Choosing the Best Seats in Baseball Games

February 18, 2020
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The baseball season is just around the corner, and we are here to help. Choosing the seats in baseball matches can alter the game for the spectators.

There are many seats to choose from, but selecting the best one can take your stadium experience to a whole new level.

The Importance of Seats when watching the Baseball game

Watching the game in the stadium is not like watching it on the television while sitting on your cozy couch in the comfort of your home.

The experience of seeing the field in front of you is different from the television. The cameramen are your eyes when you watch it on the TV screen, whereas, in the stadium, you need to be attentive and have a hawk-eye to enjoy the toss and turns of the game.

Where you sit will decide how much you will enjoy the game and what will be your experience. Watching the game from different angles of the field can change the whole game perception.

Even with some seats, you cannot even view the whole field. So, choose the seats wisely in the baseball match to make the best of your game.

Best place to sit at a Baseball Match

What experience you want from the game will decide which seat you should go for. Here are the best places to sit at a baseball match with the knowledge they provide:

  • Lower Seats just behind the Dugout

The first few rows are great as they are closer to the field, and it is easy to watch the player in the infield. The view is pretty straightforward, and not only that, there are other benefits as well.

You can get the game-used balls, gloves, and even bats because coaches, pitchers, and fielders often throw them in these rows. However, these seats are expensive.

  • Club Seats

These are the most expensive seats with unique features and a wonderful view of the field. The exceptional features include an air-conditioned region, in-seat wait service, etc., but it varies from one stadium to another.

However, overall, these seats give the ultimate baseball watching experience like no other.

  • Higher and Middle-Level Seats of the Lower Concourse

These seats provide a complete view of the field and also the most unobstructed view. These are the best seats for the family because of their ticket value.

Mostly, these seats are under the overhang, which makes them perfect for extremely sunny or rainy days. However, these seats are away from the field, so the chance of claiming a foul ball is low.

  • Outfield Seats

They are the best when catching the game-used ball because the chances are fairly high here.

However, the price of these seats is pretty lower than others because there’s a great distance from the infield and the home plate that makes it troublesome to watch the game.

  • Low Concourse Seats down the Foul Lines

These seats offer a great angle to view the game depending on where you are sitting on the field’s right or left side.

Seats that are closer to the infield are a bit costlier than the seats near the outfield. Even in some stadiums, they are made better by turning them towards the infield. Again, they are not in the infield that means they are away and could cause you problems if you are a starter.

Though some parts of the game might not be clear when watching using this angle, still the view is not bad as these seats are very pocket-friendly and ideal for families.

  • Lower Seats Behind Home Plate

Considered the prime spot to have a seat, this place allows you to watch the whole field according to the batter’s perspective. The entire field is in a clear view. Not only that, but in many stadiums, these seats hold special value and have many great features.

But often, the protective netting is causing trouble in taking pictures and having a clear view visible from the upper-level seats. Other than these issues, this is the one spot to be enjoyable, and once in a while, sitting in this region will only augment your stadium experience.

Most dangerous Seats at a Baseball Match

Every seat in the stadium is dangerous when it’s come to the probability of the ball falling. However, no matter where the person sits, if he remains inattentive during the game, there’s a high chance of getting injured.

Netting has improved the safety of the spectators tremendously, but the net does not cover the whole field, and there’s an increased chance to get injured where there is no netting at all.

The ball can go anywhere, but the place between the foul pole and the dugout is dangerous because many foul balls land in these regions.

So, wherever you are sitting during the game, be attentive and alert as the ball will fall without thinking about your position.

How to get the best Seats when watching the Baseball Matches

We have presented you with a variety of seats and leave the decision to select the best seats you think to be most suitable.

Many people prefer to go for the upper seats, while for others staying closer to the field is what matters. Their main goal is to be closer to the field as much as they can.

There are many ways to get tickets. You can buy online or use other means to get the tickets, but more important is getting the tickets at the right time.

The sooner is better because, the earlier you will go to buy the tickets, the higher the chances of getting your favorite spot.

Where to sit is your choice, and grab that place before anyone else could but show agility in getting your best seat.