The Best Fungo Bats 2020 to buy This Year

Fungo seems to be a fun name, but it is more than that. It is a versatile practicing tool that can totally alter the outcome of your practicing sessions. Fungo bats help the coachers or parents to remain active and less tired after a practicing session because of their unique amazing features.

Here, we have collected the best fungo bats 2020 that can readily improve your game and make your training more fruitful.

Best Fungo Bats 2020

#Fungo Bat
1DeMarini Fungodelic Pro Maple Wood CompositeCheck Price
2SSK Pro Edge MetalCheck Price
3Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo Wood Baseball BatCheck Price
4Louisville Slugger S345 Black Fungo BatCheck Price
5Mizuno Elite Wood Maple/Poplar CompositeCheck Price

#1. DeMariniFungodelic Pro Maple Wood Composite

The combination of the composite frame and the maple wood barrel make this fungo bat the best to practice with.

DeMarini made this bat offer complete control of the outfield and infield drills. The bat is end-loaded that gives it the advantage over the ground balls as well as the flying balls.

The composite frame provides it with the durability that is needed to last long and the wood barrel provides the old classical feel. The composition gives fun as well as the best performance that the coach is seeking.

The bat has the ideal length of just 35-inch that makes it perfect for the training sessions.  Also, the weight is very light that it doesn’t feel heavy on hands at all.

#2. SSK Pro Edge Metal

Top-quality, perfect control, and durability like no other, SSK has taken this fungo bat to the whole new level.

SSK is renowned for its wooden bats, but they have proved themselves to be pros in the metal bat world as well. They made this bat using the high-quality aluminum that is not only super light weighted but sturdy as well. It provides the optimal durability to the bat and makes it last for many games.

The bat is designed for the softball and baseball coaches of every level. This metallic bat has the perforated comfort grip that is the special XtraThick grip of SSK. It gives complete control to the player and reduces vibration on contact.

This matte finished bat can be used for the infield as well as the outfield work. The bat size is 36” which offers amazing practicing sessions without making the player tired. Overall, this bat is light weighted and provides the optimal durability that is the demand of every coach.

#3. Easton MLF5 Maple Fungo Wood Bat

It is a traditional woody fungo bat with all the exciting features to improve your game manyfold.

The maple bats have their own class because of their feel and the pop they create. Not only physically they appear great but they are amazing in performance as well. This wooden bat has durability like no other as it is constructed with the special North American maple which is known to be rock solid when it comes to sturdiness.

The Easton has earned a good name in the bat making and so this bat comes with the especially large engraved barrel which makes the bat very light. Due to its lower weight, it is easy to swing the bat according to your wish.

When used with the right care, this end-loaded fungo bat can last for many sessions.  Having a small size of just 37-inch makes it perfect for the infield and outfield drills.

#4. Louisville Slugger S345 Black Fungo Bat

It’s a classical bat with the undeniably amazing features to provide the best results to your practice sessions.

Louisville Slugger is the name that needs no introduction in the baseball world. It is one of the best baseball bats making company in the world. The company has used all their amazing technologies in this fungo bat to give you the hitting you desire.

Having the performance grade Ash gives it the lightweight that is needed for the ideal swing along with the durability that is required to live for many games. This bat can literally be your partner season after season if you know how to hit right.

The bat is designed for the infield as well as the outfield drills.  The size is just perfect with 34-inch which gives the full control of the bat to the hitter.

Furthermore, this bat is unique with its looks. It has a beautiful black color with the engraved Louisville Slugger logo that gives it the more typical look. All in all, in performance and beauty, this fungo bat is no wonder a miracle.

#5. Mizuno Elite Wood Maple/Poplar Composite

The superior combination of lightweight and durability, this fungo bat offers truly an amazing deal for all kinds of coaches.

The construction combination of this bat has taken the feel of the bat to the whole new height. Made using Chinese whitewood, this bat is exceptional in terms of feel. It has a light weighted design to enhance the performance of the practicing session.

The dominance has been given to the infield design. It gives control over the bat like no other. Additionally, the grip is improved with the sanded handle. It is advantageous over the normal handle. The grip is better with the feeling that every coach likes.

This fungo bat is available in two different sizes: 35-inch and 37-inch. You can easily select that one that suits your needs the most. The design is also stunning having the natural wood handle at one end with the black lusty shine at the other end.

Overall, this bat is really great with its lightweight design and the ultimate performance that it allows the players to enjoy. Its sturdiness makes it last for many seasons.

Things You need to know about Fungo Bat

You might have heard the name fungo bat from your coach or you might have not, but they are pretty famous when it comes to the fielding training sessions. They are the best friend of the fielding coaches and lower their fatigue after the practicing time.

What is a fungo bat?

The question arises, what this bat really is and why it got this name? Simply, fungo is the ball that is tossed in the air and then hit when it comes down. The fungo bat is the bat that is used to hit fungoes. A fungo bat is a long bat that is light weighted and used by parents and coaches during the practice sessions. It helps for practicing hitting the pop-flys and grounders without producing much fatigue.

The coach or parent usually throws up the ball using one hand and then throws it towards the fielder using another hand with the help of the fungo bat.  They make the practicing session fun as their name is.

Fungo bats are not new, but they have been around since the baseball born. Where the word fungo came from, nobody is so sure about it. However, it is said that it is the derivative of the Scottish word ‘fung’. In literal, it means that to toss or pitch.  The origin of these bats is really old and they had been in use for long.

Why use a fungo bat?

When you can practice using a regular bat, then why to go for the fungo bat? Well, you must go for it if the training sessions make you tired at the end of the day. With the fungo bat, you will get the consistency that is impossible to achieve by the normal bat.

The barrel diameter of the fungo bat is typically 2 ¼ inches along with the length varying from 34 to 37 inches. Their weight ranges from 17 to 24 ounces. They are long and lean. Their lightweight helps in hitting the ball again and again without making your muscles sour.

The construction of the fungo bat gives better control of the bat to the player. Their length and lightweight help in improving the skills without negatively impacting your body. The larger hitting area along with smaller barrel makes them ideal practicing bat for perfect accuracy and rapid swing speeds.

Fungo bats are designed for the infield and outfield drills. It makes it easier for the coaches to hit with better accuracy as compared to the regular bat without getting very much tired.

What fungo bats are made from?

Fungo bats are made using the ash, bamboo, and maple wood. You can easily find composite wood fungo bats as well. The combination bats are not only lighter in weight but very durable too. Additionally, for those who want to practice with the alloy bat, the aluminum fungo bats are also available in the market.

Can fungo bats be used in the real game?

They are not legal to be used in the real game because they don’t fulfill the bat’s requirements of the league. Also, they might not be able to withstand the high pitching speeds that are normal in the game because they are designed to hit fungoes. They are very light and can be broken during the real game.

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