The DeMarini Bat Reviews – Top 3 Models of 2019

June 26, 2019
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Initiated as the dream of making the perfect bats by Ray DeMarini, DeMarini makes one of the best bats today. Here are the top 3 DeMarini 2019 models that are becoming the favorite of the elite players.

These models are durable, stable, and allows the batter to give maximum performance in the field.

DeMarini voodoo 2019 reviews

ImageDemarini Voodoo BalancedDrop
USA BatCheck Price-10
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
ImageDemarini Voodoo One BalancedDrop
USA BatCheck Price-10
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3

Hit the ball right or swing ideally this summer with DeMarini’s latest Voodoo edition of 2019. Made from premium alloy, the bat is durable, responsive with excellent weight distribution.

Where DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR bat is the lightest swinging bat available, the DeMarini Voodoo USA bat is ideal for the players who just initiate the stages of travel ball. On the other hand, DeMarini Voodoo boosts the confidence of the batter during the play with its amazing features.

Here are what all these three line ups have in common:

X14 Alloy Barrel Construction

The specially designed lightweight alloy barrel gives great swing speed to these bats. It makes them easy to handle and offers maximum control.

Not only that, the bats’ durability has been enhanced many folds by using advanced barrel technology with this construction.

3-Fusion System

To further enhance the stability of these bats and give them complete balance, they feature a 3Fusion design which makes the batter be proud of them in the batting field.

Their streamlined design provides augmented weight control while lowering vibration for a great game. This technology redirects the energy back into the barrel.

Paraflex + Composite Handle

These DeMarini bats have the advanced Paraflex+ composite handle which is designed in such a way that weight is equally distributed throughout the bat when hitting that provides amazing feel on contact.

XLite Knob

This special knob lowers the weight of the bat by 25% than the standard knob which means that these bats have a very lightweight with the ideal design.


DeMarini Voodoo has the real magic inside when it comes in the hand of the true player.

By being highly durable, it keeps on hitting games after the game. Its available sizes are:

  • USA bat: Available in 28”/18 oz to 32”/22 oz, there are total six sizes with the variation of 1” size. Check our reviews about other top USA bats of 2021.
  • BBCOR bat: There are four sizes available from 30”/ 27 oz to 33”/ 30 oz.

Cons of this Model

Lots of reviews are available online, you will see that there are no cons of these bats and the players are highly satisfied. But it is a matter of personal choice as well; players who like one-piece bats won’t go for it.

Difference between DeMarini Voodoo 2018 vs 2019

The major difference between DeMarini Voodoo 2018 and Voodoo 2019 is the handle. The former one has the one-piece construction whereas the new one has the two-piece with the handle made better. The new handle provides it with heavier swing and better balance.

DeMarini Cf Zen 2019 reviews

ImageDemarini cf zenDrop
USA BatCheck Price-10
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
USSSA BatCheck Price-10
Fastpitch BatCheck Price-11

DeMarini CF Zen is another great model to enjoy every hit in the game. Every bat of this series gives the perfect play.

CF Zen USA bat and CF Zen USSSA bat are the best performing (-10) composite bats.

CF Zen BBCOR bat is the super light swinging bat for power and speed and CF Zen Fastpitch softball bat is the lightest CF bat for the developing elite players.

Paraflex+ Composite Construction

These bats have a half and half two-piece design that is made from Paraflex+ composite. The composite handle and a composite barrel make these bats super hitting machine.

This construction is achieved by exposing the bat to the right temperature and for the right amount of time.

3-Fusion System

The connection features 3-Fusion system that gives the perfect weight control to these bats. Not only that, they offer perfect feel when batters hit the ball with reduced vibration.

This ideally engineered barrel to handle connection optimizes the smooth and balance weighing.

X-Lite Knob

An X-Lite Knob that easily fits in the player’s hand and optimizes the overall weight control of the bat. It gives the feel of perfection.


There are different sizes available for DeMarini CF Zen models so every player could take their advantage.

  • USA bat: In -10 length to weight ratio, there are four sizes available from 29”/ 19 oz, 32”/ 22 oz.
  • BBCOR bat: In -3 length to weight ratio, there are five sizes from 30”/ 27 oz to 34”/ 31 oz.
  • USSSA bat: In -10 length to weight ratio, there are five available sizes from 28”/18 oz to 32”/ 22 oz. Check more top 9 USSSA bats of 2021 shortlist by us.
  • Fastpitch softball bat: In -11 length to weight ratio, there are six different sizes available from 28”/ 17 oz to 33”/ 22 oz. Check more list of best fastpitch softball bats for 2021 recommended by us.

Certified to be played in their respective leagues, all the models of CF Zen are the true hitters for the amazing players.

Difference between DeMarini CF Zen 2018 vs 2019

In CF Zen 2018, the company has already improved the bat from its previous models and now in 2019 models, there is no complaint remained.

No new feature to be seen in the new model, but there’s a lot of improvement in the overall feel of the bat. The way it engineered has increased the pop and made these bats a great game changer.

DeMarini Uprising 2019 reviews

ImageDemarini UprisingDrop
USA BatCheck Price-11
USSSA BatCheck Price-10
Fastpitch BatCheck Price-11

DeMarini Uprising is the inexpensive yet great one-piece bat to fulfill the batting demands of the player in the field.

This series is extended to three models: USA bat, USSSA bat and DeMarini Uprising Fastpitch Softball Bat.

All of them are an exceptional example of great balanced performance and durability.

Single Piece Alloy Construction

All three line-ups are made from one-piece alloy but there’s a bit difference in the material. The USA and USSSA bats have DX1 alloy; whereas, the fastpitch softball bat has ZNX alloy handle.

The special construction with its core material makes them amazing bats for all kinds of players as they are very light weighted and easy to swing. The durability of these bats with optimum performance is also unmatchable.

Hybrid Performance Grip

To make the swing effortless, having an optimal grip is necessary and these bats have the grip that is the top choice of the hitters, These bats feel great in hands and make the game even more fun.

Ideal Barrel Diameter

Available in 2 ¼ inches and 2 ¾ inches barrel diameter, these bats offer everything a hitter needs to hit the ball correctly. These bats are ready to play with from day one, so no waiting is needed.


In all three versions of DeMarini Uprising, there are different sizes available so every player can give the best performance according to their height:

  • USA Bat: With drop -10, and -11 weight, there are six sizes available ranging from 27”/ 17 oz to 32”/ 21 oz.
  • USSSA Bat: in -10 length to weight ratio, there are five sizes available ranging from 26”/ 16 oz to 30”/ 20 oz.
  • Fastpitch Softball Bat: in -12 length to weight ratio, there are five sizes available ranging from 28”/ 16 oz to 32”/ 20 oz.

Cons of this Model Bat

With great pop, amazing overall feel, and best durability, the DeMarini Uprising doesn’t come with the cons to spoil the game.

However, the player who doesn’t like to have even a bit of vibration might find it hard to play with it, as the single piece construction often has this problem.  Other than that this bat is great in performance.

Difference between DeMarini Uprising 2018 vs 2019

DeMarini Uprising 2018 and Uprising 2019 are really similar when it comes to the features. However, in this new Uprising edition, DeMarini made sure that the players don’t get disappointed so it offers optimum performance a player could get.


DeMarini bats dominate the bat industry and have many of the best bats that are the choice of the top players around the globe.

All the above-mentioned bats are handpicked for the best performer in the field today.  Whether it is DeMarini Uprising or DeMarini Voodoo, all offer great balance with full control.

The weight of the bat is made ideal so from the newbie player to the expert, everyone could enjoy the game.

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