Louisville Slugger Bat Reviews – Top 4 Models of 2019

May 29, 2019
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Like every year, Louisville Slugger, the batting industry giant has introduced new top models of 2019 of its previous versions.

Let’s see what’s new in these top 2019 models of Louisville Slugger bat and whether they will be able to take the market by storm like their predecessor. Just check our Review about these models of the Louisville Slugger bat.

Louisville Slugger Prime 919 Reviews

ImagePrime 919 BatsDrop
USA BatCheck Price-10
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
USSSA BatCheck Price-10, -8, -5

Louisville Slugger Prime 919 models are the true composite series having advanced construction that takes it to the list of the best composite bats available in the market today.

Prime 919 is available in different shapes and sizes to be approved for play in different leagues – the list includes Prime 919 USA bat, Prime 919 USSSA bat, and Prime 919 BBCOR bat.

Prime 919 models come with the following amazing features:

Multi-piece Composite Construction:

The barrel is made using the ADV Microform which is the specialized construction material to enhance the barrel size by keeping performance perfect along with the pop.

It gives the lighter swing weight to the bat. Prime 919 USA and Prime 919 USSSA, both, are three-piece composite; while, Prime 919 BBCOR bat is a two-piece composite bat with RTX End Cap.

VCX Technology:

Present in all three versions, this is an advanced technology that makes sure that barrel and handle move independently and offers controlled vibration.

This feature makes this bat unique for every player as it helps the player to swing the bat in their own style while offering fuller and better control options.

Comfortable Grip:

These bats have LS Pro Comfort grip which provides the ideal mixture of cushion and tack so when it’s time to bat, the player gives the full by remaining easy on their hands.

The grip is not permanent and can be removed if the player wants.

Size Options: There are different sizes available for these bats:

  • Prime 919 USA Bats: 28”/18 oz to 32”/22 oz, there are five different sizes offered.
  • Prime 919 BBCOR Bats: 31”/28 oz to 34”/31 oz, only four sizes are available.
  • Prime 919 USSSA Bats: 27”/17 oz to 32”/22 oz, six varied sizes are present to select from.

Any Cons of these bats

These bats are for the hitters who like to have the balanced light swing. If you are looking for something tougher than these bats are not for you.

Are there any difference between Prime 918 vs 919

When Prime 918 is compared to the 2018 model, the most visible change you can see is in the grip. The former model has the standard Lizard Skin grip which is replaced with the Louisville Slugger’s own grip.

VCX is another change; former one has Tru 3 as the connective piece to lower the vibrations on the bad hit.

The new technology offers improved durability with perfect weight distribution as claimed by the company which aids in lowering vibrations and improving performance.

Louisville Slugger Select 719 Reviews

ImageSelect 719 BatsDrop
USA BatCheck Price-10, -8, -5
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3

Louisville Slugger Select 719 is the favorite of many because it is one of the highest performing bats today in every league it has been played with.

The company bombarded the bat with many amazing features. It is further divided into two categories: Select 719 USA bat and Select 719 BBCOR bat. Sadly, it doesn’t have its USSSA version yet.

The general features of both available models are as follow:

Multi-piece Hybrid Construction:

The USA Baseball Bat Select 719 has the new 3-piece hybrid construction with the barrel made from alloy and the handle made from composite which is considered as the most ideal combination construction.

It increases the durability overall and gives complete power to the player to hit and swing with ease. On the other hand, the BBCOR bat keeps the game continued with its two-piece construction.

VCX Connection Technology:

It is an advanced technology that keeps the vibrations in control and allows independent barrel and handle movement. It, on the whole, improves the feel of the bat – it is specifically designed for the unmatched performance by all kinds of players (complete, contact, and power hitters).

Special End Cap:

The specialized Speed Ballistic (SBC) End cap enhances the swing speed and offers better performing situation to the player. In general, it just makes the bat a lot quicker.

Comfortable Grip:

The handle of the bat comes pre-wrapped in LS Pro Comfort Grip tape which cushions the player’s hands and allows better swinging speed. The grip is not glued and could be customized depending upon the player’s own choice.

Size Options: The available sizes for these bats are as follow:

  • Select 719 USA Bats: These bats are available in three styles: -10, -8, and -5; thus, the sizes vary from 29” to all the way to 33” with the difference in the weight depending on the drop weight selection.
  • Select 719 BBCOR Bats: From 29”/26 oz to 34”/31 oz, there are six different sizes for the drop weight -3.

Any Cons of these bats

The BBCOR version of Select 719 has the slight end load swing weight; if you are not looking for it then it is obviously a con for you but many players consider it to be their strength. It is totally a player’s preference to go for end load weight or fully balanced bat.

Are there any difference between select 718 vs 719

Like Prime 919, Louisville Slugger has made the same changes in the Select 719 model as compared to the Select 718.

The company has now recognized its own LS pro comfort grip to be better than the lizards’ skin baseball bat grip which was available in the model of 2018.

Also, Tru3 connection technology has been improved with the latest VCX connection technology. The former one is amazing but the later one offers better feelings by reducing vibrations too many folds.

Louisville Slugger Solo 619 Reviews

ImageSolo 619 BatsDrop
USA BatCheck Price-11
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
USSSA BatCheck Price-10

Solo is another 2019 model of the Louisville Slugger that has become a personal favorite of many when playing the big game.

It is one-piece aluminum bat available in diverse sizes and shapes having highly competitive rates.

It comes in the following versions: Solo 619 USA bat, Solo 619 USSSA bat, and Solo 619 BBCOR bat.

Solo 619 has the following amazing features that take it to the top:

Single-piece Alloy Construction:

Made by using one-piece SL Hyper Alloy, this bat offers a bit tougher feel when comes in contact with the ball. The sweet spot is maximized for better energy transfer.

SBC End Cap:

These bats feature the special Speed Ballistic (SBC) end cap which enhances the swing speed of the bat and gives full control to the player. The speed is better for instant action.

Highly Comfortable Grip:

With the latest LS Pro Comfortable grip, this bat cushions the batter’s hand and makes the play ideal when the player has to stand up for long. It is the perfect blend of cushion and tack that makes every swing count.

Light Swing Weight:

Whether it is the BBCOR or USSSA, it is the lightest swinging bat in its respective lineup. For every length, it has the lower Mass index which offers the specific swing weight to enhance the swinging feel.

Size Options: There are different size options in all three line ups:

  • Solo 619 USA bat: 28”/17 oz to 32”/21 oz, it comes in 5 sizes
  • Solo 619 BBCOR bat: 29”/26 oz to 34”/31 oz, there are 6 sizes in total
  • Solo 619 USSSA bat: 28”/18 oz to 32”/22 oz, total 5 sizes are available

Cons of solo 619

Though Solo 619 is truly great and offers extreme balance, it has its own cons. The bat has increased vibration which is a common feature of one piece bat as there is no connector to absorb the extra shock.

Also, people who are used to composite bat will find it less flexible. However, people who are fond of the tougher feel of the bat will not get disappointed with what these bats have to offer.

Are there any difference between solo 618 vs 619

For the Solo 618, the company branded it to have the anti-vibration handle construction which seems to be lacking for the solo 619 but when used, there’s not much difference in vibration control of both.

On the other hand, it is noticed that the new version produces more pop than the old one.

LouisvilleSlugger Omaha 519 Reviews

ImageOmaha 519 BatsDrop
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
USSSA BatCheck Price-10

Omaha 519 is the latest addition in the Omaha family from Louisville Slugger. It is for the one-piece bat lovers available at very decent rates with great durability along with producing lots of pop.

Available in two forms: Omaha 519 USSSA bat and Omaha BBCOR bat, both bats top the alloy bats of their series. There’s no version of it for USA baseball.

Omaha series share the following amazing features:

Single Piece Alloy Construction

These bats are single piece alloy and have just correct sweet spot to hit the ball rightly with the amazing balance which is just perfect.  They are for the players who like to have tough bats with the stiffer feel.

6-Star End Cap

The special 6-star end cap design is the specialty of Omaha and makes this bat very easy to swing even when the conditions are odd.  It makes the bat well-balanced and great for every situation.

Comfortable Grip:

The handle of these bats is covered with the company’s very own LS Pro Comfort Grip which allows the players to hit the ball hard by remaining easy on their hands. This comfortable grip is not glued and could be easily removed from the bat if the player doesn’t like the feel. Any other grip could be added as per the personal requirement of the batter.

Size Options: Available in two versions, the sizes of these bats are as follow:

  • Omaha 519 BBCOR Bats: 29”/26 oz to 34”/31 oz, there are six different sizes available
  • Omaha 519 USSSA Bats:: 25”/15 oz to 28”/18 oz, four sizes are offered only for this version

Any Cons of these bats

Being a single piece, these bats make some vibrations on a bad hit. However, it is not the problem of Omaha 519 solely; it is the problem of the one-piece bat generally and expert players know how to tackle the issue.

Are there any difference between Omaha 518 vs 519

Well, again the difference is present in the grip. It seems like Louisville Slugger doesn’t like the Lizard Skin Premium grip and replaced it in almost all the new 2019 models with it owns LS Pro comfort grip. Other than that, the balance of bat has been improved a lot in the new version.


All in all, it can be said that launching a new model every year makes things better at the player’s end and Louisville Slugger surely succeeds in this regard year after year.

Instead of manufacturing an entirely new model, the company focuses on improving the previous one depending upon the customer reviews – it is the main reason behind the selection of their bats by many college baseball national champions.

Depending on your personal choice, every selected model here – Prime 919, Select 719, Solo 619, and Omaha 519 – is outstanding in providing performance and results. They can surely hammer the player’s way to victory when swinging correctly.

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