Sliding Shorts vs Compression Shorts: What’s Best for Your Baseball Game?

April 30, 2024
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As we welcome another baseball season, it’s time to break out the gear and head to the nearest park for a friendly game. But you might be wondering if your uniform is up to par. Do you have the latest sliding shorts, or do you need a pair of compression shorts instead? We’re uncovering all the details here.

ImageProductOur Rating
Youper Adult Elite Compression Padded Sliding ShortsCheck Price5/5
CHAMPRO Men’s Wind Up Compression Sliding ShortsCheck Price4.9/5
Marucci Men’s Adult Elite Padded Slider ShortsCheck Price5/5

ImageProductOur Rating
Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Compression ShortsCheck Price5/5
Hanes Sport Men’s Compression ShortsCheck Price4.9/5
TELALEO Compression ShortsCheck Price4.9/5

What do Baseball Players Wear aside from Pants?

Baseball players often don snug shorts underneath their pants to aid them in swift movements and protect their legs when sliding into bases. These are called sliding shorts and have padding around the outside of the thighs for added protection. Additionally, most players wear an athletic cup to shield their groin area and long socks that go up to the knees. 

What are Baseball Sliding Shorts For?

Sliding shorts, crafted from a snug spandex-like material, serve a crucial role in a baseball player’s attire. They facilitate smooth slides onto the ground, shielding players from potential scratches and abrasions. The strategically placed padding in the hips and tailbone areas absorbs the impact of sliding into a base, making them a must-have under your baseball uniform.

The Benefits of Wearing Baseball Sliding Shorts

Wearing sliding shorts offers baseball players a range of benefits. The sleek material minimizes friction and chafing, whether it’s skin-to-skin or skin-to-uniform contact. The extra layer of sliding shorts acts as a shield, protecting players from potential scratches and cuts during the game. This added comfort and protection can significantly enhance your performance on the field. 

In case of injury from sliding into a base, sliding shorts can reduce stains from reaching your uniform. The sweat-wicking nature of sliding shorts also helps players feel cooler during hot summer games. 

What to Know When Choosing Baseball Sliding Shorts

Finding the best pair of sliding shorts can be quite a journey, thanks to the many styles, brands, and price points. Keep these in mind when looking for your pair of sliding shorts:

The Fit: Sliding shorts should be snug but not too tight so that they restrict circulation or movement.

The Material: Lightweight fabrics can be too thin to protect you and withstand multiple games in a season. Thicker materials can be uncomfortable in warm weather or underneath pants. It’s key to find the right balance of durability and comfort. Moisture-wicking fabrics keep you cool and dry during a game, possibly improving performance.

The Length: Longer pairs of sliding shorts give added coverage on a muddy field, but a shorter pair might be more comfortable in hot weather.

The Price: While you don’t want to break the bank over a pair of shorts, it’s important not to sacrifice quality for affordability. 

What are Baseball Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts and athletic underwear improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. They are made of stretchy material like spandex or lycra and have an elastic waistband. Most feature a flatlock seam stitch that prevents chafing in the thighs.

Are Sliding Shorts and Compression Shorts the Same?

They are similar in materials but have different purposes. Sliding shorts have extra padding for protection during sliding, while compression shorts do not and cannot protect players from falls or slides.

The main similarity lies in the stretchy but snug fabric that supports the glutes and thighs. Players wear sliding shorts only during game time or while training, whereas they can wear compression shorts on rest days or during recovery to reduce muscle soreness.

The Best Baseball Sliding Shorts

1. Youper Adult Elite Compression Padded Sliding Shorts

The Youper Adult Elite Compression Padded Sliding Shorts are a game-changer for athletes seeking superior protection and comfort during intense gameplay. These shorts, crafted with premium compression fabric, offer excellent support and flexibility, allowing players to move freely on the field. The strategically placed padding provides essential protection during slides and dives, minimizing the risk of abrasions and injuries. Additionally, the moisture-wicking technology keeps players dry and comfortable, even during the game’s most intense moments. Whether sliding into home plate or making a diving catch in the outfield, the Youper Adult Elite Compression Padded Sliding Shorts are a must-have addition to any athlete’s gear arsenal.

2. CHAMPRO Men’s Wind Up Compression Sliding Shorts

The CHAMPRO Men’s Wind Up Compression Sliding Shorts are revolutionary for baseball and softball players seeking advanced protection and support. Featuring strategic padding at key impact zones, these shorts offer exceptional cushioning during slides and dives, reducing the risk of abrasions and injuries. The compression fit provides targeted muscle support, enhancing performance and reducing fatigue during intense gameplay, empowering players to push their limits. Additionally, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps players cool and dry, even in the heat of competition. With their comfortable design and reliable protection, the CHAMPRO Men’s Wind Up Compression Sliding Shorts are a must-have for any player looking to elevate their game and stay safe on the field.

3. Marucci Men’s Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts

The Marucci Men’s Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts are perfect for athletes seeking both comfort and protection on the field. Designed for peak performance, these athletic compression shorts feature quilted sponge side panels for extra protection during slides and dives, making them ideal for baseball games and practices. The moisture-management fabric keeps you dry and comfortable so you stay focused on the game. Whether you’re playing baseball, hockey, or football, these sliders are approved for any sport, instilling confidence in your purchase. The spandex fabric provides ease of movement, while the elastic stretch waistband with sublimated Marucci logos adds style and security. Plus, with an integrated cup pocket, these sliders are perfect for contact sports (cup not included). Elevate your game with the Marucci Men’s Adult Elite Padded Slider Shorts and experience unparalleled comfort and protection on the field.

The Best Compression Shorts for Baseball Players

1. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Compression Shorts

The Under Armour Men’s Armour HeatGear Compression Shorts are a must-have for baseball players looking to enhance their performance on and off the field. These shorts with super-light HeatGear fabric provide superior coverage without weighing you down, ensuring maximum agility during gameplay. Strategic mesh panels offer added ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. The material wicks sweat away from the body, ensuring quick drying to keep you focused on the game. With an ergonomic design that keeps seams off high abrasion areas, these shorts offer increased durability for long-lasting wear. The wide, exposed elastic waistband with wordmark detail provides a secure fit, while the updated gusset design offers ultimate support and comfort. Elevate your game with the Under Armour Men’s Armour HeatGear Compression Shorts and experience unparalleled performance on the baseball field.

2. Hanes Sport Men’s Compression Shorts

Baseball players seeking ultimate comfort and performance on the field will love the Hanes Sport Men’s Compression Shorts. Featuring Cool DRI interlock fabric, these shorts dry faster to ensure you always have a pair ready for game day. The Hanes Cool Comfort moisture-wicking technology ensures you stay fresh and dry, no matter how intense the game gets. These shorts with chafe-resistant flatlock seams offer move-with-you comfort to prevent irritation. The pinch-free stretch waistband provides a secure fit, allowing you to move freely without distractions. With a body-hugging compression fit and a 9″ inseam, these shorts offer optimal support and coverage for enhanced performance. These shorts are crafted from a fast-drying polyester/spandex blend and are durable and built to withstand the demands of the game. Experience unmatched comfort for recovery days and intense tournaments with these compression shorts.

3. TELALEO Compression Shorts

TELALEO Compression Shorts are designed to provide unparalleled support and comfort for baseball players during every game and practice. These shorts, featuring an ergonomic design and 4-way stretch fabric,  offer optimal support for your hips and thigh muscles, enhancing muscle power and accelerating muscle recovery. The spandex fabric ensures breathability and quick-drying properties, keeping you dry and odor-free even during prolonged wear. With flatlock stitching, these shorts are durable and prevent chafing during intense exercises, ensuring extreme comfort for any sports activity. The elastic waistband design provides a secure fit and anti-slippery functionality, allowing you to move without limits on the field. Moreover, these compression shorts offer UPF 50+ sun protection, perfect for all-weather sports, including baseball, running, basketball, and more. Experience the ultimate support and versatility with TELALEO Compression Shorts for baseball players.