Best Portable Pitching Mound – Guide and Top 3 Recommended

January 8, 2021
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Gone are the days when you had to look for a suitable field for practice purposes and indoor practicing was nearly impossible. With the best portable pitching mound, you can basically turn any area into a baseball field.

As the name suggests, such a pitching mound can be transported to any place thanks to its portable design. This has made the lives of trainers and coaches hundred times easier. Pitchers get to experience a real-life pitching mound which in turn helps them with training in a much better way.

comprehensive buying guide best portable pitching mound

Before, moving on to a comprehensive buying guide, let’s first look at the top 3 portable pitching mounds that are currently available in the market.

Best Portable Pitching Mounds

ProductOur Rating
Players Choice Mounds 8" Intermediate Pitching Mound5/5Check Price
ElitePitch Game Ready Portable Pitching Mound4.9/5Check Price
All Turf Mats PB36120GREEN4.8/5

1. Players Choice Mounds 8″ Intermediate Pitching Mound

Player’s Choice Mounds is a world-renowned company that is run by a father-son duo. They are determined to manufacturing portable mounds that are strong yet light in weight. They believe in saving your time as well as your money.

The company has different versions of portable mounds that cater to different age groups. If your kid is 12 years and below, player’s choice portable youth mound is the best option for you.

This 8” intermediate portable pitching mound, on the other hand, is suitable for players till the age of 15 years. It is an easy-to-carry mound, thanks to its double-hinged roll-away design. When laid out, this mound has dimensions 30x96x8 and it weighs around 100 pounds.

Interestingly, this mound can be used by adults too as it has an extra 16” between the pitching rubber and the ramps’ end. This makes for sufficient area for adult pitching.

Please note that Player’s choice mound does not recommend players to wear shoes with metal spikes while using their portable pitching mound. Using such shoes can cause irreparable damage to the turf.

Pros – Lightweight, Sturdy and Affordable

2. ElitePitch Game Ready Portable Pitching Mound

ElitePitch is a reliable pitching mound brand from USA. Their mounds are meant to improve the pitching skills of an average baseball player. The company has a very focused production with only three types of mounds – game ready, field conversion and mighty mound.

YWG67-G is a game ready portable pitching mound that is designed to convert a softball field into a baseball one. It is constructed using 100% reinforced fiberglass top and high-quality polyurethane and lumber frame which is not only strong but is able to withstand harsh weather conditions as well.

ElitePitch claims that this Game Ready portable mound has no comparison in the market in terms of the value that players get from it.

You can effortlessly unbolt your mound into two pieces which makes its transportation all the more-easier. The dimensions of this mound are 48″W x 81″L x 6″H. The 6” height indicates that it is most suitable for youth.  It is covered in a lovely green turf which nicely blends in with the rest of the field.

Pros – Sturdy, Easy to Transport

3. All Turf Mats PB36120GREEN

Finally, we have this tried and tested pitching mound from All Turf Mats. This USA based company manufactures synthetic turf products for all sports. It aims at providing both Quality and Value to its customers.

PB36120GREEN is more of a pitching matt that is made out of 100% 46 oz nylon material. It has a 5mm foam which is non-slip and has a super grip as well. This foam will not damage your floor whatsoever.

The 4” permanent power line completely removes the hassle of calculating the right foot placement. It is nicely painted in white for clear demarcation.

It has a width of 3 feet and a length of 10 feet. These dimensions show that this is a big enough matt for full force adult size pitching. You can easily unroll and roll it after use.

A regulation sized pitching rubber is attached to the matt. This rubber allows for good leg drive. Although not recommended, you can still use your metal spikes while pitching on this matt as it has a spike proof design.

As the matt tends to move on concrete floor, it is advised to tape it to the floor. Same advice is given to those who are aggressive pitchers.

Pros – Durable, Sturdy and High Quality

Plans for Portable Pitching Mound

After reading the amazing reviews above, we are sure that you have already made your mind on buying a portable pitching mound that is suitable for you.

In case you are low on budget and are unable to get your hands on these beauties, then here is a perfect way of getting one – Do it Yourself! Yes! You can make your very own portable pitching mound.

So, which one should you go for – Homemade or one that is sold in the market? Let’s look at the pros and cons of both these options.

1. Buying an available one on the market.

A good quality portable pitching mound from the market is preferable over a DIY one as you don’t have to spend the time and energy in putting together a mound.

Mounds that are sold in the market have unique features and a sturdy construction. No matter how good you are at building your own mound, the quality of your mound might not match with that of an innovative mound that is built using heavy machines at a warehouse.

Bulk production might be a serious issue. Your kids would have to wait a long time, in case you have to make more than one mound.

2. Building by yourself.

The best thing about building your own portable pitching mound is the ability to customize it according to your needs. You can choose the size and height of the ramp as per your requirements.

Another pro of DIY mound is that it is comparatively cheaper than the ones available in the market. You can visit your nearest wood store in order to choose the sturdiest yet the most affordable materials available out there.

Unfortunately, a big downside to making your own portable mound is that it is a very time-consuming process and that the availability of the right materials might is an issue. You might live in an area where there are no wood shops or stores that sell turfs.

While building your own portable pitching mound you need to care of the base, bracing, top sheet and the turf. If you are a born engineer who is comfortable with his tools and his measurement charts, then this might be the best option for you.

How to choose the Portable Pitching Mound

Finally, we have reached the point in our article where we are in a position to provide a comprehensive buying guide to our readers.

Before choosing the portable pitching mound, it is important that you keep in mind the following factors:

1. Considering who uses

As the portable pitching mound comes in a variety of lengths, it is important to determine who is going to use it beforehand.

If you wish to buy a mound for your kid who is 11 years or younger, then you might want to look for one that is specifically made for young pitchers. These will have smaller length and height as compared to ones that are made for adults.

Collegiate or intermediate mounds are suitable for players with age 12 and above. These can even be used by pro players for practice purposes.

You also need to consider as to why you are buying this mound. Is it for actual game or for practice? A game mound is different from a practice mound.

Game mounds, the more realistic mounds, have tapered edges and are heavier as compared to practice mounds. They are also comparatively expensive, making them the best option for serious players.

Practice mounds, on the other hand, have straight edges and it resembles a platform. It is an affordable option for all the beginners out there.

2. Using Indoors or Outdoors

Portable pitching mounds can be used for indoor or outdoor pitching. The ones that are made for indoor will not damage your floors and will allow your players to practice all year around.

Outdoor pitching mounds are constructed using materials that make them suitable for use in the field. Before purchasing an outdoor mound, we recommend you to closely examine the artificial turf and check how it reacts with elements in the environment.

3. With or without wheels

If you have to frequently transport your portable pitching mound, then this of key importance. A mound with wheels can easily be moved from one place to another.

If you plan on fixing your pitching mound at one place, then this feature is might be of no use. In this case, you don’t have to spend extra money on wheels.

4. Easy to setup

An easy to setup pitching mound is always preferable over a difficult one. It allows you to quickly install it on the field and makes you game-ready within minutes.

When there are lots of steps involved in setting up a mound, there are greater chances of you making a mistake which will eventually result in a mound that is not stable.

Look for a mound that bolts and unbolts or simply rolls and unrolls like a turf matt. No one likes to waste their precious time in installation and setup!

5. Pitching Rubber

The best portable pitching mound come with a pitching rubber. This helps players in improving their throwing capabilities. We recommend you to go for a mound in which you can easily increase or decrease the distance of this pitching rubber.

6. Weight

Generally, portable pitching mounds are light in weight which makes them easy to carry around. They are made using material that is sturdy yet lightweight.

7. Height

As a rule of thumb remember that, a mound that is made for players ages 11 and below should have a height of 6 inches. An 8-inch mound, on the other hand, is suitable for pitchers between 11-13 years of age. A mound that resembles that of high school or major league baseball has a diameter of 10 feet.

8. Materials

It is important that your portable pitching mound is made out of good quality materials that are made to last. A good idea is to go for aluminum material which offers great strength keeping its weight light at the same time.

If you live in an area where you don’t have access to a baseball field, a portable pitching mound is there to help you out! It converts any softball field into a baseball one and simulates real game conditions.

The best portable pitching mounds that are currently available in the market are not only affordable and easy to transport but are also constructed using high quality materials that are meant to last.

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