove has an all-leather design, utilizing high-quality leather. Despite its leather construction, the glove is incredibly light-weight. It comes with a very flexible and game-ready feel.

Wilson has used rolled dual welting in this glove. This feature maximizes the life of the glove and allows the players to break it in quickly. The glove also has the Wilson hallmark Double Palm Construction. This particular style of palm construction makes sure that the leather in the palm area remains free of any wrinkles. It also improves the stability of the pocket so that there is a reduced chance of losing the baseball once it is inside the glove.

Wilson A2000 CM33

The A2000 line-up of catcher mitts from Wilson has a reputation of being top of the line. The new release in the series, the CM33 mitts, lives up to this reputation. Featuring exquisite craftsmanship, these mitts are the result of extensive research and real-world feedback from actual catchers.

The beauty of the CM33 mitts is that they break in perfectly and quickly. This is made possible with a thinner heel pad which also ensures that the gloves are light-weight. Once broken in, they deliver an optimal performance over multiple seasons without losing any of their quality or performance.

An extra-deep pocket on these mitts ensures that players can not only catch and retain balls more effectively, but also scoop them up from the ground with ease. Wilson has used Pro Stock Leather to ensure long-term durability of these gloves.

Dual Welting design further ensures that no matter how long you use these gloves, the pocket is going to stay intact. The DriLex Wrist Lining is very effective in keeping the gloves breathable while wicking away the moisture to keep your hands dry during the game.

The CM33 mitts feature a half moon web and an open back design. These are available in 33-inch size, making them perfect for most catchers.

Wilson A2000 Clayton Kershaw Game Model

The second pitcher’s glove we have shortlisted also comes from the renowned manufacturer, Wilson. This is a slightly smaller pitcher’s glove sized at 11.75” and better suited for pitchers who may find the 12.5” glove above too large for their hands.

The A2000 Clayton Kershaw gloves feature all the trademark features of the Wilson A2000 line-up. These include DriLex Wrist Lining. The lining ensures that any sweat or moisture is dried up quickly within the glove. As a result, pitchers can maintain a dry and cool feel, and a stable grip on the baseball when wearing these gloves.

Wilson has brought together the field experience and advice of a number of top baseball players in creating this glove. And it is not surprising that some notable heavy-weights in the game are already using this pitcher’s glove.

The Dual Welting on these gloves runs all across the finger stalls and to the fingertips. At the back of the gloves, Wilson has used two additional strips of leather to ensure extra support for the fingers. This support keeps the glove in shape and in good form even after extensive use.

The glove has a rugged design and requires some breaking in before it can deliver its best. It is available in left-hand-throw and right-hand-throw models.

Mizuno World Win GXF75

Mizuno is renowned for producing some of the best baseball products. The company has consistently sustained this reputation and channeled it into its baseball gloves as well. The World Win First Baseman’s Mitt from the company is a clear example.

These first base gloves are made from Retro leather that has been specially tanned. As a result, the leather of these gloves has a very comfortable and soft feel. The great thing about retro leather used in these gloves is that it breaks in quickly. In fact, breaking in these gloves is only a matter of days which is why Mizuno claims that these gloves are game-ready for immediate performance.

The palm pad of the gloves is designed to absorb a great degree of shock from the incoming baseball without leaving any sting on the first baseman’s hands. The World Win GXF75 is a full-sized mitt and is available in a 12.5” size. If your young one is playing at first base and you want a mitt that delivers great performance, this Mizuno glove is the perfect choice.

Marucci Honor The Game: MFGHG125FB-KR

Like Mizuno, Marucci is another baseball manufacturer that needs no introductions. Marucci has been around for a long time and its enduring success banks on the sheer quality and reliability of its products. Not only that, Marucci particular prides itself on the design and looks of its products, without compromising on the quality.

This is particularly observable in these excellent first base mitts from Marucci. Aptly called ‘Honor The Game’, these gloves have been manufactured using premium-grade US steer hide that has undergone Japanese tanning. The interior of the gloves comes features a soft cowhide construction which maximizes comfort while also ensuring durability.

Marucci has used a thinner heel pad in these gloves. This offers dual advantages: the thinner heel pad reduces the bulk and weight of the gloves while also allowing players to break in the gloves more quickly. To complete the brilliance of these gloves, Marucci has used US tanned laces.

The dual post web makes it easier for first baseman to scoop and field the ball while wearing these gloves. Available in both left-hand and right-hand options, the Honor The Game gloves are sized at 12.5 inches. They require minimum break-in period and Marucci is offer a 100-day Love Your Glove Guarantee. Thanks to this guarantee, you can test out these gloves for a 100 days and see if they suit you.

Wilson A2000 1786

The A2000 line-up from Wilson features some of the best gloves in every baseball category. This stands true for the infield gloves category as well. The A2000 1786 is one of the best infield baseball glove available on the market.

This particular model bears all the trademark features of Wilson gloves. Wilson has made this glove using carefully hand-selected premium-grade Pro Stock leather. This particular variety of leather brings a rugged feel to the glove but also makes sure that the glove will be functional and in good shape for a long time.

Also used in this glove is the Wilson trademark Dual welting. This type of welting is a hallmark of Wilson craftsmanship and utilizes special welting pattern to make sure the pocket stays intact long after the glove has been broken in. To make players are able to wear this glove for extended periods without experience sweaty or moist hands, Wilson has used Dri-Lex wrist lining in this model.

Wilson A2000 1786 glove is available in two unique varieties for both left-hand and right-hand players. It is sized at 11.5 inches which puts it at the shorter side of infield gloves. It may take some effort in breaking in but once broken in, it delivers an excellent performance for infielders.

Rawlings Gamer Series

Rawlings gloves are known for delivering the same exceptional quality and performance as Rawlings bat. In both cases, you can be certain that the product will be worth it.

You can ascertain this the moment you see the Gamer Series baseball gloves from Rawlings. These outfield gloves have an all-leather manufacture which gives them a traditional look combined with modern features. Rawlings has used high-quality Tennessee tanning rawhide leather laces on these gloves to bring an additional degree of sturdiness and durability.

The Gamer Series glove is available for both left-handed and right-handed outfielders. The solid web of the glove features a traditional back to ensure comfortable and effective catching. Rawlings has also reinforced the palm pad of the glove with leather to make sure that the glove can withstand the sting of the impact without transmitting it to the player’s hand.

Soft finger back lining also ensures that the glove is incredibly comfortable to wear. It strengthens and supports the structure of the glove to ensure long-term shapeliness. Padded thumb loop also protects the thumb and adds stability to the hold of the glove. The glove is available in sizes ranging from 11.25 inches to 12.75 inches. It is fairly easy to break in as Rawlings promises that 80% of the breaking in on the glove has already been done. Overall, this is a great glove for outfielders.

Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series

The Rawlings Gamer Youth Pro Taper Glove Series features a number of gloves for younger baseball players on various positions. All the gloves in the series feature a high-end finish and an exceptional performance.

Rawlings has manufactured these gloves using an all-leather manufacture. The leather has been used to create a full-grain and soft leather shell for the gloves. This makes these gloves incredibly comfortable to wear while also making them long-lasting. Used with the full-grain shell are laces made from Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather. The laces tie together the gloves perfectly, keep them in shape and bring extra durability.

On the interior, fingerback lining made from leather provides a comfortable feel when wearing these gloves. The leather-reinforced palm pads also shield the player’s hands from the impact of the baseball.

Specifically designed for youth players, Rawlings has designed these gloves with a small hand opening. The gloves also come with lowered finger stalls to fit the smaller hand size of youth players perfectly. Available in sizes ranging from 11.5 inches to 12 inches, these gloves feature a dashing black outlook and are sure to stand out on the field.

Type of Baseball Gloves

Catchers Mitts

Catcher mitts are specifically designed for the players who play at the catcher position in a baseball game. To suit their position, these gloves feature extra padding compared to other gloves such as those worn by the fielders.

Also in contrast with other baseball glove types, you have to consider the circumference of catcher mitts instead of their length.

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Pitchers Gloves

Pitchers gloves are significantly different from the gloves used by other players on a baseball field. They are used by the pitchers who toss the ball to the batter on the plate.

For a start, a pitcher’s glove typically comes with a closed web. The closed web ensures that the batter is not able to determine the type of ball that the pitcher is about to throw as the batter can’t see the baseball in the glove.

Another key difference is that pitcher’s gloves are required to be of a single, solid color. This is a requirement at most baseball matches so that the pitcher’s glove may not confuse the batter about the view of the baseball.

First Base Glove

A first base glove is quite similar to a catcher’s mitt, although it is also different in other ways. Typically, a first base glove is quite wide and deep. It is characteristically larger than the gloves used by infielders.

This particular variety of baseball gloves is designed so that first base players can easily field and scoop the ball. On the outside of the glove, there are no separated fingers as is the case with other baseball gloves.

This is another reason why first base gloves look quite similar to catcher’s mitts.

Infield Gloves

Infield gloves are unique in their overall shape and design, although they share many features with other gloves. These particular type of baseball gloves are usually shorter than the outfield gloves or mitt.

They come with open pockets which are shallower. These allow the infielders to get the ball quickly out of the gloves. Typically, the infield gloves are sized between 11.5 and 12.5 inches.

Outfield Gloves

Outfield gloves, as their name suggests, are used by outfielders. Since outfielders usually need to catch fly balls, outfield gloves have larger pocket sizes to facilitate the catches.

The pockets on outfield gloves are also deeper so that outfielders are able to retain the ball once it enters the glove. Typically baseball outfield gloves are between 12 inches and 12.75 inches in size. However, this may differ depending on the age group and league of the player.

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Baseball Batting Gloves

Baseball batting gloves are routinely used by baseball players. This is simply because of the overwhelming range of advantages offered by these gloves. Batting gloves help batters achieve a more stable and strong grip on the bat.

They also help players cope with weather conditions. In summers, they prevent slippery and sweaty grip whereas in winters, they let players maintain a comfortable grip without getting sore or cold hands.

Another notable advantage is that batting gloves reduce the feedback or sting from the bat, letting the players wield the bat more confidently and smoothly. Below are some of the best batting gloves. Baseball players can determine the one which is a better fit for them by weighing the pros and cons of these gloves.

Youth Baseball Gloves

Youth baseball gloves are typically smaller than adult baseball gloves. Since they are meant for younger players, they come with wrist openings that are smaller and finger stalls featuring a narrower design.

Typically, youth baseball gloves are sized between 9 inches and 13 inches. Below are two of the best youth baseball glove models this season.

Difference Between Baseball Glove and Softball Glove?

Baseball and softball gloves may look similar but they have several vital differences. These differences are dictated by the disparities between the two games. Baseball is typically smaller in size whereas softball is larger in comparison. This difference in ball size also casts an important influence on the shape of two types of gloves.

In general, baseball gloves range from 10 inches to 12.75 inches in size. In contrast, softball gloves can go from 11.5 inches all the way up to 15 inches, depending on whether they are for fastpitch softball or slowpitch softball.

The pocket size and depth also varies between the two types. Baseball gloves are typically smaller with longer pockets, catering to the smaller size of the baseball. Softball gloves, on the other hand, are wider and deeper to accommodate the larger softball.

Related Questions?

#1. How to oil baseball gloves?

Oiling baseball gloves is a great way of keeping the gloves in good shape and preventing them from cracking. Oiling is also frequently used by players to break in a baseball glove. To oil a glove, first choose an oil that is suitable for leather, as most baseball gloves come constructed from leather. Next, use your hands to apply oil between the thumb and finger area of the gloves.

If you don’t want to dirty your hands, use a cloth to rub the oil in this area. Once the oil is smoothly applied as a coating, let it sit over night. This gives the glove enough time to soak up the oil. The next day, rub the glove dry to remove any excess oil.

#2. How to clean baseball gloves?

If you want your baseball gloves to remain in good shape, you need to do the due maintenance. The most basic form of maintenance is to clean your gloves every once in a while, especially after a game. You can use a cotton rag or a brush to gently rub and scrape the glove. This will remove any dirt or debris deposited on it.

Next, use a leather cleaner and apply it with a soft cloth to your glove. Use the cleaner to gently remove any dirt or debris that still remains on the glove. Finally, apply a very gentle coating of leather conditioner, especially between the fingers. This will make sure the glove doesn’t crack up or become too dry.

#3. How to break in baseball gloves?

There are a number of ways of breaking in a baseball glove. The traditional method simply involves playing catch with a baseball. The more you catch and squeeze a baseball with the glove, the sooner it breaks in. This is also the best way to perfectly break in a glove.

The second best way is steaming. Apply a conditioner to the glove, then steam it and use a mallet to squeeze the pocket area. Steaming loosens the leather and the laces, while the mallet effectively shapes the pocket for the baseball. You can also use a mallet to strike a glove pocket again and again.

Baseball Gloves Best Brands

  • Wilson

Wilson is one of the oldest and most well-established brands when it comes to baseball gloves. The company has been manufacturing baseball gloves since 1913.

Wilson gloves are known for delivering top-of-the-range performance as well as exceptional durability. Over the years, notable professional baseball players have consistently preferred Wilson gloves for their reliability.

  • Rawlings

Rawlings is another brand that is widely trusted and recognized when it comes to baseball gloves. The company manufactured its first glove back in 1913.

Since then, Rawlings gloves have become synonymous with quality. Like Wilson, Rawlings gloves are also sported by quite a few professional baseball players in league matches each year.

  • Nokona

Nokona stands apart in the baseball glove manufacturing arena for a notable reason: all its gloves are 100% made in the USA. Nokona manufactures its gloves using top-grain and premium-quality leather from American hides.

This leather is than exquisitely processed with handcrafted precision to create top-performing baseball gloves. Nokona gloves are used by a large number of professional players and are known as much for their exceptional finish and looks as for their quality and durability.

  • Mizuno

Mizuno has made a big name for itself in the baseball manufacturing world since its establishment in 1906. The company produces some of the best baseball gloves every year.

Mizuno gloves are recognized for their performance and comfortable feel. A notable feature of the company is that it launches baseball gloves for different price points and playing levels, making its products accessible for a wider market.

  • Easton

Easton is a famous brand that has been manufacturing top-quality baseball equipment for a long time. Although the company has an excellent standing when it comes to baseball bats, it is positioned slightly lower when it comes to baseball gloves.

That being said, the company has a number of baseball gloves that are simply the best in their respective category. So Easton may not offer as many gloves, but the ones it does offer are sure to deliver a solid performance.

  • Marucci

Marucci is a brand that is known not just for the superior quality and performance of its products but also for their exceptional finish. This is reflected in most, if not all, the baseball gloves that the company manufactures.

Marucci aggregates the advice and help of a number of MLB players when designing and manufacturing its baseball gloves.

When you get a Marucci glove, you can be sure that it will perform brilliantly while also shining on the field with its outstanding looks.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Baseball Gloves

#1. Position you play

Baseball gloves are designed for different field positions. So there are notable differences between catcher’s mitts, infielder gloves, outfielder gloves, and first baseman gloves.

Catcher’s gloves are typically shaped like mitts with a fingerless design. Infielder gloves have fingered design with a shallow pocket to quickly release the ball.

Outfielder gloves are designed with deeper pockets to allow outfielders to easily catch fly balls. First baseman gloves come with a wide and long glove design to ensure that the first baseman can easily scoop up the ball from the dirt. So depending on the position you play, you should choose a specific type of baseball glove.

#2. Right hand throw or left hand

Baseball gloves are either right-handed or left-handed. A player who is right-handed must use only a right-handed glove as the design of the left-handed glove is reversed to accommodate thumb and finger positions.

Similarly, a left-handed player can only use a left-handed glove. Make sure to make the distinction and purchase or order a glove accordingly.

#3. Fit

A good glove is one that fits perfectly to the player’s hand. A glove that is too large will feel clumsy on the hand and hinder the player’s performance. A glove that is larger than needed will also slow down the player’s movements.

It is always a good idea to try on a glove in order to determine whether it is a good fit. A glove that is only slightly larger can work if it comes with adjustable features such as a strap.

#4. Materials

Baseball gloves typically come constructed from different types of leather. Synthetic leather is usually the most affordable, light-weight and convenient as it requires no break-in period.

Players who prefer immediate game-readiness for their glove should go with the synthetic leather option. Oil-treated leather is another type of leather. Although not immediately game-ready, it requires very little time to break in.

Professional baseball players usually use Pro Series leather which utilizes leather of the highest quality. This type of leather offer superior comfort as well as a rugged make, and takes considerable time and effort to break in.

#5. Durability

The durability of a glove determines how long it is going to last. If you purchase a baseball glove that is not very durable, it may deteriorate even before the season is out.

Synthetic leather usually offers significantly less durability compared to other materials. Pro Series leather and Premium leather offers far better durability and in many cases, gloves made from these materials will last multiple seasons.

#6. Color

Baseball gloves come in many colors. Some feature a solid-color design, others have dual-color or multi-color looks. You should typically choose a color that suits your style.

However, if you are looking for pitcher’s gloves, you should make sure that you choose a glove that is a solid color. This is because multi-color pitcher’s gloves can distract the players and an umpire may object over them.

#7. Glove components

Baseball gloves typically have a number of standard components. You should consider these components when purchasing a baseball glove.

  • Webbing construction

Webbing is the structure that connects the finger and thumb of the glove. In some gloves, the webbing is stiff whereas it is more loose and flexible in others.

For players who need to maintain good possession on the ball, such as outfielders, a slightly flexible webbing is preferable. Players who need to release the ball quickly, such as first baseman, can work better with a stiffer webbing.

  • Pocket construction

Baseball gloves come with shallow or deep pockets. Shallow pockets allow players to release the ball quickly. Players at the first baseman or infielder positions typically need gloves with shallow pockets.

Deeper pockets support good ball possession. Outfielders usually need deeper pockets to secure a baseball once it has entered the glove.

  • Lacing

Lacing is what keeps the glove in place and in good shape. Most gloves use leather lacing. Leather lacing, like other leather components, takes some time to break in.

  • Heel

Heel is the lower part of the baseball glove that covers the lower palm and a part of the wrist. Heel offers protection for the lower part of your hand. When you try on a baseball glove, make sure that the heel reaches a comfortable level of your lower part.

  • Backs of a Glove

The back of a glove is usually open or closed. An open back offers greater flexibility and is usually preferred by infielders. A closed back brings extra strength and support to the glove and is typically featured in outfielder gloves.

  • Hinge

Hinge is the area between the pinky finger of the glove and the heel area. It determines how easy or hard it is to close the glove.

Ideally, you want the glove to close comfortably when required but otherwise stay fairly stiff. You will need to check out various gloves to find the one with the most suitable hinge.

  • Wrist

Wrist adjustment is frequently a part of most baseball gloves. It is offered as wrist straps or other adjustable features on the wrist.

As the name suggests, wrist adjustment offers a system which lets players tighten up the glove at the wrist area. This enables a better and secure fit.

Baseball gloves from a wide range of brands arrive in the market every year. These gloves are categorized under different playing positions.

With the guide provided above and wraps up our best baseball gloves for 2021. Don’t forget to keep in mind your field position before choosing any one of these gloves for yourself.

In the end, what makes a glove perfect for you partially depends on your personal preferences such as your style, the feel of a glove and the fit that you are looking for.

As buying a baseball glove is a major investment, we suggest you to take your time, think this through and choose wisely!

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