The Best BBCOR Bats for 2024 (Complete Selection Guide)

February 16, 2024
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Whether you’re a longtime baseball player or a brand new rookie on the diamond, it’s essential to choose the right baseball equipment. Players must take extra time when choosing the right baseball bats because of the countless options available. With the varying brands, prices, weights, lengths, and even league specifications, guidance on choosing the best baseball bat for you is crucial.

What is a BBCOR Baseball Bat?
BBCOR stands for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution”. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) are the organizations behind regulating and standardizing BBCOR baseball bats. They ensure player safety and an even playing field by limiting the bats’ trampoline effect or “pop” on the ball.

According to BBCOR standards, baseball bats must not have a drop weight of less than -3. Fun fact: BBCOR baseball bats tend to be closer in weight to traditional wooden bats.

Who is the BBCOR Baseball Bat for?
BBCOR baseball bats are mandatory for high school and college baseball players.

We’ve rounded up the best BBCOR baseball bats this season so that you can drop more bombs than ever in 2024. Check out our top picks below.

1. 2024 Louisville Slugger Atlas BBCOR Baseball Bat

The 2024 Louisville Slugger Atlas, a top-of-the-line bat, has been perfectly engineered. Louisville has designed a bat with immense power, speed, and control by harnessing AI simulations’ power and hundreds of hours of playtesting. Join hundreds of other baseball players in declaring the Atlas as their favorite baseball bat with the 2024 version.

This one-piece bat offers a bright and satisfying pop sound on contact. While this bat’s barrel is made of a single piece of alloy, it incorporates distinct internal components that help to minimize vibration while maintaining excellent performance and feel.

The SPD-Gen2 End Cap is lightweight but sturdy, optimizing barrel performance. Coupled with the LS Pro Comfort Grip, players wielding the 2024 Atlas can generate power behind their swings without sacrificing comfort and control.

Being a balanced bat, the 2024 Louisville Slugger Atlas perfectly combines speed and power. This bat is also great for players still working on their accuracy, as the TUNED Mass Damper absorbs any vibration, regardless of where the ball makes contact on the bat. That said, this bat’s sweet spot isn’t the most forgiving, making the Atlas more suited for more experienced players.

2. 2024 DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball Bat

The 2024 DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR Baseball bat is the king of control on this list. Suited for players of all types, this versatile bat is looking to be a staple among rising baseball stars. It also boasts a stylish and timeless design, making it a reliable bat that lasts years.

Perfect for extra-base hitters, the 2024 Vodoo One is a one-piece bat with a signature X14 Alloy Barrel, that’s easy to swing but packs a lot of power. The knob of the bat is made with a unique compound of metal and other high-grade materials, enhancing its durability and providing better control in each swing. This rigid bat offers only a little comfort in its grip or handle but allows for better feedback to the player.

With incredible speed, power, and pop, players with the 2024 DeMarini Voodoo One will surely notice significant improvement while at the plate. With its lightweight but rugged design, the Voodoo will surely be a longtime companion for many players who want to level up their game.

3. 2024 Rawlings Clout AI BBCOR Baseball Bat

We are calling all power hitters! The 2024 Rawlings Clout AI is a mid-load BBCOR bat with just the right amount of stiffness for a satisfying ping upon contact. Fitted with Red Alloy+, the most responsive aerospace-grade alloy, it has the thinnest walls possible to maximize speed without sacrificing durability.

The barrel of the Clout AI is extended, producing one of the longest sweet spots possible. This can be an excellent option for players with less experience who want to build their confidence on the field.

The 2024 Clout AI also boasts a premium RevGrip material that provides unbeatable comfort and tackiness. There’s just enough feedback to the player so they can strategize each swing without risking hand injuries.

4. 2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR BBCOR Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger consistently puts out excellent bats, so choosing other recent models of BBCOR baseball bats is a great way to test out different bat types without breaking the bank. The 2023 Select PWR BBCOR Baseball Bat is explicitly designed for middle-of-the-order hitters, as it has a high-quality alloy barrel that generates maximum power.

The longer barrel is a half-inch longer than other bats and produces a very generous sweet spot, making this a premium choice for those aiming to be power hitters. Its 3-piece Hybrid Construction with a composite handle makes for a very stiff bat, but the Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip absorbs any excess vibrations for ultimate comfort.

With its heavier swing weight, the 2023 Louisville Slugger Select PWR is not for those with faint arms. However, the extra weight concentrated at the end of the barrel provides more momentum and, therefore, more distance.

5. 2024 DeMarini The Goods One Piece BBCOR Baseball Bat

Featuring a lowkey design that’s still striking, the 2024 DeMarini The Goods One Piece BBCOR Baseball Bat might be the go-to for players with minimalist taste. That’s not to say that the features of this new bat are minimal. Its one-piece construction provides maximum stiffness for the utmost speed and an ultra-responsive feel. This bat could be a favorite for those who prefer the more traditional feel of a wooden baseball bat.

Designed for elite power hitters aiming to drop bombs efficiently, the 2024 The Goods boasts a slightly larger barrel than older models, creating good loft on solid contact. The rich sound produced by this bat alone could make it a favorite among power hitters. While the sweet spot is decent, The Goods is more suited to a more experienced player.

6. 2023 Louisville Slugger Vapor (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

You might not need the latest season’s bat to find the best BBCOR baseball bat. Many older bats still excel in performance, sometimes even outperforming their newer counterparts. If you’re searching for a more affordable BBCOR baseball bat, consider the 2023 Louisville Slugger Vapor.

The 2023 Vapor is a relatively recent model and still incorporates some of the new technology Louisville Slugger includes in their BBCOR bats. It’s a highly stiff, one-piece constructed bat that mimics the feel of a traditional wooden bat. It performs efficiently without any unnecessary features or the need for extensive breaking-in. While its Series 7 Premium Alloy Barrel may not be the most advanced on the market, it reliably serves its purpose.

The HUB 1-Shot End Cap provides more durability than anything, and when paired with the standard synthetic leather grip, players will indeed feel that old-school vibe. But unlike its ancestors, the 2023 Vapor is lightweight and easy to swing.

Whether you go for the latest baseball bat on the market or place your bets on an oldie but a goodie, know there’s more to a baseball player than his bat. Practice all the other essential skills needed to excel on the diamond, and let’s play ball!