Easton Ghost: Bat Reviews and Top-Rated Recommendations

March 6, 2024
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Easton is a top global producer of baseball and softball equipment. Headquartered in California and now owned by Rawlings, Easton is a well-loved brand among professional athletes and recreational players.

In 2017, Easton released the Ghost series. While they had baseball bats until 2018, the Ghost line is exclusively for softball. Seven years later, the Ghost line is continually updating and improving, now becoming one of the top bat choices among softball players time after time.

What makes the Ghost series so great? Witness the Ghost power with our reviews and see if you’ll add this impressive bat to your softball collection.

Top Rated Easton Ghost Bats

Easton Ghost BatDrop
2023 Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat-10Check PriceFastpitch Bat
22024 Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat-8, -9Check PriceFastpitch Bat
2023 Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Softball Bat-8, -9, -10, -11Check PriceFastpitch Bat

Why We Love the Easton Ghost Bat

The Ghost bats have features that fit their supernatural name. The performance these bats deliver right out of the wrapper makes them an excellent choice for young athletes, professionals, and recreational players. With their timeless designs that will turn heads on the field, the Ghost bats are also perfect for players who want to show off some style while at bat.

1. Latest innovations and technology

The Ghost bats have some of the latest technology and design innovations in the softball bat industry, making them a popular choice among players year after year. Fewer bats are in the lineup now than in the first launch in 2017, which featured 20 bats. Players can rest assured knowing Easton’s manufacturers dedicated more time and effort to fewer bats for a higher-quality product.

2. Different construction types

Easton offers 2-piece and 1-piece construction bats to suit different player preferences. 2-piece bats flex more, producing a whip-like effect that turns the bat’s speed into power. 1-piece bats have a more rigid feel to them, mimicking that of traditional wood bats. They generate more power due to their stiffness and usually have a heavier swing weight than 2-piece bats.

3. Durable materials

Easton manufactures Ghost bats from aluminum or composite materials, ensuring reliable durability. These bats are designed to withstand hundreds of swings with baseballs or softballs, maintaining their condition over time. Despite their durability, Ghost bats are recognized for their lightweight design, allowing players to achieve top swing speeds. Easton has perfected the balance between strength and speed in the Ghost line.

4. Double-wall Barrels

The Ghost bats feature the brand’s iconic double-wall barrels, which provide maximum pop upon contact. The 2024 bats have improved upon these double barrels for an even better response to the player and a generous sweet spot. As a bonus, these double-wall barrels produce a satisfying sound that keeps players hungry for more bombs.

What are the Easton Ghost cons?

The Easton Ghost bats available currently are for fastpitch softball. The limited range might be a con for fans of the now-discontinued Ghost baseball bats.

The cons depend on player preference. Some players do not enjoy the stiff feeling of a one-piece bat, which tends to send a lot of vibrations down to the handle. But this is true of most one-piece bats, not just the Easton Ghost ones.

Top Rated Easton Ghost Softball Bats

1. 2023 Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bat

Starting our list is the 2023 Ghost Double Barrel. This Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball bat improved upon past versions of the double-walled barrel for a hot bat right out of the wrapper. It’s a two-piece composite bat that allows players to maximize their swing speed and power, without sacrificing much-needed barrel control.

This bat’s double-walled barrel is optimized to flex upon contact with a fast pitch, delivering insane pop and a satisfying sound. The ConneXion Technology maximizes energy transfer and reduces any vibration in the handle. The Ghost Double Barrel’s Sonic Composite material is durable while having the lowest barrel compression possible. With the Hyperskin Diamond Grip, players can enjoy the handle’s tacky and premium feel.

2. 2024 Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Softball Bat

The Ghost Advanced is a softball bat in a league of its own. It is one of the fastest-selling bats in the Easton brand, proving that it’s a go-to for elite players. Marketed as the most advanced bat in the game, the Ghost Advanced has Double Barrel 3 technology and a finely tuned swing weight. We think it’s hard for a player to choose any other bat after swinging with this one.

Building on Easton’s learnings from 2023, the Ghost Advanced features a SonicComp Max material. This composite is now Easton’s highest-performing material with even more durability than its previous counterpart for top performance. The third-generation barrel has the maximum allowed performance for all-association play. Coupled with a balanced swing weight, this bat is lightweight enough to be easy to swing but packs all the power and control needed to score runs.

The ConneXion Evolution feature of this bat results in unmatched responsiveness and a forgiving sweet spot. With the Power Boost soft knob, there are virtually no vibrations in the handle for comfort, even to the player’s bottom hand.

The Ghost Advanced has end-loaded versions in the -9/-8 drop weight categories.

3. 2023 Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Softball Bat

Are you not a fan of the 2-piece composite bats? Swing with the 2023 Ghost Unlimited, the first 1-piece bat in the Ghost family. This top-performing bat caters to players who want to level up their offensive strategy on the field, as it maximizes the rigidity of 1-piece construction for maximum power.

The Ghost Unlimited features the SonicComp Max technology found in the Ghost Advanced—the lowest barrel compression possible results in the highest-performing and most durable composite bat. The VRS1 internal connection joint allows this 1-piece bat to have an ultra-lightweight feel and the Power Boost soft knob reduces vibrations. 

The Ghost Unlimited has an extended double barrel for a generous sweet spot that turns off-center hits into opportunities to score and flyballs into bombs. Its Flow-Tack grip ensures a solid grip on this super fast bat so players will outperform the rest on the field–if they’re not swinging a Ghost bat, too.

Are you excited to swing an Easton Ghost fastpitch softball bat? Check out our other articles to get all the gear you need for top-notch performance this year. See you on the field!

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