How to Hit a Slow Pitch Softball

Did you know that hitting in slow pitch is one of the most counter-intuitive things you’ll find? That instead of trying to swing with an upper cut, you’ll actually see the ball explode off your bat when you swing downwards on the ball? In this article, we are going to discuss how to hit a slow pitch softball further, harder, … Read More


Softball has been one of America’s most popular sports since its introduction in 1887. It is a sport enjoyed by most people and is one of the few sports that still has both men’s and women’s leagues. The sport has three variations: fast-pitch, slow-pitch, and modified pitch. Over the years, certain developments have taken place to maintain the sport’s integrity … Read More

Baseball Hitting Approach – tips, tricks, and hitting with two strikes

The right hitting mentality and approach can be the difference between a hit and an out. In a game of centimeters, it’s imperative for you to strategically approach each at bat according to the game situation at hand. How many are on base? How many strikes do you have on you? How has the pitcher been pitching you all game? … Read More

Slow Pitch Softball Pitching Tips: From the experts

Are you ready to frustrate some slow pitch softball hitters? Most people think about hitting when it comes to softball, but very few think about the strategies and techniques of slow pitch pitching. In this article, we’re going to cover some tips, tricks, and techniques to get batters grounding out and popping out consistently. Let’s go. There are three things … Read More

Top 4 Winning Factors in Softball

Softball is a highly competitive sport where everybody is playing to win. As a player, you should be ready to push yourself to the limit – improve your skills, practice diligently, and always play smart. After all, skill, effort, and strategy are the secret to any game. That said, no one can claim that they know everything there is to … Read More