Easton Ghost Bat Reviews and Top Rated

the easton ghost bat reviewsEaston is the world’s top producer of softball and baseball equipment headquartered in California and Easton Ghost is the leading bat series of the company.

Many players are switching to Easton Ghost models and loving them because of their better performance.

In this Easton Ghost Bat reviews, I will make sure you know why this series has become famous across the globe in only two years.

Top Rated Easton Ghost Bats

Easton Ghost BatDrop
2019 Ghost Double Barrel USSSA-10Check PriceFastpitch Bat
2019 Ghost Double Barrel ASA: SP19GH-6, -7, -8Check PriceSlow Pitch Bat
2018 Ghost X BBCOR-3Check PriceBBCOR Bat
2018 USSSA Ghost X Senior League-10Check PriceUSSSA Baseball Bat
2018 USA Ghost X Hyperlite-11Check PriceUSA Baseball Bat

Why We love Easton Ghost Bat?

There are many reasons for loving Easton ghost bats and the top of them is its supernatural powers.

These bats don’t only offer outclass performance but have great style as well and show their enchanted performance right after they come out from the wrapper.

#1. Increased Bat Choice

Introduced in fall 2017, the ghost series has become one of the highly demanded bat series around the globe.

The series merely contains around twenty bats but one can easily find the relevant ideal bat in the specific category, whether it is high scoring BBCOR bat or best-performing fastpitch bat, Ghost contains all.

#2. Most two-piece construction

Most bats in the Easton ghost series have two-piece construction which makes these bats more flex.

This results in producing a whip effect which automatically augments the bat speed which leads to accelerated power.

That’s why average players usually prefer two-piece bats and Ghost series has the best of all.

#3. But It has one-piece bats as well

A stronger player like to have one piece bat as it gives the stiff feel with a little amount of flex when contact is made with the ball. The power hitters take this as the advantage as very low or no energy is lost to get more power.

#4. Construction material

Ghost series only contains bats that are made from aluminum and composite materials. Both of which are considered highly durable.

However, you will find more composite bats in this series because they have lower swing weight and larger barrel which are the main features of the ghost series.

With a composite bat, it is easy to reach your full potential than others.

#5. Double Barrel

Most of the bats in the Ghost series have double wall barrel that means better trampoline effect is produced when the ball comes in contact with the bat.

Other than these, Easton ghost series contains highly advanced bats that are perfectly engineered using the latest technologies like XTX Xtra Tough Resin Matrix technology or Engineering X Advanced Carbon Technology.

Are there any cons of Ghost Bat?

Though it is one of the best bat series in the baseball and softball world, it has its own cons. The bats in this series are highly précised and can be used for only one league mainly.

The design is very specific. Also, consider any con related to the particular category of the bat.

For instance, it is not advisable to use a composite bat in extremely cold weather. But, overall, these bats are great in performance and don’t disappoint the players.

Top 4 Easton Ghost Bat Reviews

There are many Easton Ghost bats to select from but we have extracted the top bats of the series to reduce your research time. Let’s review the top ghost bats from four different categories.

Easton Ghost Softball Bat Reviews

EASTON 2019 Ghost -10 USSSA Fastpitch Bat

Easton ghost storms the market again with its new -10 USSSA fastpitch softball bat. It is the hottest bat available today. Let’s consider its features one by one.

  • 2-piece composite design

It’s a two-piece fastpitch bat that means the barrel is separated from the handle which makes the barrel to flex when it comes in contact with the ball. This construction generates the ideal trampoline effect. Being two-piece and having the composite construction, this bat receives less vibration in the handle to offer a perfect hit.

  • Double barrel construction

This Easton ghost bat features a patent pending double barrel design on which Easton is proud of. Its ideal engineering lets the players enjoy the splendid feel, pop, and sound when they hit with the bat. The inner barrel is spaced away from the outer barrel. The inner barrel supports the outer barrel and provides optimum flexibility to the wall when the bat hits the ball. This results in a splendid performance every time.

Its barrel has the lowest compression. This bat use the technique makes the bat’s walls highly flexible. If you want flexibility in your bat, go for lower barrel compression.

  • Optimum Grip

Furthermore, the handle of the bat is super thin having the size of 29/32″ only. Along with this, comfort is augmented because hyperskin grip of it is 1.2mm.

  • 2-piece ConneXion plus Nitrocell Foam Technology

Using this technology, the company has improved the performance of this bat and enhances the connection feel between the handle and a barrel. Not only that, it furthers lower the weight as well which makes it a balanced bat. This bat augments the performance from the first swing.

Easton 2019 Ghost Double Barrel ASA: SP19GH

Ghost 2 is the newest edition and the Easton 2nd generation of Double Barrel Technology. It is the best ASA bat to grab today. Featuring all the amazing qualities to make the slowpitch softball game great, let’s discuss what this bat offers:

  • Two-piece 100% composite design

With the carbon fiber design along with the two-piece construction, this bat has less vibration in the hand and offers optimal durability. Both handle and barrel are made from composite which produces the finest trampoline effect of the barrel.

  • Double barrel construction

This bat is totally double barrel from the connection piece to the end cap which delivers a soft barrel compression in the first hit. With ideal compression inner barrels, the bat offers the perfect feel, pop, and sound.

  • Smooth swing weight

Keeping in mind the slowpitch softball players’ priority, the bat is made slightly end loaded with adequate handle stiffness, idyllic barrel flex, and ultimate 13.5″ barrel length.

  • XTX Xtra Tough Resin Matrix technology

The inclusion of this innovative technology provides12 percent extra strength to the bat and makes it a perfect piece of engineering.

The patented two-piece ConneXion+ technology and the perfect barrel size make it approved for ASA and ISF.

Easton Ghost Baseball Bat Reviews

Easton 2018 Ghost X -3 BBCOR Bat

Ghost X, though introduced in 2018, but still considered to be the best in the market because of its exceptional feel in combination with outstanding performance. This bat offers everything that an experienced player wants.

  • Dynamic feel system

Ghost X features a flawless combination of EXACT carbon construction and CONNEXION+ technology into a superlative design to provide the best feel that any two-piece bat could have. The former one gives it a light swing weight; while the other lowers the vibration and enhances the overall feel.

  • X-tended barrel design

To improve the game even further, Easton makes sure that it delivers the longest barrels in the game. With huge sweet spot, the player never misses the hit and gains the massive power.

  • Two-piece fully composite design

It is made from carbon material exclusively and from the handle to the endpoint, it is just composite.

  • Better handle and barrel construction

With the new Engineering X Advanced Carbon Technology, the handle is made better with the improve overall barrel construction. This reduces the vibration in the hand while providing enhanced performance as a pro wants.

  • The perfect grip

A player performs better when the grip is tight. It has a 31/32″ EXACT carbon handle that is further made comfortable with the cushioning of 1.4mm hyperskin grip.

Being BBCOR certified, this -3 Adult baseball bat is the game-changer for many players.

Easton 2018 USSSA Ghost X Senior League Baseball Bat (-10)

The best addition in the legendary Ghost series is this 2018 Ghost X approved for Senior League Baseball. With a popular drop 10 length to weight ratio, this bat offers outstanding performance advantages to the player.

  • Dynamic feel system

Exclusive for the Ghost series, it is a combo of ultimate ConneXion+ technology together with the EXACT carbon construction that offers top class performance with a super smooth feel on contact. The mixture further enhances the durability of the bat.

  • Barrel design

To provide it with massive hitting power, it has a huge barrel with greater sweet spot having X-tended barrel design which is renowned for Ghost X. In this bat as well, Easton has not left behind in providing the longest composite barrel in baseball.

  • The Grip

The carbon handle of the bat is pre-wrapped with a 1.4mm hyperskin bat grip to offer ultimate comfort with optimal grip to hit the ball.

  • EXACT composite design

EXACT composite design in combination with the two-piece ConneXion technology makes this bat highly powerful with the lighter swing weight and better feel.

Approved for play in USSSA and other leagues following 1.15 BPF standards, this is the #1 youth baseball bat available in the market today.

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