Top 7 Gift ideas for Youth Baseball Players

June 17, 2019
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If your young one is into baseball, you know that you can easily get a gift he or she will simply love. Typical baseball gifts comprise of the essentials such as baseball bats, cleats and gloves.

However, you can add an element of surprise by choosing an unusual baseball gift such as a swing tracker or a baseball book.

Here is a rundown of top 7 gift ideas for youth baseball players that are sure to stand out among other conventional baseball gifts.

Batting tee

The best gifts are the ones that are of practical use. And a baseball batting tee for a baseball player is definitely one of them. You can easily get one of these tees from actual retail stores or from an online website.

Batting tees are a perfect tool for players to hone their batting skills and improve their hand-eye coordination. These are available in a wide range covering a vast price point – so you can easily get one that is perfect for your young one.

Swing Tracker

A swing tracker essentially analyzes a player’s swinging and hitting performance in real-time. Such a tracker attaches to the bat and provides detailed analytics of the player’s swing metrics through Bluetooth. A tracker is the perfect choice of gift as it can inspire a player to improve his game and take it to the next level.

When choosing a good swing tracker, go with one that offers important swing details such as the speed of the bat, the power of the hit upon contact and the overall control of the swing momentum. Diamond Kinetics and Zepp swing trackers are two examples of quality trackers.

Hitting net

A hitting net is a must-have for a baseball player who seriously wants to improve his game. Such a net can be set up at a training arena, in the backyard, at the local park or virtually any other open space. In fact, it can also be set up indoors.

The great thing about a hitting net is that it lets a player practice pitching without the need for a second player or a catcher. The net retains all the pitches tossed at it and the player can later retrieve the practice balls easily. A hitting net is a perfect gift for a youth baseball player, especially one who is focusing on pitching skills.

Lizard Skin Grip

One of the vital components of a baseball bat is the grip it features. The choice of the grip can make or break the performance of a bat.

After all, even the best bat is not much use if the player is unable to maintain a good grip on the handle when swinging it. This is why a lizard skin grip is always a great gift idea for a baseball player.

Lizard skin grips are available in a huge range of choices. You can sound up your young one for his favorite team, color or player and then choose a lizard skin grip that best reflects this.

Also make sure you know the bat dimensions of the player before ordering one. Lizard Skin grips are available in multiple thickness options and a virtually endless range of colors.

So you will have to put some research work into it before purchasing one that the person receiving the gift is actually going to like.


Youth baseball players usually look up the whole culture of the Major League Baseball, complete with its players, team logos, tee shirts and caps. This is simply because they hope to one day play for one of the major leagues. This is also why MLB caps are a great gift option for youth baseball players.

These caps serve a very practical purpose on the field while letting the player show off his preferences and affiliations.

You will need to work out the favorite team of the player before finding an MBL cap that makes for a perfect gift. You will get plenty of options to choose from which means that you will be able to find a cap that is highly customized and suited to the preferences of the player you want to gift the cap. If you are unsure about prices or quality, go with the official MLB shop to be on the safe side.

Baseball Shirt

Like baseball caps, baseball shirts themed on Major League Baseball have remained an ever-popular gift for players who take their baseball seriously. These shirts are available for all the teams and in a variety of colors and sizes.

MLB t shirts are perfect for summer outdoor wear. If you want to purchase a gift for the winters, you can go with an MLB jersey, although it is going to cost considerably more at somewhere.

That being said, quality MLB shirts will last a long time and will serve as an enduring inspiration for virtually any youth baseball player.

Baseball Book

Words and images can have a powerful effect. The same can be said about the inspiration stories and life histories of figures we like.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a youth baseball player, you may want to explore baseball books. Some of these books are true classics while others have served to inspire countless young players to go on and become baseball legends in their own might.

You can ask about the favorite player and the favorite team before choosing a book that is about them or related to them. This way, you will make sure that the youth player actually loves the book you give him as a gift.