What Are The Types of Hitting Techniques in Fastpitch Softball?

The softball swing is entirely different from the baseball swing. In a proper softball swing, consists of the batters weight shifting back and thrusted forward at the contact point.  On top of that you need to make sure your front knee is bent. The major difference in the hitting techniques of both games is due to the ball size and … Read More

Catcher Position in Baseball! All You Need to Know

Standing behind the home plate and receiving the ball from the pitcher, holds a very important position in the field. The catcher has to keep an eye on the field while also calling the pitches for the pitcher. Baseball catcher stance The catcher’s position is pretty demanding in the game. For a baseball catcher stance, diversity is the key. A … Read More

Secrets to Throwing a Baseball Harder and Faster like a Pro

The act of ball throwing in baseball is known as pitching. Pitching is not just releasing the ball from the hands, but it is the actual science of doing it correctly. Its biomechanics have significantly been researched to know how to improve pitching overall. With the correct techniques, the pitcher makes it challenging for the batter to hit the ball. … Read More

Different types of Slides and How to Perfectly Slide in Baseball

The slide is an important skill to be an effective base runner.  By learning how to slide you can beat throws and tags that could turn a loss in to a win. Why do We slide in Baseball? Sliding isn’t faster than running, but it has many other benefits. Players in the baseball slide for two reasons: they don’t get … Read More

The Best Tips for Swinging A Softball Bat With Power

An amazing softball swing is the results of perfect stance and grip with correct body position and keen eyes to detect the ball. The powerful hit has the component of strength in it as well. What is a perfect swing in softball? A perfect swing in a softball allows the ball to reach the desired distance without producing any damage … Read More