Louisville Slugger Bat Reviews: The Best of the 2024 Models

March 4, 2024
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Louisville Slugger is a well-established brand for baseball and softball bats in the United States. Now considered an institution among players and enthusiasts, the company is at least 140 years old. With decades of bat-making experience behind them, Louisville Slugger is a reliable baseball bat brand for both professionals and recreational athletes. 

About 15% of MLB professional players swing Louisville Slugger bats. The brand has found its niche in youth and recreational baseball, making some of the best USA, BBCOR, and USSSA bats. 

The brand released several bats for 2024 to cater to baseball and softball players of varying skill levels. Let’s take a look at three of their newest models. After these reviews, let us know if you’ll swing a 2024 Louisville Slugger!

2024 Select PWR USA Baseball Bat

The Select PWR USA Baseball bat is a balanced hybrid bat with an alloy barrel and a composite handle. The main update with the 2024 Select PWR USA Baseball is its new VCX2 Vibration Control Connection System. This elastomeric connection allows independent movement between the handle and the barrel, significantly reducing vibrations. It also results in an unparalleled feel when making contact with the ball.

The Select PWR USA Baseball bat is a 3-piece, meaning it’s made of 3 different metals. This alloy design allows weight to be distributed more evenly across the bat. Players who swing the Select PWR can enjoy a lighter bat and therefore a faster swing, without sacrificing any power or pop. The combination of metals in the Select PWR delivers unmatched responsiveness to the player, perfect for young rising stars developing their skills.

The Select PWR’s barrel diameter measures 2 and ⅝, while its length is half an inch longer than traditional BBCOR bats. A longer and bigger barrel is best for young players who are still working on their swing, as the generous and forgiving sweet spot can boost confidence.

Its flashy and eye-catching design adds pizzazz to any player’s swing. The 2024 Select PWR comes in -5, -8, and -10 drop weights. See the sizes available for each drop weight below.


  • 30” / 25 oz
  • 31” / 26 oz


  • 29″ / 21oz
  • 30″ / 22oz
  • 31″ / 23oz
  • 32″ / 24oz


  • 27″ / 17oz
  • 28″ / 18oz
  • 29″ / 19oz
  • 30″ / 20oz
  • 31″ / 21oz

If you want to upgrade your USA baseball bat or switch to a heavier one this year, the 2024 Select PWR is an excellent choice.

2024 Atlas BBCOR Baseball Bat

The iconic Atlas BBCOR Baseball Bat has the technology and features that keep high school and college baseball players hooked on swinging this bat while sporting a refreshed look in 2024. Designed and tested using AI simulations, the 2024 Atlas is one of the most high-tech bats you can sport this year.

The Atlas’ EVOKE Alloy barrel features a variable thickness along its entire length, maximizing the sweet spot for massive pop with each swing. It’s a one-piece, which means it has more rigidity than 2-piece or 3-piece Louisville Sluggers. The one-piece construction allows for more consistent power without sacrificing control. It also has a classic feel that’s close to a traditional wooden baseball bat. Power hitters often favor bats like the 2024 Atlas, which balances rigidity and responsiveness.

The 2024 Atlas has a balanced swing weight. While some power hitters enjoy end-loaded bats, some want to prioritize speed and control. A balanced swing weight allows players to swing fast with precision, putting the ball exactly where it needs to be on the field.

A TUNED Mass Damper (TMD) reduces vibrations in the handle even if players miss the sweet spot. This results in a comfortable swing even during long hours of practice. However, the sweet spot on the 2024 Atlas is quite generous due to its large barrel diameter and length. Some players say that this bat is a BBCOR bat with the pop of a USSSA bat. 

The 2024 Atlas has a drop weight of -3 and comes in the following sizes:

  • 29″ / 26oz
  • 30″ / 27oz
  • 31″ / 28oz
  • 32″ / 29oz
  • 32.5″ / 29.5 oz
  • 33″ / 30oz
  • 33.5″ / 30.5 oz
  • 34″ / 31oz

For a bat that’s truly hot right out of the wrapper, the 2024 Atlas is a premier choice.

2024 Meta USSSA Bat

The Meta is one of Louisville Slugger’s most popular USSSA bats. The 2024 version sports a striking gold colorway, adding that extra oomph to its high-performance features. For players who know that more is more, the 2024 Meta is the bat to swing.

Designed with strong travel ball players in mind, the 2024 Meta boasts a massive barrel that produces true bombs. It utilizes its gapped wall barrel construction for insane pop out of the wrapper. As it has a 2 ¾ inch barrel diameter, the largest allowed in USSSA play, the 2024 Meta has a huge sweet spot for increased advantage at bat. 

This is a 3-piece composite bat with a stiff connection piece. The stiff inner barrel wall, coupled with the VCX2 Vibration Control Connection System, allows players to maximize power while experiencing a comfortable feel. The low-compression outer barrel wall guarantees players drop bombs whenever they make solid contact with a pitch.

The 2024 Meta has a balanced swing weight, but players say it feels slightly end-loaded because of its bigger barrel. Travel ball hitters will appreciate the pop and power the 2024 Meta delivers, so be sure to add this to your roster.

The 2024 Meta USSSA Bat has a drop weight of -5 and comes in the following sizes:

  • 30″ / 25oz
  • 31″ / 26oz
  • 32″ / 27oz

Despite being over a hundred years old, Louisville Slugger keeps elevating its game. With these 2024 models in their line up, we can’t wait to see how they’ll push the envelope in the years to come. Which bat are you most excited to try? Let us know, or check out the other baseball brands we’ve reviewed.