Meet Daniel Segalo

Randy Bradley, Developer

I'm Daniel Segalo, hailing from the vibrant city of Kansas City, Missouri. I'm a proud alumnus of the University of Missouri, where I played collegiate club baseball and deepened my love for the sport. Today, my journey has taken me to the exciting world of digital marketing. As the CEO and President of a top-tier digital marketing agency, I use my expertise to help brands navigate the dynamic digital landscape.

Despite my corporate duties, I've never lost sight of my passion for baseball and softball. I dedicate my spare time to staying on top of the latest techniques in the sport and meticulously reviewing equipment and accessories. From bats to gloves, from beginners' gear to professional-grade tools, I scrutinize every detail to ensure players of all ages and skill levels can find the best products to enhance their game.

Although I take my research seriously, I approach the game with the mindset that we're all in it for the love of the game. Whether I'm part-timing as a batting coach for young, aspiring players, coaching a slow pitch softball team, teaching baseball players how to hit a slow pitch softball, or exploring the latest sports gear, I'm always ready to share my knowledge and passion.

Join me as I continue to explore the wonderful world of baseball and softball. Play ball!