Pinetar Press – Best Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2022 – Expert Tested

Which are The Best Slowpitch Softball Bats

Choosing the best slow-pitch softball bat is one of the most important choices you can make as a hitter. There’s something to be said for following your gut. Sometimes you put a bat in your hand and you just know! Before you fall in love with your new slow pitch bat, you’ll need to make sure it’s within your USSSA or ASA/USA league standards.

As softball players and coaches ourselves, we know there’s a lot to consider with your new softball bat. How big is that sweet spot? What’s the grip like? How is the bat weight distributed? How many swings before I need a new one? These are just about the feel of the bat! We haven’t even gotten into the different league standards or the difference between fast pitch and slow pitch bats.

Don’t get overwhelmed just yet! We’ve got you covered. We did the research and testing for you. This is a list of some of the best slow-pitch softball bats of 2022 with our reviews. Let’s get started by answering your questions about the best slowpitch bats for 2022.

Top USSSA Slowpitch Bats 2022
ImageProduct Our Rating
2022 Easton Resmondo Fire Flex USSSA 240 Slow-Pitch Softball BatCheck Price5/5
2022 Easton Comic WHAM Motherload USSSA 240Check Price5/5
DeMarini 2023 Nautalai USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (Vanilla Gorilla & Red Bat)Check Price4.9/5
2023 Nautalai Midload Slowpitch BatCheck Price4.8/5
Top ASA Slowpitch Bats 2022
ImageProduct Our Rating
Worth Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428 13.5-inch XL USA - Best ASA/USA slow pitch BatCheck Price5/5
Miken Freak Primo 14-inch Balanced USA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat (MP21BA)Check Price5/5
Easton GHOSTMONDO Slowpitch Softball Bat Check Price4.9/5
2023 MERCY SLOWPITCH BATCheck Price4.8/5

2022 ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

1. Worth Mach 1 Cobra Jet 428 13.5-inch XL USA – Best ASA/USA slow pitch Bat

This USA Softball (ASA) certified two-piece all-composite slow pitch bat is easily one of the best ASA/USA slow pitch bats we’ve ever swung. The Mach 1 USA bat is modeled after the Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet. The 428-rpm engine range was dubbed “Cobra Jet.”

A 0.5-ounce end load on Mach 1’s 13.5-inch barrel gives it a slightly top-heavy feel. This end load is designed for power hitters who prefer a little extra heft in their bats.  The barrel has a large sweet spot, and the end load has more pop and responsiveness than most other ASA/USA bats we’ve tested. You can put some serious power behind the ball with Mach 1.

Mach 1’s joint allows for some handle-to-barrel flex, but not too much, so you can generate power and distance while maintaining control.

This bat has a large sweet spot, a lot of pop, and a super-responsive barrel that makes it easy to get through the zone. Just ensure you break it in properly to get it as hot as possible.

2. Miken Freak Primo 14-inch Balanced USA Slow-Pitch Softball Bat (MP21BA)

This two-piece, all-composite slow pitch bat might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a balanced USA/ASA slow pitch bat.

There’s a lot going on under the hood in terms of technology. To begin, the barrel technology includes an inner tube and an outer tube that work together to create a larger sweet spot, a fantastic barrel, and durability. This durability is bolstered by a barrel designed to eliminate wall seams, ensuring that your composite barrel does not break after a few swings.  The connection piece between the barrel and the handle transfers energy to the barrel, which flexes to increase the whip through the zone while reducing unwanted vibration.

Miken’s Freak Primo is a powerful bat with a massive sweet spot. It’s also quite hot right out of the package, but it’ll take a few hundred hits to fully break it in. It will appeal to contact hitters because of how much the ball jumps off the bat, but it lacks the heft required to hit the ball far.  As a result, we recommend the Primo specifically for contact hitters.

3. Easton GHOSTMONDO Slowpitch Softball Bat

The 2022 Ghostmondo is built with Easton’s innovative Double Barrel Technology and delivers low barrel compression right out of the box. The Ghostmondo was designed with Easton’s Optimized player swing weighting in mind. Taking barrel length, barrel flex, and handle stiffness into account, a slight end-load feel with a smooth swing weight is provided for maximum performance. This bat is USA Softball and WBSC approved, with a 12.5″ barrel and our new two-piece CXN MAX technology.


Get ready to rip line drives and sky-high flies with this DeMarini Nihilist slow pitch bat.

For batters who prefer a heavy, end-loaded swing, DeMarini has the answer. The 2022 DeMarini Nihilist USA Slowpitch Bat features a 12″ gapped wall barrel that is specifically designed to obliterate lower compression balls, as well as a powerful Continuous Fiber barrel and a stiff ZnX Alloy Handle for the perfect balance and pop.


It’s an obvious choice for free-swinging colossuses. The 2023 Mercy Slowpitch Bat is a juggernaut designed to dominate ASA competition. The Mercy’s signature 13″ Stack3d Double Wall Composite Barrel was combined with a stiff TR3 F.L.O The Composite Handle by DeMarini slowpitch engineers results in a two-piece composite bat designed to provide maximum power and performance.

If you’re looking for a bat that will help you take your game to the next level, this is the one for you.

Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball bats 2022

2022 Easton Resmondo Fire Flex USSSA 240 Slow-Pitch Softball Bat

Easton’s Fire Flex bats are known for their flex and performance at the plate, and they’re among the best slow-pitch bats on the market.  The Resmondo has a completely new appearance, but the performance is unchanged.

Elongated fibers and a triple-wall barrel design combine to give the barrel a large sweet spot and serious performance. Easton also introduces their two-piece CXN connection technology, which isolates vibration and sting so you won’t feel it if you catch a ball off your hands or the end of the bat. The connection piece also allows the bat to flex for a faster whip effect.

It feels great in the hands of both contact and power hitters who hit off the sweet spot, thanks to its 12.00-inch barrel and slight end-load. The Easton Resmondo Fire Flex is USSSA (1.20 BPF), NSA, and ISA-certified for play.

2022 Easton Comic WHAM Motherload USSSA 240

The 2022 Easton Comic WHAM is a fantastic bat with even better graphics.  This is our third choice and another Easton product. The tech in the WHAM build is nearly identical to that of the Resmondo, with minor differences in length and weighting, but it still delivers the same outstanding performance at the plate.

The WHAM, like the Resmondo, uses Easton’s CXN connection technology to reduce vibration and sting. The end result is a bat that feels great whether you’re catching a ball with your hands or with your bat’s end.

Because of the bat’s full 1 oz end load (motherload), it’s one of the best slow pitch bats for power hitters. It’s approved for play in the USSSA, ISA, and NSA. The WHAM, like many of the bats on this list, is pricey, but it will give you a lot of bang for your buck.

The grip is fantastic; it has a lot of pop right out of the wrapper and holds compression well. Also, the artistic design stands out—it’ll appeal to your inner comic book fan! What’s more, some of the design elements are only visible when exposed to UV light. It’s worth a shot.

DeMarini 2023 Nautalai USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (Vanilla Gorilla & Red Bat)

If you want to match the power of slow-pitch pro Jason Magnum, grab his signature Nautalai bat today! For multiple seasons, the Nautalais have dominated the USSSA slow-pitch diamonds!

The Demarini Nautalai is a two-piece design (composite barrel and alloy handle). The 2-piece bat can fill up every bat rack spot in just about every dugout. Second, this bat features DeMarini’s Continuous Fiber Barrel, which was designed for slow-pitch bats a few years ago. Softballs are absolutely flung around by this material. Third, the ZnX alloy handle is extremely stiff, resulting in increased flexion at the bat’s connection point. This flex feel is popular among slow-pitch batters. Jason Magnum is a strong dude, and because of that, his signature Nautalai will feature an end-loaded swing feel. If you’re a seasoned power hitter, crushing softballs shouldn’t be an issue with this bat. It will not take some extra strength to pull this bat through the hitting zone with authority.

The Vanilla Gorilla, in particular, is available in sizes ranging from 24 to 28 ounces, with a 12-inch barrel that makes finding the sweet spot surprisingly simple. The Vanilla Gorilla’s end-load is between 0.75 and 1 oz. end load. The barrel felt great, provided excellent feedback, and the end load was noticeable but not overwhelming. It starts out extremely hot right out of the wrapper and only gets hotter after that. Even after working it in, there appears to be no webbing or cracking.

2023 Nautalai Midload Slowpitch Bat

The bold colors on this two-piece Hybrid bat aren’t the only thing about the 2023 DeMarini Nautalai Midload that will draw attention.

The stiff Znx Alloy handle gives you less flex and improved barrel performance. With a 13.5-inch Midload barrel, you get extra length and an extended sweet spot. All this plus a continuous fiber composite barrel wall ensures your swing is the center of attention.  If you’re looking for a slowpitch bat with superior strength and performance, then the DeMarini Nautalai is the bat for you.


The 2022 DeMarini Chris Larsen Signature Slowpitch Bat is the USSSA stick with the new 240 stamps and a 12″ end-loaded barrel designed to do maximum damage in the batter’s box. One strong sheet of carbon fiber material is rolled into Larsen’s Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel, a design crafted for consistently high performance right out of the wrapper.

You’ll be hitting slow-pitch diamonds in no time!

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  1. I play in the over 60 men’s slow pitch LISSA . Need a one piece single wall 1.20 . What’s the best bat I can use ,no composite.
    On the other hand I need a composite bat for tournament competition, have just developed some power .What’s the suggestion here ,price not an object.

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