Rawlings Bat Reviews – Top 3 Models of 2019

Rawlings has earned a great name in the batting industry because of the quality bats it produces. Their bats are reaching sky limits year after year.

This year again, they have launched new bats in their old series. In my top 3 models 2019 Rawlings bat review, you will see my best Rawlings picks of this year.

Let’s see what’s new in them and why they are the better choice than others.

Rawlings Quatro 2019 Reviews

ImageRawlings QuatroDrop
USA BatCheck Price-10, -8
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
USSSA BatCheck Price-10

What Rawlings Quatro Holds

Rawlings Quatro is renowned for its perfect combination of flex, balance, distance, and performance. Available for all players, Quatro comes in different versions including Quatro USA bat, Quatro BBCOR bat and Rawlings Quatro USSSA bat.

Made from the high-quality carbon fiber composite material, this bat is two-piece ideal for all kinds of hitters, especially for the middle ones. These bats allow getting extra-base hits with the additional pop it offers. With the suspended inner barrel and composite outer shell, these bats give more power to the player.

The player is free to swing the bat at the will with its reduced swing weight which has been achieved with its new end cap design. These bats also feature Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) that produces a softer and smoother feel at the impact.

The benefits of two-piece construction have been truly gained with ultimate flex barrel and handle design, which increases the bat speed when coming in contact with the ball. These bats also have a large sweet spot and produce great pop.

Available sizes:

  • Rawlings Quatro BBCOR bat: From 31”/28 oz to 34”/31 oz, there are four different sizes available. This bat is one of top BBCOR bats of 2021.
  • Rawlings Quatro USA bat: From 28”/18 oz to 32”/22 oz, five sizes are available in -10; whereas 29”/21 oz to 31”/23oz, three sizes are offered in -8 drop weight.
  • Rawlings Quatro USSSA bat: From 28”/18 oz to 30”/20 oz, two sizes are available.

Cons of this Model Bat

Quarto series of Rawlings is considered to be the best by many customers. Some although say that the grip is not up to their mark; but overall, these bats are great to play with. Also, one can easily customize the grip.

Are there any differences between Rawlings Quatro 2019 vs 2018?

There is a lot of difference between 2018 and 2019 models – Rawlings has improved the new model in many aspects.  The new version has better sting dampening along with the swing weight reduction to some percentage. The durability has been made better as the older one was famous for cracking early, the new one doesn’t have this issue.

Rawlings Velo 2019 Reviews

ImageRawlings VeloDrop
USA BatCheck Price-11
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
USSSA BatCheck Price-10, -5, -8

Velo, another amazing series from Rawlings, inspires many league players to choose it. Available as Velo USSSA bat, Velo USA bat and Rawlings Velo BBCOR baseball bat, and  specifications, these bats make the statement in every game.

Constructed using the ‘Acoustic Alloy’, this bat is one piece with the Comp-Lite endcap which gives optimum balance to the bat that offers greater swing speeds. It produces a distinguishing loud ping at every contact.

Velo presents better speed control with amazing control as it has a tough handle with ultimately lighter swing weight. For the fastpitch players, these bats present remarkable features.

The special feature of these bats is the Precision Laser PoP 2.0 – a laser groove cut in the sweet spot – that enhances the barrel flex to improve overall performance. This technology greatly lowers the volume from the inner barrel,

Overall, these bats offer great comfort with total balanced control to the hitter when comes in the field. It is for the hitters who like loud sound with the light swing.

Available Size:

Rawlings Velo USA bat: Offered in -11 length weight ratio, the available sizes initiate from 27”/ 16 oz to 31”/ 20 oz – there are five different sizes. Velo USA also belong our shortlist about best USA bats for 2021.

Rawlings Velo BBCOR bat: Present in -3 style, there are six different sizes starting from 31”/ 28 oz to 34”/ 31 oz.

Rawlings Velo USSSA bat: There are three styles offered and each has different sizes:

  • -10: Available from 27”/ 17 oz to 32”/22 oz – it has six sizes.
  • -5: Available from 30”/ 25 oz to 31”/ 26 oz – it has three sizes.
  • -8: Available from 29”/ 21 oz to 31”/23 oz – it also has three sizes.

Cons of this bats

Velo from Rawlings is a one-piece bat; thus, when comes in contact, vibration is produced. Though, it uses anti-vibration technology but still customers claim that vibration is felt. It is a common con of the one-piece bat so people who like single piece won’t find it troublesome at all.

Are there any differences between Rawlings Velo 2019 vs 2018

Other than how these bats look, there is not much difference in the 2018 and 2019 models. which is the good thing for money because the loud sound they produce and the lightweight they have, players really like it as they are.

Rawlings 5150 2019 Reviews

ImageRawlings 5150Drop
USA BatCheck Price-11, -10, -5
BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
USSSA BatCheck Price-10

Rawlings 5150 has its own class and gives an ultimate performance no matter which places it gets in the lineup. This series has been improved greatly with time and produces great results in every game after game. Available in three specifications, 5150 USA bat, 5150 BBCOR bat and Rawlings 5150 USSSA baseball bat, this series is for professionals and amateurs alike.

These bats are truly classic and remain amazing for many plays in the long term. Design with the aerospace-grade alloy, these bats are one piece. This construction gives it great durability and makes it responsive all the time.

The sweet spot is just huge so no ball is missed during the play which is created using the pOp 2.0 technology.  Rawlings 5150 has a balanced feel and offers great pop. Overall, these bats give the improved feel.

The cap is the Rawlings special with hyper-lite speed cap to give the lighter feel at the end and make it swing faster. Also, this cap selection enhances the complete control of the bat.

Designed to be used by all types of hitters, these bats offer a great game with a superb performance every time. Technical engineering of these bats gives more power to the players and makes the game more fun.

Available Sizes:

Rawlings 5150 USA Bat: Available in different styles and sizes

  • -10: Available from 27”/17 oz to 31”/21 oz
  • -11: Available from 27”/16 oz to 31”/20 oz
  • -5: Available from 30”/25 oz to 32”/27 oz

Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Bat: Available in -3 drop weight in six distinguishing sizes from 29”/26 oz to 34”/31 oz.

Rawlings 5150 USSSA Bat: Available in -10 style from 27”/17 oz to 31”/ 21oz.

Any Cons of this bats

Rawlings 5150 is a highly durable series but it has its own cons. The bat is very light weighted which is the problem for many strong players. Also, as it has an alloy construction, bat stings a little on the handle when the sweet spot is touched, which is not a problem for the experts but new players may find it problematic.

These bats offer great performance but many customers say that they do not look the same after many games. Only the exterior gets affected but it doesn’t affect the performance at all.

Difference between Rawlings 5150 2019 vs 2018

As compared with the 2018 version, the new bats have the lighter end cap with better durability. The barrel is also bigger as compared to the older version. There’s also a difference in the handle; the new one has a thinner handle. Other than these changes, in performance and results, there is not much difference in both versions of Rawlings 5150 2018 and 5150 2019.


Rawlings is considered as the best manufacturer of sporting goods in the world and the company always shows dedication in developing innovative products to meet the needs of the players of diverse fields. Their high-performing bats are one of them that are technologically advanced and designed in a  way that they dominate the batting market.

All three series Rawlings Quatro, Rawlings Velo, and Rawlings 5150 are the top from Rawlings – they offer a complete advantage to the player to use their full potential when playing. They revolutionize the game and helps in providing peak performance in every game.

Overall, all three above mentioned bats are light-weighted and present perfect balance to hit the ball and enjoy the game. The swing weight is maintained as much as possible so the player could play without straining their hands.

To see the results, trying them is a must. There are many positive reviews about them. All in all, with every year, Rawlings has been taking their bats towards improvement and letting players give their ultimate performance while having fun during the game.

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