Is Your Bat Too Light? Here’s How You Can Tell

August 16, 2022
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Is Your Bat Too Light?

Having a light baseball bat has some perks. It can help increase your bat speed, but does that in turn give you more power?
In this article, you will discover whether it is possible to have a bat that is too light or not. We will also explore how far a person can hit a ball if the bat is too light and determine what the correct weight of your bat should be for power-hitting and hitting home runs.

So without further ado, let’s dig into the details and learn whether a bat can be too light or not!

The Weight Differences in Baseball Bats

To better understand whether a bat can be too light, let’s first take a look at the general concept of weight in baseball bats.

The weight concept is pretty straightforward – the heavier the bat, the more mass you have that can hit the ball. The lighter the bat, the faster your swing speed is. So the crux of the discussion comes down to finding the perfect balance between having a heavier bat and a faster swing. If the bat is too heavy, you won’t have enough swing speed. But if it’s too light, you won’t have enough mass behind the bat to hit very far.

Most players prefer using a bat that’s on the heavier side because it gives them more power. However, some players prefer using a lighter bat so they can swing it faster and control which direction they want the ball to travel.

It’s not always the bat that plays a key role in having those long hits, however; it’s the player as well. The magic doesn’t just come from the bat – it comes from the player’s skill.

Even if a player uses a heavy bat, they might not be able to generate as much power as an experienced player who uses a lighter bat with a stronger swing.

The weight of the bat also depends on the league. In high school and college, there are weight restrictions on bats. For example, in high school, the maximum length of a bat cannot exceed 34 inches and the maximum weight cannot exceed 42 ounces.

But in the major leagues, there are no restrictions on the weight or length of the bat. So, the players can use whatever weight they’re comfortable with.

Can a Baseball Bat Be Too Light?

At the end of the day, it all comes down to balance and finding the ‘sweet spot’ between the heaviest bat that you can still get through the zone to hit the ball solidly. For many players, a heavy bat will increase the strikeout rate because they can’t catch up to a fastball. But for others, too light of a bat will deplete their power.

Just because you have a faster swing speed, it doesn’t mean you’re going to hit the ball further. It also doesn’t mean that you’re going to hit the ball harder, either.

If you’re a high school baseball player trying to decide between a 31oz, 32oz, 33oz, or 34oz bat, it’s best to try it out in the cage with the max speed you’re likely to face during a game. For many high schoolers, that comes down to around 90mph. Use the weight that enables you to catch up and hit the ball hard.

If you’re a junior high baseball player, you will want to experiment with quite a few different bat weights to determine what you’re able to ‘get around on’. Head to the batting cage and experiment with the heaviest bat you’re able to still hit the ball hard with.

How To Tell If a Bat is Too Light?

There are a few ways you can tell if your bat is too light.

First, take a look at the size of the bat. If the bat is too long or too short for you, it’s going to be difficult to control. There are several bat sizing charts available online that illustrate this test perfectly for adults and kids.

The next thing you want to do is swing the bat a few times. If you feel like you can’t control the bat or if it’s too light for you, then it’s probably not the right bat.

Another way to tell if a bat is too light is by the sound it makes when you hit the ball. If the bat is too light, it will have a hollow sound. If it’s the right weight, it will have a solid sound.

Finally, you want to make sure the bat is comfortable for you. If it feels too light or too heavy, it’s probably not the right bat.

Does a Lighter Bat Hit Farther?

Typically, no. But it does depend on who is swinging it and how strong they are. In general, a lighter bat is used for better bat control, while a heavier bat is used for power.

As we’ve seen, a bat that’s too light might not have as much power behind it. However, a skilled player can still hit the ball farther with a lighter bat.

The bottom line is that the weight of the bat doesn’t matter as much as the player’s skill.
What Are the Problems Associated with Using a Light Bat?
The biggest problem with having a bat that’s too light is that it will affect your hitting power.

A bat that’s too light will also be difficult to control. You might find yourself swinging at balls that are outside of the strike zone.

Another problem with using a bat that’s too light is that it can affect your timing. If you’re used to swinging a heavier bat, it can take some time to adjust to the lighter bat.

Finally, using a bat that’s too light can also lead to injuries. If you don’t have the proper grip on the bat, you might find yourself slipping and injuring yourself.

So, if you’re thinking about using a lighter bat, make sure you’re comfortable with it and that it doesn’t affect your hitting power or control.

How Can I Tell if My Kid is Using Too Light of a Bat?

A simple drill you can do with your kids is to go to the batting cage with a few different weighted bats and go up until they are not able to successfully hit a fastball. If they are having a hard time swinging it, it’s obviously too heavy and you should try a lighter bat.

Additionally, simply ask your kiddo, “What feels more comfortable?” Which bat do they feel the most confidence in using?

Concluding Thoughts

So how to decide whether a bat is too light and if it’s good for the play or not?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the weight of your bat. It all depends on what you’re comfortable with and what works best for you.