Rawlings Bat Reviews: Top 3 Models for 2024

March 8, 2024
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Rawlings is a household name in baseball for its high-quality equipment, which even pros trust and enjoy. As one of the bigger brands in baseball, Rawlings continues to improve and update its products, keeping up with high-performing athletes who change the game season after season.

In this article, we’re talking baseball bats. Rawlings’ 2024 bat lineup builds upon last year’s models to create top-notch bats, proving to be fan favorites. While the 2023 models were good, they’re even better this year. Take a look at the top three picks below.

2024 Rawlings Bat Reviews

ImageRawlings 2024Drop
Mach AI BBCOR BatCheck Price-3
Icon USSSA BatCheck Price-5, -8, -10
Threat USA BatCheck Price-12

1. 2024 Rawlings Mach AI BBCOR Baseball Bat

Branded as the most technologically advanced alloy bat, the Rawlings Mach AI BBCOR Baseball Bat is a premium choice for 2024. Harnessing the power of AI in a supercomputer, the Mach AI ran through different simulations, resulting in one of the most optimized bats ever.

Using the latest technology to design this bat allowed Rawlings to build every inch of this bat’s barrel to precise specifications. The Mach AI is engineered to have the perfect pop, sweet spot size, and swing weight. Players with this bat can feel the exactitude and power it generates while remaining legal for play with the BBCOR standard. 

The Red Alloy+ material is highly durable but flexible enough to deliver optimized pop across its massive hitting zone. It creates a distinct sound that players love, driving them to drop more bombs. The carbon composite end cap retains more mass in the sweet spot but keeps this bat lightweight and easy to swing. This bat has a drop weight of -3 for a comfortable and powerful swing.

If you want to change the game with an AI-powered baseball bat, then the Rawlings Mach AI BBCOR Bat is for you.

2. 2024 Rawlings Icon USSSA Baseball Bat

The Rawlings Icon is a multi-award-winning bat that got even better in 2024. For players in the USSSA league who want to stand out, the Rawlings Icon will do that and more.

Designed to be hot straight out of the wrapper, the Icon’s groundbreaking In/Tense directional carbon composite barrel has lower compression than ever. Elite power hitters swinging this bat were more consistent and experienced total control over the barrel. While the pop of this bat is impressive, it doesn’t skimp on precision.

The handle has Zero-Loss technology that maximizes power in the two-piece connection joint and reduces vibrations in case of mishits. The Tuned Balance swing weight is optimized for every player who prioritizes speed and performance.

New to the 2024 model is the tapered and flexible handle, which increases player comfort and allows players to make a more whip-like motion in their swing for top velocity. The stunning white and gold colorway is unique and perfect for standouts on the field.

The 2024 Rawlings Icon USSSA Baseball bat is available in -5, -8, and -10 drop weights.

3. 2024 Rawlings Threat USA Baseball Bat

Young players will love the pop and feel of the 2024 Rawlings Threat USA Baseball Bat. Designed to give them the utmost confidence at bat, the 2024 Threat has a maximized trampoline effect in its composite barrel. With lowered compression in its extended barrel, this bat delivers insane pop with each pitch that connects.

The larger barrel size allows for a generous sweet spot, perfect for young players still getting used to swinging against varying pitches. The Threat’s lightweight construction makes swinging and generating top speed easier for that whip-like effect through the strike zone. 

This bat is super lightweight, making it a great offensive partner for fast pitches. Players can wait a little longer before launching their swing, delivering even more force as the ball makes contact. Nourish your rising star’s talent with the 2024 Rawlings Threat USA Baseball Bat, which boosts confidence and allows players to develop different batting strategies early in their training.


Rawlings specializes in optimized bats that are more balanced than end-loaded. While they have some end-loaded options, Rawlings shines in its lightweight baseball bats, which pack a punch.

Players who enjoy precision in every hit as they generate top speed in their swing will appreciate Rawlings’ technologically advanced bats. Designed to complement well-rounded players, Rawlings bats have a great blend of features for versatility and adaptability. A player can handle any situation on the field with one of these 2024 Rawlings bats.

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