Best Bats of all Types for Baseball and Softball

July 24, 2019
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When it comes to best bats for baseball and softball, the variety is endless. Then there are various types and categories of the bats. It can become somewhat confusing to get the right bat for yourself or your young one.

We publish top lists, reviews and articles for every bat category. In our articles, you can check out the top bats in every category.

In this article, we have aggregated all our articles via links consolidated in a single place. With these links, you can easily browse to the type or category you are looking for.

This resource page will also help you navigate quickly to the right content. We keep updating each link on an ongoing basis.

As new bats arrive on the market, we review them and add the best to every respective article. So, all our content is evergreen and updated.

Best Bats of each Type

BBCOR  Baseball Bats

BBCOR bats are typically required for play at the high school and collegiate levels.

Some middle school leagues may also require the players to wield a BBCOR bats.

BBCOR bats have a barrel size that does not exceed 2 5/8 inches. At the same time, they are required to feature a weight drop of no more than -3.

When these requirements are met, a bat receives a BBCOR certification which is visible on the bat. You can check out this certification on any bat as it is shown as ‘BBCOR Certified .50.’

The 0.50 indicates that the trampoline effect of the bat is safe enough for use by the players.

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USA Youth Baseball Bats

USA Youth baseball bats are required by most youth leagues such as AABC, Babe Ruth, AAU, Dixie, PONY and Little League.

These bats have a barrel size of 2 ¼, 2 ½, 2 3/8, or 2 5/8 inches. In terms of weight drop, these bats range from -5 to -13.

Typically kids under the age of 12 wield a youth bat with a weight drop of -10.

The -13 bat is the lightest bat in the category and is meant for younger players who want good bat speed.

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USSSA Baseball Bats

USSSA baseball bats are required for all leagues governed by USSSA. These bats are typically used by players 14 years and younger.

All USSSA bats come with a 1.15 BPF stamp. BPF stands for Ball Performance Factor.

It reflects how fast the baseball comes off the bat when hit with it. The barrel size of the USSSA bats must not be more than 2 ¾ inches.

Typically, barrel sizes for USSSA bats include 2 ¾, 2 5/8, and 2 ¼ inches. USSSA bats may also be known as Youth Big Barrel Bats or Senior Youth Bats.

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Fastpitch Softball Bats

Fastpitch softball bats are used by female players aged 5 and upwards. These bats are the requirement in fastpitch leagues and they are distinct from baseball bats in many ways.

Fastpitch softball bats typically have a barrel size of 2 ¼ inches. The weight drop of these bats is from -8 to -13, with -13 being the lightest bat.

The fastpitch softball bats come constructed from composite, aluminum or hybrid materials. They are qualified for use in notable fastpitch leagues including USSSA, NSA, ASA and ISA.

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Slowpitch Softball Bats

Slowpitch softball bats are used in slowpitch softball leagues. In contrast to fastpitch bats which are designed for more speed, slowpitch bats are slightly heavier as they are used to hit the softball tossed at slower speeds.

These bats typically weigh somewhere between 24 ounces and 30 ounces. They come constructed from wood, composite, hybrid or aluminum materials.

In most cases, slowpitch bats have a length of 34 inches although there are other length options.

These bats are eligible for use in a variety of slowpitch league matches including USSSA, NSA, ISA and ASA.

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How We determine These Bats are The Best

We have consulted with:

Coaches and Experts

Coaches handle bats on a daily basis. It is their job to understand all bat types and to choose the best ones for their players.

They are routinely hit with different bats, see their performance in the net and on the plate, and are able to judge which bats are the best. For this reason, we consult coaches when shortlisting the best baseball and softball bats in various categories.

We also reach out to other experts who research bats and are able to provide an informed opinion of what works and what doesn’t. As a result, all the bats we recommend have the backing of the coaches and industry experts.


Players are in the best position to recommend bats. This is because they select and use bats as a part of their lifestyle. The more experienced players develop an excellent and finely-tuned sense of judging bats.

They also have a lot of practical experience when choosing and recommending bats. This is why when we are researching new arrivals on the market, we reach out to the players to get their opinion.

It is thanks to their opinion and feedback that we are able to identify the good bats for each season.


Some manufacturers in the baseball industry are synonymous with quality and reliability. This is why we work with these manufacturers to get the low-down on their latest bats and offerings.

By working with the manufacturers, we are better able to understand the features and specifications of the bats. We are also able to write about the new technologies in more detail thanks to the information we receive from the manufacturers.

Parents have Children playing Baseball and Softball

Parents have a keen sense of judgment when it comes to the sports equipment of their children. Parents will closely watch their kids and see which bats work for them.

If a bat is not working well, they will frankly criticize it. For this reason, we consult parents for our reviews and heed their feedback. Most parents will based their appreciation or criticism on their kids’ experience with different bats.

Which Bat Brands that we recommended?

  • Louisville Slugger

The name of Louisville Slugger is synonymous with the sport of baseball itself. Louisville bats are known for cutting-edge technologies, leading innovation and all-new features every season.

Some of the best players in each category routinely wield Louisville bats. Notable models and line-ups from the company include Solo, Prime, Select, Omaha, LXT, Super Z, Xeno and PXT.

  • Easton

Easton is one of the most recognized and well-established brands when it comes to baseball bats. The company has pioneered notable bat technologies such as Integrated Matrix Technology and Carbon Nanotube Technology.

Some of the most widely used and popular bat models from Easton include Mako Beast, Z-Core, Stealth, Ghost and Hyperlite.

  • Rawlings

Rawlings is counted among the top big-wigs of the baseball bat manufacturing industry. The company has been the official supplier for the major league baseball for more than 40 years.

Like Louisville and Easton, Rawlings is also credited with several bat technologies which have now become an industry standard, such as passive hybrid damping technology. Some of the bat models from Rawlings include Velo, 5150, Quatro, Trio and RX4.

  • Demarini

DeMarini was the first company to introduce a multi-wall bat on the market. The company has been at the frontier of innovation.

Many amateurs and pros wield DeMarini bats for the sheer performance and reliability they offer. Some of the popular DeMarini line-ups include Voodoo, CF Zen, CF8, Uprising, Insane and NVS.

What updated?

We update our lists of top baseball and softball bats on a regular basis. These lists are most up-to-date with the latest bats released every year.

So when you check out any of our lists, you can be sure that it includes the top bats of the current and upcoming seasons as well. You can check out our articles, reviews and top lists to find the great bats in each category.

Why trust us?

We provide reviews of only the best bats in each category every year. In doing so, we consult experts, coaches, players, parents and other stakeholders.

This is why every bat we recommend is backed up by solid research and professional recommendations. You can rely on out recommendations to find bats that are going to serve you on good stead on the plate.


Our resource page is a handy guide to different bats types and categories. When you browse to any type or category, you will find all the relevant content for that section.

Such content may include top lists, fresh reviews, comparisons, full-length guides and more.

You can literally find any and all information for each category by using this resource page. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.