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I. Privacy Policy

We value your privacy.

This is why it is our firm policy to ensure the privacy and security of the data we may collect from you. The content on this page is meant to make our policy clear and transparent. Once you read this, you will understand exactly how we gather, store and use any personal information collected from you. The section below explains our policy in detail. Please read it to understand our privacy policy.

Information We Collect:

To improve the user experience on our website and the delivery of our services to you, we gather different types of data. This includes personal data, service usage data and tracking cookies. Please find details on each type below.

  • Personal Data

Personal data, as the name indicates, is the identifiable information you provide us. This information may be provided at the time of signing up, through a Contact Us form or by any other means. It is specifically the information that can identify you. Data from service usage and tracking cookies may also include personal data.

  • Service Usage Data may also gather data on how you access and use our services. This type of data is known as usage data. Usage data may include specific information about the computer or device through which you access and use our service. Such data includes time of website visit, the length of the visit, pages visited during the session, browser type and version used, the computer’s IP address and other related data.

  • Tracking Cookies

In order to make sure that our website delivers a personalized user experience for you, we use tracking cookies. These cookies simply track your activity specifically on our website. By tracking this activity, we are able to show you more relevant content. You have the option of blocking the tracking cookies. In such a case, you may not be able to access some of the content on our website.

The types of cookies we use include:

  • Security Cookies: These cookies gather data for security purposes, to ensure the safety of website and its visitors.
  • Preference Cookies: These cookies remember the settings and preferences you choose while on the website.
  • Session Cookies: Session cookies typically last for the duration of a website visit session and track browsing information.

In addition to these cookies, we also make use of third-party tools like Google Analytics. These tools give us an insight into our website’s traffic and help us improve the website experience for you. You have the choice of opting out of Google Analytics tracking. You can also review Google’s Privacy Policy in detail to more accurately understand how your data is handled securely.

How We Use the Data?

The data we use is meant to improve the website experience we offer you. Following are the specific uses of the data we collect from you:

  • Perform analysis of this data to improve website service
  • Maintain the website and provide relevant content
  • Alert you about any changes to the website
  • Offer you opt-in for any new features we may offer
  • Ensure timely delivery of customer support
  • Identify and handle any technical issues in a timely way
  • Monitor the traffic on the website and related trends

Who else can access Your Personal Data

We understand that the privacy and security of data is immensely important. This is why we share this data only with our trusted partners through suitable data-sharing agreements. These agreements ensure that your data remains secure and is used fairly. Through such data-sharing, we also improve the user experience on our site and across the services we offer.

The third-party vendors with which we share your data include but are not limited to:

Google AdSense

Amazon Associates

Google Analytics

Our data-sharing agreements share your data only with such partners who process the data. This ensures the privacy and security of the data.

In other cases, we may be obliged to disclose your personal data to law enforcement agencies and other legal entities when required. We may also share this data with other entities if you give your consent.

Data Disclosure Scenarios

The data you provide us may also be shared with others in the following cases:

  • In response to a legal notice
  • To protect the legal status of the website Pine Tar Press
  • To handle potential misuse of the service
  • To ensure legal compliance
  • To ensure the safety of the website, website visitors and user data

Data Security

The security of the data you provide us is of paramount importance to us. This is why we use every available measure to protect this data. That being said, no data transmission method is 100% secure and fool-proof, so we can’t absolutely guarantee the security of the data.

Linked Sites

When visiting our website, you may come across links to other websites. Each of these sites are respectively responsible for the data they collect from you. You are advised to first study the Privacy Policy of the site in detail before you divulge any personal data.


Pine Tar Press does not target children or knowingly gathers their information through any source.

Privacy Policy Updates

Over time, we might make changes to our Privacy Policy. If any changes are made, you will be able to see them on this page. If you are unclear about any part of the Privacy Policy or wish to ask any related questions, please contact us.

II. Terms of Services


You agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website by visiting it. You are solely responsible to ensure your compliance with the applicable laws when visiting this website. In case of violation, you are prohibited from visiting the website. All the content provided on this website is covered by the copyright and trademark laws. Reproducing this content without prior permission is a violation of the law.

License of Use

Please note that this license does not allow you to:

  • Make any changes to the downloaded material
  • Put the material to any commercial usage
  • Analyze any software tools offered on the website with the aim of decompiling them
  • Erasing any copyright or trademark signs from the materials
  • Upload the materials on another website or server

If you do not abide by any of these prohibitions, Pine Tar Press has the right to revoke the license at any time. The termination of the licenses necessitates that you destroy the materials that you have downloaded from the website and desist from viewing them any further.


Pine Tar Press hosts the materials on its website on an ‘as is’ basis. The website disclaims and negates any and all warranties, including implied or express warranties. These include any conditions or implied warranties that may apply to the suitability and fitness of the materials for a specific purpose, the merchantability of the materials, or intellectual non-infringement and related rights violations. The website does not offer any warranties regarding the reliability, accuracy and relevance of the materials hosted on the website or on any other sites or materials linked to it.


The use, misuse or the inability to use Pine Tar Press’s contents and materials shall, in no event, be a responsibility for the website and its related vendors, nor can they be held liable for it. This includes any loss of data or profit which may arise because of any kind of business interruptions. This applies without limitations to such instances as well where written or oral notification of the possibility of such damage may have been provided to the website or its representative prior to the actual damage. Such limitations may not be applicable to you in the case of jurisdictional limitations for incidental or consequential damages.

Accuracy of materials

Pine Tar Press website does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or freshness of the materials offered on the website. It may contain errors related to the typographical, photographic and technical aspects of the website. The website has the right to make any changes to these materials at any time without committing to a specific update schedule now or at any time in the future.


Any links included or cited at Pine Tar Press do not imply endorsement by the website. Users must click these links and navigate to them at their own risk. Pine Tar Press is also not responsible for any websites or web pages linked to it.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

The Terms of Use specified above can be changed, without prior notice, by Pine Tar Press. You agree to abide by the current Terms of Use and Conditions versions at any time you use the website.

Governing Law

The laws of the State of shall govern any claims that are directed at Pine Tar Press. This is applicable despite any conflict of law provisions.

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