Our Top 6 Cool and Comfortable Baseball Pants for 2024

February 15, 2024
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All athletes need the right gear for excellent performance, and gear goes beyond equipment. The proper clothing is for more than allowing audiences to recognize the sport or the player; it’s also for the athlete’s comfort and safety.

In preparation for summertime baseball, let’s check out some cool and comfortable baseball pants that can accompany any player out on the diamond. Here are our top 6 picks:

ImageProductOur Rating
Mizuno Adult Men's Premier Players Baseball Pant Check Price4.8/5
Easton Rival+ Baseball PantCheck Price4.7/5
Under Armour Men's Utility Baseball Straight Leg PantCheck Price4.8/5
Rawlings Semi-Relaxed Full-Length Baseball PantCheck Price4.5/5
Champro Men's Triple Crown Baseball Pant Knickers with BraidCheck Price4.6/5
Nike Men's Core Baseball PantsCheck Price4.4/5

1. Mizuno Adult Men’s Premier Players Baseball Pant

Stay cool even when it’s hot out on the field with Mizuno’s Adult Men’s Premier Players Baseball Pants. These pants, made with lightweight but durable material, withstand powerful slides into bases and wick away any moisture for a comfortable feel.

They’re easy to clean, as grass and mud stains don’t cling onto the fabric, and are machine washable. Enjoy knee protection with dual-layer construction that doesn’t weigh or drag you down. The elastic-finished leg gives a sleeker, more snug fit that you can wear up to your ankle or above the calf.

These pants are one of the more stylish ones of our picks, so if your looks out on the field matter to you, these will be a go-to for game day.

2. Easton Rival+ Baseball Pant

Players who prefer a slightly relaxed fit with a sleek silhouette will enjoy the Easton Rival+ Baseball Pant. These pants aren’t baggy to the point that you look slouchy on the field, but they still give you enough room to be comfortable and mobile.

The Easton Rival+ features a belt closure for a secure fit, even in the fastest plays. The fabric is easy to launder and retains its shape even after many uses. With the option to get piping down the sides, you’ll look and feel like a pro in these baseball pants.
Show off your style with the various color options available for the Easton Rival+ baseball pants. While white is a classic option, darker colors might show through underneath.

3. Under Armour Men’s Utility Baseball Straight Leg Pant

Feel your best even on hot summer games with the Under Armour Men’s Utility Baseball Pant. These pants feature a straight-leg fit, helping you look polished and collected on the field. The material is lightweight but holds its shape through multiple uses and washes.

The Under Armour Men’s Utility Baseball Pant fabric is soft and moisture-wicking for ultimate comfort. The elastic waistband ensures the pants stay up through various movements. With a decent amount of stretch, these pants balance structure and comfort perfectly.

The sizing may be snug, so some players must size up to enjoy a looser fit around the legs. While not as forgiving as baggier styles, its straight-leg fit allows for a more professional look.

4. Rawlings Semi-Relaxed Full-Length Baseball Pant

Stay comfortable and protected with the Rawlings Semi-Relaxed Baseball Pant. These full-length pants are stretchy but thick enough to be durable enough to withstand sliding and machine washing. They feature stain-release technology so you can step onto the field with pants that look brand new every time.

Enjoy a professional athlete look thanks to the zipper and belt loop closure without breaking the bank with Rawlings’ Semi-Relaxed Baseball Pants. While these pants may not be the most lightweight on the market, their thicker material provides more protection. The fabric’s moisture management also keeps you comfortable even on hot days.

The brighter colorways of the Rawlings Semi-Relaxed Baseball Pant allow you to add some flair to your outfit while still giving off a put-together vibe.

5. Champro Men’s Triple Crown Baseball Pant Knickers with Braid

Wearing shorter pants is another way to stay cool and comfortable while playing baseball. The CHAMPRO Triple Crown Baseball Knickers stop just below the knee and still feature double layers for a reinforced pant that can withstand sliding.

This modern take on the classic knicker has a four-way stretch fabric that keeps the player cool, dry, and comfortable while on the field. The grippy waistband and belt loops ensure a secure fit and keep a jersey tucked in.

The CHAMPRO Triple Crown Baseball Knickers material is durable and thick enough not to let any colors appear underneath. They can withstand machine washing without a problem, and stains are easy to remove. Opt for thinner socks with these if staying cool is your goal.

6. Nike Men’s Core Baseball Pants

Move freely and comfortably with Nike’s Men’s Core Baseball Pants. Featuring Dri-Fit technology and a straight leg, these pants will keep you feeling dry and secure while on the field. The fabric is durable enough to hold up through machine washing and is breathable and lightweight.

The Nike Men’s Core Baseball Pants come in a few basic colors, making them a staple for any player. The size tends to run a bit small, so consider sizing up. A looser fit around the hips and waist works best due to the straight-leg design.

A snap closure and belt loops secure the Nike Men’s Core Baseball around the player’s waist. While the material is breathable and comfortable, more durable pairs of pants might be available. Sliding into bases might result in tiny holes here and there.


Whether you’re a rookie new to the field or a veteran trying to up your game, finding the best baseball pants for you is crucial. Take a look at these top 6 baseball pants for the 2024 season!