Our Top 6 Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2023 – With Reviews

March 16, 2023
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In 2023, the game has evolved considerably, with advances in technology constantly pushing boundaries, offering athletes enhanced performance, and reshaping the playing field. The right bat, much like Excalibur to King Arthur, can be the difference between triumph and defeat.

This year has seen a number of new arrivals that have sent shockwaves through the world of softball, setting new standards and challenging old assumptions. Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the top fastball softball bats of 2023 – a year that promises to rewrite the rules of power, control, and performance.

Having scoured the marketplace, tested a wide range of products, and analyzed player feedback, we’ve distilled a vast landscape down to a select few – the best of the best. These bats aren’t just incremental improvements; they represent quantum leaps forward.

Our reviews provide an in-depth look at each bat’s unique features, their advantages, and who they are best suited for. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a promising newcomer, a power-hitter or a slap player, we have you covered.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive headfirst into the top fastball softball bats of 2023, and find the perfect companion for your game this season

ImageProductOur Rating
2023 Demarini Whisper (-10) Fastpitch BatCheck Price5/5
2023 DEMARINI PRISM+™ (-10) FASTPITCH BATCheck Price5/5
Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT Fastpitch Softball BatCheck Price4.9/5
2023 Demarini Prism+™ (-11) Fastpitch BatCheck Price4.8/5
2023 DEMARINI CF® (-8) FASTPITCH BATCheck Price4.8/5

1. 2023 Demarini Whisper

The DeMarini Whisper Fastpitch Bat for 2023 is a top-of-the-line softball bat with an Amplified Gapped Wall Continuous Fiber Barrel. This design gives the player maximum pop and performance while helping to reduce vibration in contact with the ball. Alongside this, DeMarini has included their unique 0.800 trumpet handle design, which offers superior grip and helps suppress unwanted vibrations.

The composite barrel is made from a lightweight material that allows for a faster swing speed while providing sting-dampening technology. Additionally, DeMarini has included their Anomaly Correction technology in this bat, which promotes consistent accuracy on contact with the ball.

Lastly, this bat’s balanced swing weight helps reduce fatigue and increases accuracy when making contact with the ball.

Overall, the DeMarini Whisper Fastpitch Bat offers superior performance in all areas.


The DeMarini PRISM+™ (-10) Fastpitch Bat is an excellent choice for elite players who demand top-level performance. The 0.800″ handle gives players maximum control, while the balanced swing weight ensures a consistent feel from swing to swing.

Are you wondering which bat has the most pop? This one certainly does! The Gapped Wall Continuous Fiber Barrel enhances energy transfer and delivers an amazing pop off the bat.

The highlight of this bat is the refract end cap which creates a powerful trampoline effect, resulting in explosive power.

Overall, this bat is perfect for players seeking an advantage over their opponents and the confidence to step up to the plate with authority. With its one-of-a-kind design and maximum performance capabilities, the DeMarini PRISM+™ (-10) Fastpitch Bat is a must-have fastpitch bat.

3. Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT

The Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat is designed to give you an edge on any field. Its PBF technology gives it a light swing weight and maximum control, while the 3-piece design with VCX2 Vibration Control Connection System helps reduce vibration for improved performance.

The strongest point of the bat is definitely the LS Pro Comfort Grip which provides a secure grip to increase confidence on the plate. Moreover, the COPA Performance End Cap also adds to this bat’s performance, allowing it to be more balanced and durable – making it one of the best fastpitch baseball bats for beginners.

The Louisville Slugger 2022 LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat is an excellent choice for power hitters.

4. 2023 Demarini Prism+™ (-11)

The DeMarini Prism+™ Fastpitch bat is a revolutionary piece of equipment designed to help any player maximize their performance. It features a Type V Prism+ connection and a Gapped Wall Continuous Fiber Barrel, allowing maximum energy transfer between the hitter and the ball.

The refract end cap aids in reducing vibration on contact, making it one of the smoothest bats on the market. The cherry on top is the 0.800 handle which utilizes an ergonomic grip to increase control and bat speed while swinging.

This two-piece bat comprises a composite barrel and alloy handle, making it incredibly light and extremely durable. Plus, its stiff design helps players generate more power with each swing.

The DeMarini Prism+™ Fastpitch bat is sensational for players looking for a power-hitting bat.

5. 2023 DEMARINI CF® (-8)

The DeMarini CF® (-8) Fastpitch Bat is a great choice for players looking for a bat that provides plenty of power and control.

The Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel gives this bat a massive sweet spot, allowing you to hit the ball hard with minimal effort. With the direct connection between the handle and barrel, every swing is sure to be powerful.

The Tremor End Cap also helps to reduce the amount of vibration that can travel through the bat, making it more comfortable to use. 

With its 0.840″ handle, you can expect great control over your swing each time you make contact with the ball. With such great features, this DeMarini CF® (-8) Fastpitch Bat is sure to be a great addition to any athlete’s collection.

Evaluating Bat Performance: The Key Factors to Consider

Choosing the right bat isn’t about picking the most expensive one or the one with the flashiest design. It’s all about performance. And when we talk about performance, we’re digging into several key factors that, when balanced correctly, make for a game-changing bat.

Bat Weight:

It’s the heft you feel when you grip the bat and swing. Some prefer a heavier bat for more power, while others want a lighter one for speed. Remember, it’s all about what feels comfortable and allows you to swing with ease and control.

Bat length:

A good fit enables you to extend your arms fully and hit the ball effectively. Too long or too short, and you may find yourself struggling with precision.

Bat Material:

While aluminum bats are more affordable and have a longer lifespan, composite bats often offer a larger sweet spot and reduced vibration.

Bat ‘drop:’

The difference between the length and weight of the bat. A higher drop means a lighter bat, and the right balance can dramatically improve your swing speed.

When evaluating a bat, think of these factors as interconnected parts of a well-oiled machine. You need all of them working in harmony to truly up your game. Keep these in mind as you explore our top fastpitch softball bat picks for the year, and you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Bat Technology Breakdown: Understanding What’s Behind the Swing

Just like a race car depends on a well-tuned engine, your swing hinges on the technology within your bat. Let’s pull back the curtain a bit and examine what’s going on under the hood of your favorite softball bats.

First off, the material. The majority of the top bats these days are made from composite materials, which are lighter, more flexible, and can provide a larger sweet spot than their aluminum counterparts. This allows for increased power and distance, and gives a better ‘pop’ when you make contact with the ball. It’s like a symphony in your hands, each hit a well-orchestrated masterpiece.

Next, let’s talk about end-loaded versus balanced bats. End-loaded bats have more weight towards the end of the bat, which can help generate more power – think of it as having a little extra oomph. Balanced bats, on the other hand, distribute weight evenly throughout, offering more control and swing speed. Both have their merits and the choice between the two often comes down to personal preference and playing style.

Finally, the grip. The best bats of 2023 have incorporated advanced cushioning and tacky grips for enhanced comfort and better hold. No one likes a slippery situation when the game’s on the line!

Understanding your bat’s technology can make a world of difference in optimizing your swing. As they say, knowledge is power – and in this case, that power translates to more runs on the scoreboard!

Maintenance and Care: Ensuring Longevity of Your Softball Bat

A top-notch softball bat is more than a tool—it’s an investment in your game. With the right maintenance and care, your bat can serve you faithfully for many seasons. Let’s explore how to keep your softball bat in top form.

Regular Cleaning

The first step to ensuring the longevity of your bat is regular cleaning. After a game or practice session, use a soft, clean cloth to wipe away any dirt or residue. This simple act prevents buildup that can affect your bat’s performance over time.

Steer Clear of Extreme Temperatures

Next, always store your bat in a temperature-controlled environment. Extreme cold can make your bat brittle, while excessive heat can warp it. So, remember to never leave it in your car trunk on a hot or cold day!

Inspect Regularly

Regular inspection is crucial for detecting early signs of wear and tear. Look for dents, cracks, or loosening of the end cap. Prompt detection allows for quick action, preserving the longevity of your bat.

Rotation for Even Break-in

Rotate your bat a quarter turn after each swing during practice. This helps ensure an even break-in, allowing your bat to perform optimally for a longer period.

Use for Appropriate Balls Only

Finally, use your bat for its intended purpose—hitting regulation softballs. Hitting harder balls can damage your bat, shortening its life and affecting its performance.

Taking care of your softball bat is easy and worth the effort. Remember, a well-maintained bat doesn’t just last longer—it also ensures consistency in your game. So, give your bat the love it deserves, and it’ll love you back with solid hits and homeruns!


When selecting a bat for fastpitch softball, the right choice can make all the difference. Our top reviews have highlighted some of the best bats available in 2023 that offer maximum performance, durability, and value. Whether you’re looking for something lightweight or heavy-hitting, these options will help you.