The Best Catcher’s Mitts for 2024: Expert Reviewed and Tested

May 17, 2024
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The 7 Best Catchers Mitts

Finding the perfect catcher’s mitt can make all the difference in your game, whether you’re a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur. In 2024, the market is brimming with innovative designs and advanced materials, promising enhanced performance and durability. To help you navigate these options, our team of experts has rigorously tested and reviewed a wide range of catcher’s mitts. We’ve considered comfort, fit, break-in time, and overall quality to provide a comprehensive guide to this year’s best mitts. Read on to discover the top choices that can elevate your performance behind the plate.

The Best Catcher’s Mitts of 2024

ProductOur Rating
#1. Rawlings Player Preferred Catcher’s Glove5/5Check Price
#2. Wilson 2024 A1000 Series 33 Inch CM33 Baseball Catcher’s Mitt5/5Check Price
#3. All Star Adult Comp CM3031 33.5″ Baseball Catcher’s Mitt4.8/5Check Price
#4. Rawlings Renegade Adult Catcher’s Mitt4.9/5Check Price
#5. Wilson A2000 Catcher’s Mitt5/5Check Price
#6. Franklin Sports Catcher’s Mitt4.7/5Check Price

1. Rawlings Player Preferred Catcher’s Glove

The Rawlings Player Preferred Catcher’s Glove, a standout option for recreational baseball and slowpitch softball players, offers unique features that enhance your game. This 33-inch adult catcher’s mitt, with its traditional one-piece solid web, ensures reliable catches and control behind the plate. 

Constructed from full-grain leather, the Rawlings Player Preferred Catcher’s Glove is built to last, promising enhanced durability that can withstand countless games and practice sessions. The Zero Shock palm padding provides superior impact protection, minimizing sting and discomfort from fast pitches. An adjustable wrist strap allows for a customizable fit, offering maximum comfort and stability during play.

With its game-ready feel, the glove boasts an 80% factory break-in and only a 20% player break-in process, meaning you can hit the field immediately. The Rawlings Player Preferred Catcher’s Glove combines quality, comfort, and performance, making it a standout option for players seeking a reliable mitt.

2. Wilson 2024 A1000 Series 33 Inch CM33 Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

The Wilson 2024 A1000 Series 33-inch CM33 Baseball Catcher’s Mitt is a standout choice for serious players seeking top-tier performance and comfort. Its DriLex wrist lining keeps your hand dry and comfortable, whether on the field or behind the dish. 

The bold, eye-catching Wilson logos mark a new era in the iconic Wilson Ball Gloves story, stripping away distractions and adding a modern flair. The mitt, made from full-grain leather, offers a soft feel that quickly conforms to your hand, eliminating the need for a meticulous break-in process.

Each A1000 mitt is handcrafted in the renowned Wilson Pro Stock Factory, ensuring the same attention to detail and quality that goes into the Pro Stock A2000 gloves. Ready to perform right out of the box, the Wilson 2024 A1000 Series Catcher’s Mitt combines tradition, innovation, and craftsmanship for a truly exceptional playing experience.

3. All Star Adult Comp CM3031 33.5″ Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

The All Star Adult Baseball Catcher’s Mitt is an excellent choice for beginner and recreational players seeking high-quality features at an accessible level. 

This mitt combines a durable black leather backing for robust support with pre-softened leather on the palm side, allowing instant break-in and immediate playability. Its pro-formed pocket and profiled toe are designed to enhance catching performance, while the Flex Action crease ensures easy closure and reliable control. 

These features, typically found in elite-level gloves, are now available in an adult-sized mitt that caters to newer players looking to improve their game. The All Star Catcher’s Mitt strikes the perfect balance between comfort, durability, and functionality, making it a fantastic option for anyone stepping behind the plate.

4. Rawlings Renegade Adult Catcher’s Mitt

The Rawlings Renegade Adult Catcher’s Mitt is a top choice for adults playing recreational baseball or softball. This mitt, designed with a leather shell palm, provides a professional feel, exceptional durability, and excellent shape retention, ensuring it performs well over time. 

Its game-ready design means it’s almost entirely broken in from the factory, requiring only 10% player effort to achieve a perfect fit. The cushioned palm and index finger pads offer significant impact protection, enhancing comfort during play and reducing hand fatigue. 

With its robust construction and player-friendly features, the Rawlings Renegade Catcher’s Mitt is ideal for those seeking reliability and comfort on the field without the lengthy break-in process. Whether you’re just starting or looking for a dependable mitt for recreational play, this mitt offers the quality and performance needed to elevate your game.

5. Wilson A2000 Catcher’s Mitt

The Wilson A2000 Catcher’s Mitt is a premium choice for serious players. It is renowned for its Pro Stock Leather, which offers unparalleled durability and a superior feel. The inclusion of SuperSkin—a lightweight microfiber material that’s twice as durable as traditional leather—ensures this mitt is rugged and easy to maintain, with a moisture-resistant design that extends its lifespan. 

Comfort and control are enhanced by Flat Finger Binding, which reduces the space between your finger and the back of the glove, minimizing pain for those who prefer to play with a finger outside the mitt. The mitt also features Gradient Bold Logos, adding a modern, eye-catching look with multiple colors. 

It is designed with Pedroia Fit Technology and caters to players with smaller hands by offering shorter finger stalls and a narrower wrist opening. The Wilson A2000 Catcher’s Mitt seamlessly combines advanced materials and thoughtful design for exceptional performance on the field.

6. Franklin Sports Catcher’s Mitt

The Franklin Sports Catcher’s Mitt is a stellar option for players seeking durability and immediate performance. Crafted from full-grain cowhide leather, it promises premium durability season after season. 

Its soft, flexible leather ensures a fast break-in process, allowing you to achieve optimal performance immediately. The mitt features a super soft palm lining with added cushioning, providing maximum comfort during play. The half-moon web pocket is perfect for catchers, facilitating fast transfers to the throwing hand with added support. The chrome accent stitching and logo patch also give this mitt a stylish, professional appearance, ensuring you look your best on the field. 

Combining durability, comfort, and a quick break-in, the Franklin Sports Catcher’s Mitt is a fantastic choice for catchers aiming for top-tier performance and style.

One of these might be your next-best catcher’s mitt. Which one are you interested in trying this baseball season? Please leave your thoughts in the comments and check out our other baseball and softball gear reviews.

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