Tips on How to Care for Your Bat Properly

Baseball remains one of the most popular pastimes not just in the States but all over the world. However, similar to other sports, it requires a particular set of equipment that demands proper upkeep and maintenance. Chief among these is your bat. You need to take care of your bat. After all, you want to ensure that you get the … Read More

How to Improve Slap Hitting in Softball?

To get victory in the softball requires diverse kinds of special techniques that can put the pressure on the opponents and improve the winning chances. Slap hitting in softball is one of those techniques and known as the secret weapon because of the damage it can do to the rival team. Why do softball players slap hit? The softball players … Read More

What should we do to Avoid Injuries in Baseball and Softball?

According to Doctors from Mayo Clinic, many athletes get injured each year while playing baseball and softball. They provide that some of these injuries include ligament damage, twisting of knees, wrist pain, ankle sprain and elbow tendinitis. Such injuries are more common in children between 5 to 14 years of age. The alarming injury stats in America led researchers and … Read More

6 Amazing Tips On How To Practice Baseball In The Winter

Baseball is a year-round game in many places, but the harsh winters of most areas make it impossible to enjoy this game outdoors. If you have an indoor practicing facility, you can do great, but when it is impossible to practice with the team, there are still so many things you can do at home. Here are the tips on … Read More

The Best Defensive and Offensive Strategy in Baseball

Anything is possible when you have your head in the game and want to win using the proper methods and teamwork. A perfect strategy in baseball that is designed according to the current game situation can surely increase the odds of winning and make you the champion. Whether you are on the defensive or offensive, thoughtful playing is required with … Read More