How to play Center Field in Baseball

Three players in the outfield, standing and waiting for the ball to come; it might seem like a boring work for an amateur spectator. But, there are lots of things happening. Outfielders are alert and continuously trying to stay ahead of the situation. Among all three outfielders, the center fielder is doing much of the work by not only adjusting … Read More

What Makes a Good Shortstop in Baseball?

Shortstop is a very important position in baseball. This position receives so many hits that the player standing here is considered to be the best defensive player among all. What makes a good shortstop in baseball? Well, it is a detailed combination of athletic abilities with the correct expertise. Let’s see what it needs to do great at this position. … Read More

Top 5 Drills Impact on Hand-Eye coordination in Baseball

Hand-eye coordination is very vital in every action sports. The baseball players who have better hand-eye coordination perform at a higher level as they have improved visual-motor reaction time, states a scientific study. Some players are gifted in this matter and have better coordination than others. However, this is a skill that could be learned and improved over time; it … Read More

What makes a High School Softball Player good?

Everyone wants to be good, but getting this title is not as easy. To be a good high school softball player, you need to work on yourself. From emotional to physical characteristics, there’s always a lot of room to improve. Those who never stop learning always make the best players and teammates. To reach the level of a good softball … Read More

What Are The Types of Hitting Techniques in Fastpitch Softball?

The softball swing is entirely different from the baseball swing. In a proper softball swing, consists of the batters weight shifting back and thrusted forward at the contact point.  On top of that you need to make sure your front knee is bent. The major difference in the hitting techniques of both games is due to the ball size and … Read More