The Best L Screens for Baseball and Softball: Coaches’ Top Picks

May 20, 2024
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Ensuring the safety of pitchers during batting practice is a crucial aspect of baseball and softball training. L screens play a vital role in this, providing a barrier against fast-moving line drives. In our quest to find the best L screens on the market, we’ve considered factors such as durability, ease of assembly, portability, and overall effectiveness. Here, we present a comprehensive review of the top L screens available today.

1.  ZivPlay Portable L Screen

Standout Features:

– Double-layer thicker net made from HDPE that resists tearing

– Measures 7×7 feet with a 3.5×3.5 feet pitching cutout

– Equipped with rubber wheels for effortless movement

– Comes with four ground stakes to prevent tipping

– Includes a pitcher training ball and a carry bag

– Constructed from powder-coated heavy-duty steel to prevent rusting


The ZivPlay Portable L Screen stands out due to its robust construction and thoughtful features. Coaches appreciate the double-layer netting, which provides superior protection against even the hardest-hit balls. The inclusion of ground stakes ensures stability, a common concern with other L screens that tend to fall over during practice. The rubber wheels make it easy to reposition the screen, accommodating both right and left-handed pitchers seamlessly. Additionally, the extra accessories, such as the training ball and carry bag, add significant value to this package. It’s a reliable and versatile option for any training setup.

2. Champion Sports Rhino Flex Screen Pitching Net

Standout Features:

– Reversible “L” shape design suitable for both right and left-handed pitchers

– Stable, durable construction with 1″ diameter powder-coated steel tubes and fiberglass poles

– Includes a carrying bag for portability

– Easy assembly with quick transitions for different player positions

– Can also serve as a backstop for various sports


The Champion Sports Rhino Flex Screen has earned high praise from coaches for its versatility and stability. They particularly appreciate its ease of assembly and the reversible design, which caters to all pitchers. The combination of steel and fiberglass in its construction ensures durability while maintaining a lightweight for easy transport. Its utility as a backstop for other sports further adds to its appeal. The included carrying bag makes it convenient to move, enhancing its portability and overall usability.

3. ACELETIQS L Screen for Baseball Batting Cage

Standout Features:

– Made with an 18-gauge, powder-coated 1.5” steel frame

– Waterproof, double pillowcase 42 netting

– Measures 7’ x 7’ with a 3.5” x 3.5” cutout

– Equipped with wheels for easy movement

– Lightweight construction with push-button assembly

– Lifetime & Money Back Guarantee


The ACELETIQS L Screen is a top choice for its heavy-duty design and ease of use. Coaches find its 18-gauge steel frame incredibly durable and capable of withstanding daily use. The waterproof netting adds to its resilience, making it suitable for outdoor use in various weather conditions. Its lightweight and portable design, combined with push-button assembly, allows for quick setup and teardown, making it ideal for both team practices and solo training sessions. The manufacturer’s added lifetime and money-back guarantee provide peace of mind, underscoring their unwavering confidence in the quality of their product.

4. Skywalker Sports Baseball & Softball Safety Screen

Standout Features:

– Made with powder-coated heavy-duty steel tubing

– UV-protected, durable netting

– Easy portability and quick setup

– Measures 7×7 feet

– Comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year limited warranty on other parts


Skywalker Sports’ L Screen is favored for its straightforward design and durable construction. The powder-coated steel frame and UV-protected netting ensure longevity, even with frequent outdoor use. Coaches appreciate the quick setup process, which minimizes downtime during practice sessions. The warranties offered provide an additional layer of confidence in the product’s durability and performance. This screen is a solid, no-frills option that delivers reliable protection and ease of use.

5. Better Baseball Armor 7X7 Best Baseball L Screen

Standout Features:

– Foam and vinyl-wrapped powder-coated steel frame

– 60-gauge double-layered net

– Measures 7×7 feet

– Lightweight yet durable design

– Reduces deflection with foam and vinyl wrap


The Better Baseball Armor’s L Screen offers a range of benefits. Its innovative foam and vinyl-wrapped frame significantly reduce deflection, ensuring a longer lifespan for the net. The 60-gauge netting provides industry-leading protection, making it ideal for high-velocity pitches and hits. Coaches appreciate its lightweight yet durable design, which allows for easy movement without compromising on sturdiness. This screen is a top choice for professional teams and recreational leagues seeking superior protection.

  1. CHAMPRO MVP Portable Lightweight Protective L-Screen

Standout Features:

– Durable steel base with fiberglass poles

– 30-ply polyethylene netting

– Includes stakes for enhanced stability

– Reversible design for right and left-handed pitchers

– Quick assembly and easy portability

– Comes with a carrying bag


The CHAMPRO MVP L Screen is noted for its lightweight and portable design. Despite its low weight, the screen offers excellent stability, thanks to the shock-absorbing fiberglass poles and included stakes. Coaches appreciate the quick assembly process, allowing more time to focus on practice. But what really sets it apart is the reversible design, a practical feature that understands the needs of all pitchers without hassle. Its carrying bag further enhances portability, making it a convenient choice for coaches and players on the go.

Selecting the right L screen is crucial for effective and safe baseball and softball training. Each screen offers unique benefits, from the heavy-duty construction of the ACELETIQS L Screen to the innovative Better Baseball Armor screen design. Whether you’re looking for maximum portability, durability, or ease of use, this list has an option to meet your needs. Coaches and players will find these L screens valuable assets in their training arsenal.