The Best Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2021 – Reviews & More

Which are The Best Slowpitch Softball BatsWith so many slow pitch softball bats on the market, how can you possibly choose one? And to top it off, in an industry where you can’t really try anything out before buying, how do you know which slow pitch softball bats are good and which aren’t?

That’s what we’re here for.

This article goes in-depth on just about anything and everything you’d want to know prior to buying a bat. Does it have pop? How’s the grip? The weight distribution? Is it going to last or break down on you after 1 season?

Let’s jump in and start discussing the top slowpitch softball bats of 2021.

Best Slowpitch Bats for 2021 – Summarized

Here are our rankings for the 2021 best slowpitch softball bats. Click on one of them to see the full review:

DeMarini 2021 JuggyCheck Price
EASTON 2020 RivalCheck Price
Miken Exclusive 2021 Chaos All AssociationCheck Price
Rawlings Miken 2021 Last Call USSSA MaxloadCheck Price
DeMarini 2020 Nautalai USA EndloadCheck Price
Miken 2020 Kyle Pearson Freak 23 12" USSSACheck Price
Miken 2019 Psycho USSSA (MPSYCO)Check Price
DeMarini Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch BatCheck Price

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2021 Reviews

Since there are different associations for slow pitch softball, we’re going to categorize based on ASA, USSSA, etc… What is the difference between ASA and USSSA bats? Well, many bats can actually work for both, but as a general note, USSSA bats and balls have a lot more pop than ASA bats, especially in cold weather. And that’s precisely why it’s important for you not to get a USSSA bat for an ASA league. ASA leagues are designed to keep the ball from coming off the bat at 1000x MPH like they do in USSSA :). However, many bat manufacturers have been making bats for both leagues for quite some time now, keeping you from having to return a bat if you’re in the wrong leage. The big difference now is in the balls. ASA balls don’t travel nearly as far.

In fact, we were playing in a softball league last fall in Kansas City in an ASA league. The first one we’ve done… During the warm weather games, we only noticed a small difference in how far the ball would go. However, toward the end of the season, it felt like the balls were dead ducks. They hardly went anywhere. In the average games when teams were hitting 5-6 home runs each, the cold games were producing maybe 1 home run, if even that. So there is absolutely a difference in leagues.

With that being said, we’re going to cover both USSSA and ASA bats, just keep in mind that many of these bats can in fact work for both leagues. You might think there is more pop in the bat if you are in a USSSA league. So don’t be frustrated if you’re in an ASA league, buy one of these bats, and the ball hardly travels. It’s because of the ball, not the bat.

Without further ado, go ahead and keep reading to see the best bats for the category you need. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

The Slowpitch softball bats that are used in Amateur Softball Association leagues have to follow certain rules and regulations. To be used in ASA, the bat must not be more than 34-inch in length and the weight should not exceed 38 ounces. The largest barrel point should not be more than 2.25 inches.

The handle should have a safety grip and it should be 10 inches in length at least and not exceed the length of 15 inches. They also must have the ASA approval stamps – the traditional ASA certified 2004 stamp or ASA only 2013 certification.

Here are the reviews of the best ASA Slowpitch softball bats

#1 Miken Exclusive 2021 Chaos All Association

Specially designed for the slowpitch game, this bat helps you with breaking records in the field with style.

Choas 2021 is a 100% alloy bat which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. This bat is designed in such a way that it enhances bat speed and hitting distance. Made for adults, this aluminum bat has a stunning blend of back and optic yellow hues. The performance is awesome and so is its design.

This bat features thinner walls and 100% eflex technology alloy composition; thanks to this combination, this bat offers amazing performance with the increased barrel flex.

The end loaded swing weight makes sure that your ball reaches the place you desire. It adds more power to your swing. The 14-inch barrel length further enhances your hitting as does the end load.

This bat is an example of perfection in all. Whether you have a competition to win or a fun play ahead, this bat can surely add extra value to your game. Chaos is certified to be used in all slowpitch softball leagues.

EASTON 2020 Rival – Best Aluminum Slowpitch Bat

Designed after a great research and constructed with extreme care, this Easton Rival is one of the best slowpitch softball bats you can hold this year.

Crafted using the highly durable aluminum alloy, this bat not only feels tough in hands but gives the strong performance as well.

The bat has the one-piece construction and it is made power-loaded to augment the gameplay. The aluminum construction makes it highly durable and reliable in the field. The bat will not tear apart no matter how hard you hit,

The bat’s speed is evenly balanced that gives full control to the player and enough power to hit the ball right. this bat is the choice of diverse players.


Easton needs no introduction and this bat is truly it’s one of the best slowpitch bats.

Constructed using the XTX Extra Tough Resin Matrix, the strength of this bat is unmatchable. It has Easton’s special double-barrel design with patented 2-piece Connexion+ technology.

The carefully prepared swing weight provides the optimized weight with the better barrel flex and sturdy carbon zero handle. Though the handle is tough, the comfort is amazing. The slight end load provides the smoothest swing with outstanding performance.

The size of this bat is 34” / 27 oz. From the barrel diameter to the length of the bat, this bat is wonderful. This bat is certified to be used in ASA/USA Softball, and ISF. Because of all the amazing features, Easton’s Ghost has been the favorite of many players years after years.

2020 Anderson Rocketech Double-Wall

End loaded swing, PowerArch Multi-Wall technology, and ultra-thin handle with perfect design, Rocketech is the most durable bat of Anderson.

Utilizing the best power arch technology, Anderson used the Aerospace Alloy in its construction. It also has a multi-wall design that makes it reliable for the whole season and dent-free no matter how hard you hit.

Made especially for the power hitters, this Anderson’s bat has end loaded swing weight that enhances the power of the hitters and lets them take the ball to the desired distance. Its ultra-thin whip handle further improves the hitting power and gives better control.

No break-in is needed for this bat; just take it out of the wrapper and start having the game you want to enjoy. It is the highly durable bat that meets all the BPF 1.20 Standards. Have the bone-crushing hits and nothing will happen to this bat.

This bat is approved by all major associations include ASA, NSA, ISA, and USSSA.

DeMarini 2020 Mercy WTDXMSP-20

The two-piece design with the unbelievable speed, this DeMarini Mercy shows no mercy in the field.

Approved to be used in ASA, this bat fulfills all the league’s demands. The sweet spot is huge to counter the ball and hit it with greater speed and far away distance.

The manufacturer claims that if anything is faster than your bat in the game is the ball that is hit by your bat. That means no one else could beat it.

The 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter further enhances the play. The bat has two-piece barrel design and has the sturdy composite construction. The composite handle and the 13” composite barrel is the perfect combination for an amazing performance.

The DeMarini Mercy is mid-load weighing making you a super player in the game.

Best USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats

In the Slowpitch softball game, there are different rules and regulation to follow. Same implies for the bat that is going to be used in the game.

The bat should be round and straight in length. The length should not exceed 34 inches and the diameter should not be more than 2 ¼ inches. At the end of the handle, there should be a knob without which the bat is unacceptable.

The weight of the bat should not cross the 31-ounces limit and this weight shouldn’t exceed even after adding grip or tape to the bat.

The grip should not be more than 10 inches in length and it should not touch the barrel. The USSSA and BPF markings should be adhered using the permanent methods and they should be non-removable.

The bat can be made using one-piece hardwood or laminated hardwood. The bats made from aluminum or another element, graphite, fiberglass, or composite materials are allowed in the league.

There are many rules but I have selected the major ones only. One thing to consider greatly is that the bats should be made by the approved USSSA bat manufacturers.

Here are my top picks which are performing great and fulfills the need of the players:

Rawlings Miken 2021 Last Call USSSA Maxload

With better control and a balanced feel, this bat has the potency to make you win every match.

Featuring Miken’s triple matrix core technology, this bat has a gigantic sweet spot that performs no other. The extended 12-inch sweet spot never lets you miss any ball.  Additionally, thanks to the F2P barrel flex technology, it offers increased flex. The 100% carbon fiber barrel delivers the ball to the farthest distance when hit right.

The durability of this bat exceeds the expectation; with the revolutionary 100 COMP composite fibers, this bat can be your partner in many games. Also, it is made more reliable with its tetra core inner tube.

The swing weight is end loaded with the three-piece design that makes it an ideal bat to take the field by storm. The right hitter can take full advantage of its flex and balance with the weight at the end. The end load maximizes your power to take the ball where you desire.

Available in different weights and barrel lengths, this bat is certified to be used in all USSSA slowpitch baseball leagues. Made by Rawlings, you can trust this bat blindly.

DeMarini 2020 Nautalai USA Endload

This DeMarini bat gives you the most outstanding performance in the field that you become a superstar for sure.

Featuring the continuous fiber barrel wall, this bat gives the constant high performance from when you unwrap the bat till you switch to the next bat.

The handle is made from top quality ZnX alloy. It doesn’t only provide the needed durability but also the stiffness. The properties of this alloy make it less flexible which allows the barrel to flex more. Overall, it enhances the barrel performance.

The bat is end-loaded and hitting the ball will take it to the place where you desire with a mere hit. The bat is made and specially designed in the USA. The style options are also diverse so everyone can have the bat that suits them.

Miken 2020 Kyle Pearson Freak 23 12″ USSSA

Kyle Pearson’s signature end load bat with a highly reactive barrel, it is the perfect piece for the players who like to have a short barrel with constant power.

With the max load ½ ounce end load, Freak 23 is one of the powerful bats around for those who are looking for power with complete control. It has a short 12-inch barrel length and a standard 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter.

This bat features the special Triple Matrix Core plus technology that improves the layering process and eliminates wall seams. It offers gigantic sweet spot, managed consistency, and amplified pop during every hit. Also, this technology enhances composite volume by 15 that further improves its durability.

To enhance the hitting and giving fuller control to the hitter, it uses Flex 2 Power Technology that optimizes barrel and flex loading. This two-piece composite softball bat is made from 100% Aerospace grade fiber that keeps this bat dent-free for the entire season ever after many bone-breaking hits.

Mizuno 2020 Crush-End Load

Mizuno is reaching the heights of success and the bats like this slowpitch softball bat are the reason.

Durability, performance, and even the looks, just name a perfect trait that you are finding in the USSSA approved slow pitch bat – this bat has them all. This bat is triple-walled which gives you the optimal performance in the game right away after you remove its wrapper.

The sweet spot is huge which means you have more power to hit the ball with better accuracy. Even your lighter touch can drag the ball far into the field as the bat has the end-loaded swing weight.

Furthermore, this bat features a 2-piece link that greatly lowers vibrations and provides amazing feel at the touch. The performance remains the same in every game thanks to its cylinder seaming.

Because of the black onyx carbon, the performance is also second to none. All in all, this bat offers s that you desire in the end-loaded bat.

Miken 2019 Psycho (MPSYCO)

Crafted especially for adults having a competitive game, this bat is the best in hitting the ball with great speed and covering amazing distance.

Miken Psycho has the one-piece construction having extended sweet spot with augmented flex which is all that you need in the game.

Its advanced construction is behind its super performance. It has the bigger 14 inches barrel with innovatory 100 Comp composite fibers that give it the groundbreaking power that no one could beat.

This bat hits hard and along with it 0.5 oz max load at the end which makes this bat a perfect hitting machine. It has a 2.25 inches barrel diameter with 14-inch barrel length.

In whichever USSSA leagues you want to play, this bat is allowed in all.

Worth Legit Watermelon 13.5″ XL Reload USSSA

It is a two-piece bat that has a beautiful style with a stunning performance.

The Worth Watermelon is a fully composite bat which makes it one of the most durable bats. The two-piece construction makes it the ideal bat when it comes to vibration and sting. Further, it has an optimal sweet spot with an extended barrel.

Thanks to its special CF100 Technology, the bat is really sturdy but it feels lighter. Also, the ultra-thin Flex 50 gives it the feel and whip-like no other. The weight is end-loaded that further improves its performance.

The bat is made in the USA and approved for 1.20 BPF USSSA, ISA, and NSA. The availability of different sizes makes it versatile and the choice of diverse players. All in all, this watermelon bat can take your game to the whole new level this season.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Super Z1000 – Best End loaded Bat

It is impossible to leave Louisville Slugger behind when it comes to the best USSSA bats. The bat is made ready to be used right away when you first hold it with its “Game-Ready” break-in design.

Louisville Slugger made this bat optimal in performance with its Ls-2x composite barrel. It also has Ist X-Stiff technology that gives it two-piece construction a tougher feel when the bat hits the ball.

To enhance the energy transfer and give more power on contact, it has the end load swing weight. For better grip and feel and offering maximum control, it has 7/8” tapered handle having comfortable and thin synthetic leather grip. You can change the grip if you like but it is comfortable enough.

Louisville Slugger has been in business for so long that they know what the players want and how they can improve their equipment to meet the current status of the game.

Worth EST Comp XL

With two-piece sturdy construction and 3.50 barrel length, this bat feels great in hands and performs amazing in the field.

Worth has made to our list because of its advanced technology and extended sweet spot that improves the performance. The XL loading have 0.5 oz weight makes this bat ideal for the players who want to have moderate end load. This construction provides it with extra whip and smooth touch when the bat swings.

The bat is made highly durable with it 100% carbon fiber barrel using the CF 100 technology.

It uses the FLEX 50 technology that makes it handle strong enough to hit the ball; further, it has the collar that creates the most optimal flex point to enhance the distance and speed.

DeMarini 2019 Juggy DB44 Dale Brungardt Signature

Having a two-piece body with ideal construction, the DeMarini Juggy is what you need in the field to take the game to the next level.

When DeMarini makes to the top of any list, it never disappoints you. It has a two-piece construction with the steel alloy handle and 12” composite barrel.

This Dale Brungardt Signature series has the look that makes everyone to stare at your bat again and again. With the classic base color black, this bat is a real beauty in style and great in working.

To give amazing feel when the bat comes in contact with the ball, this bat has 2x double stacked wall construction that leads to soft compression.

The vibration is reduced with its 3Fusion connection and redirects the energy back to the barrel when the bat hits the ball.

The bat is end-loaded and has the game ready feel that makes you go in the field and hit the ball right away with greater energy and optimal speed.

Best Wooden Slowpitch softball bats

Selecting a slowpitch softball bat made from wood seem simple but it isn’t. Different companies have their wooden series but you also need to check that which one goes with your league.

The highly used material is the maple, while the toughest is the bamboo. Ash is also used in the manufacturing of wooden bat but it is less reliable and generates more pop.

I think the wooden bat is for the experts but it is the choice of the player. Wood bats are classical and they will remain in demand for long.

Here are the best wooden slowpitch softball bats available on the market today.

X Bats Pro Model 73SB – Wood Softball Bat

XBats Pro is the best wooden softball bat that has a beautiful black finish offering the best performance.

Constructed using the premium quality maple wood that is considered to be the hardest wood to make the bat, this bat is for the hard hitters.

It is highly durable to rely on the field and offers more power than the old ash bats. The flex is less than ash bats but it helps the player to grow like nothing else.

The design is advanced with large knob and medium handle which make this bat balanced and give enough power and control. The large handle transits straight to the knob; the barrel is also pretty long.

Additionally, the large flared knob gives it a lighter swing feel.

Overall, the bat gives great power and complete control to the batter to enjoy the game and win it.

DeMarini Corndog 2 17 Slow Pitch Bat

DeMarini knows how to make every bat the best; it doesn’t produce less quality when it comes to wooden bats as well.

Made by using the best grade maple, it is the toughest wooden bat in the market today. It is for the players who want to go for end-loaded weight and hit the ball hard with their full potential.

The handle is made utilizing the Para flex composite handle having 22% stronger carbon fiber. As this bat features the Para flex composite technology, the weight distribution is also pretty balanced and allows faster swing. This wooden bat has the classic look with a stylish color combo.

Who makes the Best Slow pitch Softball Bats?

Now you know which bats are the best in the market today to improve your game. But what brands should you consider when choosing the slowpitch bats?

Top brands in this type of bat include: DeMarini, Easton, Miken, Louisville Slugger and Worth. These are the brands you should keep in mind when researching and selecting your bats.

The slow pitch bats make by each brand have different characteristics but in general they are meet the best user’s requirement. These brands always produce with the most advanced technology and always update every year.

In short:

  • The most common series of DeMarini are the voodoo series and CF series. DeMarini is a big name with a lot of college baseball program youth have used their bats.
  • Easton is producing high-quality products and accessories. Their huge range of the products is categorized into the following bats, gloves, bags, apparel, grips, sunglasses, nets, etc. No matter which product you are looking for Easton never disappoints. Their Ghost series is the hottest but others are making the good name too.
  • Miken produces high quality baseball and softball that is made from fiberglass and carbon fiber. Miken claims to be the largest Sporting good manufacture in the country. Miken has earned the name in 2002 when it developed their own composite softball bat.
  • Louisville Slugger does not require any introduction when it comes to softball or baseball bats. They are in the market for more than 135 years. No matter which kind of product you are looking for, they have it all. Initiated as the work of 17-years old Browning known to the Louisville Slugger,  the company now employees thousands. The company has grown a lot in the past years and now from batting gloves to helmets, they offer everything.
  • Worth: From the softball ball to the high-performance bat, the company is producing best in all.  The company is renowned for producing RIF ( reduced injury factor), baseball and softball. Their ball design is there as they used it in the youth League where safety matters more than anything.

What is important when selecting a Slowpitch Bat?

When choosing the Slowpitch softball bat, there are many things to consider. Each aspect has its own benefit. There is a huge diversity in things but in the end, it all depends upon the player’s own choice.

The League Standard

The foremost thing to consider is the league in which you are going to use the bat. There are many different leagues and every league has its own requirements.

Check for the stamp. The bat could have the USSSA, ASA, NSA, etc. stamps. The slowpitch softball leagues include ASA, ISF, ISA, NSA, and USSSA.

Balanced vs. End Loaded

There are two different weights of the softball bats: balanced vs. end loaded. The players who like to have the faster speed usually go for the balanced models; it gives better control and smooth swing. These players are known as “base hitters” or “contact hitters”.

The balanced end loaded bats have a lower MOI (Moment of Inertia) than end-loaded bats – it is the unit that tells the bat’s swinging speed. The faster bats have lower MOI.

Those players who have already achieved high swing speeds move on to take advantage of the end-loaded bat. The end-loaded bats take the ball to greater distance by combining the end weight of the barrel with high swing speed.

Mostly, these bats have either 0.5 oz. or 1 oz. load at the end of the barrel, but the numbers may go up to 3 oz.

After a few practice game, you will surely know which weight you will prefer.


In the slowpitch softball bats, there is separate and enhanced barrel which has a bigger size with the greater sweet spot.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

One-piece bats have the same material in their overall construction.

The benefit of this design is that the bat is stiffer and have a strong feel. It is the choice of the power hitters who like to have little to no flex at all.

Two-piece softball bats a divided into two parts. The handle and barrel aa are joined together but made from similar or dissimilar components.

These kinds of bats produce Trampoline effect when coming in contact with the ball and they have better flex. They are known for less vibration as the handle and barrel aa are separate

Alloy vs composite vs hybrid

There are different materials from which the bat is made.

Alloy bats are made using a single-piece design having aluminum mostly alone or in combination with other metals to have a stronger construction. As alloy itself is tough enough, barrel walls could be made thinner to be more responsive.

Composite bats are constructed by using the combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass, graphite, and also kevlar. These bats are highly strong but many leagues don’t allow their use so always check your League requirement before purchasing.

Single wall vs double or more wall

Slowpitch softball bats may have a single, double, or multiple barrel walls. These walls decide the Trampoline effect of the bat. The more the layers of the walls are, the more will be the effect as they will be able to produce the spring action.

Multi-wall wall bats are considered to be highly durable because the layers of the wall add stiffness and make the bat stronger. Multi-wall bats produce more pop.

But again the use of multi-wall bats are banned in many leagues so it is better to check the compatibility before making your purchase.

Wooden bats

Wooden bats are made from different materials like bamboo, Ash, Maple, and composite wood. Depending on the choice of the player, the wooden bat could be selected.

Among all of the materials mentioned, bamboo wooden bats tend to be the strongest; maple is better than Ash in density and hardness. Ash allows better flex and whip with overall improved control.

Composite wooden bat is the combination of composite and wood materials they are highly durable and give optimal performance but they are not allowed in different leagues.

When it comes to the slowpitch softball bat selection, there is great diversity in the bats available and which one to select is the personal choice of the player.

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