Best USSSA Bats for 2023 – Expert Reviewed & Tested

April 5, 2023
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The year 2023 has brought forth a variety of exceptional USSSA certified bats, each designed to enhance performance and maximize your potential at the plate.

In this blog post, we will be diving into a comprehensive review of the best USSSA bats of 2023. We’ve combed through the multitude of options available in the market, considering factors such as swing weight, barrel size, balance, construction, and of course, player reviews. Whether you’re a power hitter looking for a bat with maximum pop or a contact hitter searching for a balanced bat for better swing speed, we have you covered. Join us as we explore these impressive pieces of baseball technology and discover which bat could be your key to standing out in your USSSA league this year.

ImageProductOur Rating
Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta USSSA Baseball BatCheck Price5/5
2022 ZOA (-5) USSSA Baseball BatCheck Price5/5
Rawlings 2022 QUATRO PRO USSSA Baseball BatCheck Price4.9/5
2022 DEMARINI CF (-5) USSSA Baseball BatCheck Price4.8/5
2022 DEMARINI THE GOODS (-5) USSSA Baseball BatCheck Price4.8/5
MARUCCI CAT9-10 USSSA Baseball Bat Check Price4.7/5

Here, we have listed the findings of our tops USSSA bats:

1. Louisville Slugger 2022 Meta USSSA Baseball Bat:

This composite bat is a true winner. Between the overall feel, balance, and large barrel, players say this is a great bat and worth the cost.

The End Cap and balanced swing weight were made for speed. Like in recent years, the EKO composite barrel is found on this year’s Meta bat, contributing to its popularity. The EKO’s large sweet spot yet lightweight swing gives players confidence when up to bat. Does your bat’s sound really make your game better? That answer may be subjective, but we think yes! After all, baseball should be fun. And players are loving the sound of this bat on contact! 

As far as comfort goes, a great deal of thought was put into how players feel with ball contact. The vibration control connection system is a patented design living up to its name and controlling vibration after contact. The comfort grip provides a cushion as you would imagine but also allows for more stability. Overall, this bat was well designed and players love how it contributes to their game. Lastly, for a fee, you are able to customize your bat with colors and text directly from slugger’s website. 

2. 2022 ZOA (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat:

Players love the balance and pop of this bat, which only reiterates our point above, that sound really does matter. 

The 2022 ZOA is a strong and steady bat. The ZOA’s barrel has a large and extended hitting area. ZOA has a two-piece composite construction made for a better balance and command of the barrel. 

The Anomaly Connection, similar to Meta’s Vibration Control Connection System, sends energy smoothly from handle to barrel. Overall, players find the balance of this bat is just better than others on the market.

3. Rawlings 2022 QUATRO PRO USSSA Baseball Bat:

While this bat was already well respected as a reliable choice for players, Rawlings revamped the 2022 QUATRO Baseball Bat to be a true competitor this year.

Like the ZOA, the QUATRO is also a two-piece composite bat. The design varies with the QUATRO, though, as it’s engineered with layers of composite. Rawlings explains their design allows for a trampoline effect throughout the barrel. Like the first two bats mentioned, this one also has vibration control mechanisms in its collar which Rawlings says has been improved in years past. What’s especially unique about this bat is the option to purchase their Blast Motion Sensor which you attach to a knob on the bat itself. If installed, you can access helpful data to improve your swing.

4. 2022 DEMARINI CF (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat:

When swinging, players love the combination of strength and a smooth, balanced feel that the 2022 CF (-5) USSSA has to offer. 

This bat offers players balance through the weight distribution design. This Demarini bat has a large sweet spot, and its Reaction End Cap allows players the flexibility for speed while hitting strong with its special composite design. Their Fusion Connection diverts vibration back into the barrel for added comfort during contact.

While no significant improvements seem to be noted about the 20222 CF (-5) USSSA by players this year, this bat is consistently liked and a go-to when looking for a great balanced bat.

5. 2022 DEMARINI THE GOODS (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat:

No one has deemed this Demarini the “home run bat” that we could find, and we may hold off for now before we make that claim. However, players have said their ability to hit a home run with this bat has only increased. 

THE GOODS has a hefty barrel, and its design is aimed toward power and fast-pitch hitters. The End Cap contributes to the speed and the new Prism Connection contributes to the barrel’s execution. THE GOODS refers to their two-part design as half and half; the large alloy barrel along with its unyielding stick help give players a mighty swing. If dingers are what you really want this season (Who are we kidding? What hitter doesn’t dream of a home run?), this might be the best bat for you!

6. MARUCCI CAT9-10 USSSA Baseball Bat:

This bat is one of the more affordable choices on our list. And, unlike the others, it is a one-piece alloy bat. One common reason, but certainly not the only reason, for designing a two-piece bat is to help avoid vibrations after ball contact. To combat this, the MARUCCI CAT9 does have an anti-vibration knob keeping the handle’s vibration to a minimum. This bat is balanced and forgiving.  And players have taken notice and say they feel less sting with this balanced bat. 

The CAT9 is versatile and can be well suited for young players. One additional feature not directly related to the bat itself but worth mentioning is the 12-month warranty offered by Marucci. They do stand by their design and provide good service overall to customers.

Best Budget Buy:

If cost were never an issue, we would not bother to include the best budget buy. But the reality is, baseball equipment comes at a price (sometimes a pretty high one!). We have searched for our favorite best budget buy giving you this biggest bang (or in our case, “pop”) for your buck.

2022 Rawlings 5150 USSSA Baseball Bat:

Rawlings has been around for over 100 years, yet they’re still relevant in the game. And their 2022 5150 USSSA is a fantastic choice for our best budget buy. 

This bat is popular and well-liked by players. In fact, players love the sound of the pop saying it’s comparable to the bats that are three times the price. But more than sound, players find the large sweet spot is able to deliver the strength, power, and distance they’re looking for. Additionally, this bat delivers well on a lightweight feel making it easy to swing and allowing players to get extra speed when up to bat. This 5150 comes at a great price, and you won’t feel like you’re making a compromise.

Best Axe Bat:

Axe Bat Avenge Pro USSSA 2-Piece Composite Baseball Bat Drop:

This bat was engineered to be fast, in fact, the Axe Bat Avenge Pro was made to deliver the fastest swing Axe has made thus far. In fact, every element of its design was made with speed in mind.

Axe bats have become trusted and respected bats by the pros as it allows them to hit precisely and confidently. Their special design was made to eliminate unnecessary weight so hitters can really feel balance and once again help with their speed. But what’s speed without power and consistency? The barrel’s Tri-flex Blastwall delivers on power. And for comfort, the Vibration Canceling System absorbs vibration for a smoother hit.  We can’t overlook the Axe handle. Its patented and unique handle gives players better control and, once again, speed. If you haven’t tried an Axe yet, it might be worth considering. Axe bats are showing their speed, velocity and distance are certainly competitive with others on the market, and players are finding they like them better than a round handle.

Best Older Bat:

It’s exciting each season to check out what’s new and improved. But something can be said for a bat that is trusted, reliable, and well-loved by players in the game year after year. Here is our favorite older bat:

DeMarini CF (-5) USSSA Baseball Bat:

The DeMarini CF (-5) USSSA bat is still trusted by players to deliver on balance, control, and speed. DeMarini has already come up on this year’s best so it should be no surprise that we chose the CF (-5) as our best older bat. After all, you can’t ignore what players call their favorite all-time bat. Players consistently praise its balance and pop. Players also love the large sweet spot. And like the features of the newer DeMarini models, the end cap’s mix of light and strong helps with power and speed – a great combination for any hitter. This is a superb bat if you’re looking for overall great performance.