Scouting Royals’ Draft Picks: Hope, Rockett, and Dziedzic

As draft picks are starting to sign and short season ball has begun, I wanted to continue to look at some draft picks by the Royals. So in this post, using videos available on Youtube, I’ll look at three more picks made by the Royals with some short notes based on the videos of each.

Carter Hope 3rd round Pitcher out of the Woodlands High School in Texas.

Not a real fluid motion, almost relief type mechanics as he takes no real stride. Lanky, seems to get on top of the ball. This was with a runner on base, so we don’t really see his leg kick, etc. Working arm side in this video.

Description says he was clocked at 90 MPH in the workout. Evidently a guy who didn’t pitch a lot in high school, which can be a positive and negative, suggesting that maybe he isn’t as polished as you would expect a big time high school pitcher to be (which many times they aren’t anyway), but perhaps his arm is fresh and not as overworked as many high school or college pitchers who get drafted with basically damaged arms thanks to high pitch counts.

Evidently he is quite the athlete and has good strength as well.

Daniel Rockett 9th round OF out of University of Texas-San Antonio

Really looks like he wants to stay back on the ball and tries to avoid loading too soon. However, it looks like he does just that, and pulls a ball that is low and away. Obviously it worked in that video, and there is some contact and late coverage skills there, but the swing angle isn’t exactly great and you wonder if he will be eaten up by breaking balls. The body looks good, he isn’t a classic bad body slugger, and it appears he has some athleticism:

He didn’t steal a lot of bases, but did steal some in college, so maybe he has the speed to stick in center.

Jonathan Dziedzic 13th round P out of Lamar University

Via southlandconference (he is the left-hander in the red jersey)

A lot of arms and legs in his delivery going forward, getting pretty low at the time of delivery. So probably has some deception, and maybe even some projection, with mechanics that don’t look great, but aren’t unworkable. While he has that deception, his arm angle does come out more than average, suggesting that he may have some problems getting right-handers out. He does seem to have both a breaking ball and a change that move well, but the command seemed lacking, which you would expect.

The change seems to have decent vertical depth, not a lot of side to side movement, and while it doesn’t appear to be a slow change, it is not a very hard changeup either.

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