Slow Pitch Softball Batting Gloves – Top 5 for 2023

March 27, 2023
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Choosing the best slow pitch softball batting gloves can turn into an annoying process since there are so many to choose from. There are several top-quality brands in the market manufacturing and selling hundreds of types of batting gloves, making it all the more confusing for you to pick the right one based on your needs.  

Picking the best slow pitch softball batting gloves of 2023 is as much about personal preferences as about meeting certain set standards for optimum performance and durability. In this article, we’ll discuss several factors that you need to pay attention to. 

We have put together not just a well-curated list of the best slow pitch softball batting gloves online and their in-depth reviews, but also answered your most common questions on them – Why wear batting gloves at all? What size of gloves would be best for me? What should I look for in a slow pitch softball glove? What materials and added features should I be looking out for? 

We have covered it all in this article. So why wait? Let’s jump in right away and start answering all your questions about the best slow pitch softball gloves of 2023. 

Why Wear Batting Gloves During Your Game?

Simply put, wearing batting gloves during a slow pitch softball game will help both increase the quality of grip on your bat and decrease the amount of perspiration on your hands, which otherwise can hamper your performance during the game. A better, tighter, and more controlled grip, therefore, can help you hit the ball harder and further. 

Another factor to consider is the level of sting protection that batting gloves can provide. Wearing good quality gloves will help reduce the sting and vibration that is can be felt, especially in the cold and when you don’t hit the ball perfectly. Additionally, batting gloves can prevent blisters from forming. Lastly, batting gloves can prove to be quite useful when it comes to protecting hands against friction burns if you’re one of those crazy guys that tries to slide in a slow pitch softball game. 

What to Look for in Slow Pitch Softball Batting Gloves?

There are several factors that go into play when choosing a slow pitch softball batting glove, but we have listed down the most important ones that you cannot ignore. 


To arrive at the perfect batting gloves size for your hand, you must look at the length of your hand first. To measure this, start at the base of your palm and go right up to the tip of your middle finger. The hand in question should be your dominant hand – whether left or right. Depending on this length, you can refer to the following table to determine the best size of glove that would fit you perfectly well. 

Additional Features 

With the wide variety of options of slow pitch softball batting gloves available in the market today, there is no dearth of exclusive features to choose from. While some gloves would provide players with an articulated thumb to enhance the mobility of the gloves, others offer pre-curved fingers that suit the natural curve of your palms, thus reducing the amount of bunched up fabric underneath your knuckles that could hamper your gameplay. Other batting gloves focus much more on offering greater protection during the game and come with some extra padding to absorb vibration. 

Best Slow Pitch Softball Batting Gloves  

So let’s get to it. Here are your top slow pitch batting gloves for 2023:

ImageProductOur Rating
Evoshield Adult Pro-SRZ Batting GlovesCheck Price5/5
Lizard Skins Pro Knit V2 Baseball Batting GlovesCheck Price5/5
Marucci Pittards Reserve Batting Gloves Check Price4.9/5
EvoShield Adult Standout Batting Gloves Check Price4.8/5
Mizuno B-303 Baseball Batting Glove Check Price4.8/5
Best Budget Buy: Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult Series Batting Glove Check Price4.7/5
1. Evoshield Adult Pro-SRZ Batting Gloves

Designed to offer maximum protection during gameplay, the Evoshield Adult Pro-SRZ Batting Glove range offers exclusive lightweight performance due to its specially knit material with vented holes for extra breathability. The gloves also feature sheepskin leather palm and molded neoprene cuffs that give it greater durability and enhanced performance. Add to this the wonders of the heat transfer silicone logo and ability to make quick and easy adjustments at the wrist! 

USP: The knit material on the back which not just feels great but also helps stretch your fingers comfortably!

2. Lizard Skins Pro Knit V2 Baseball Batting Gloves

Specially designed for use across Major League Baseball, the Lizard Skins Pro Knit V2 Baseball Batting Gloves are “trusted by the best in the world”. The reason? Exceptional comfort and long-lasting durability! These batting gloves not just offer excellent and consistent grip in any condition due to the 100% sheepskin leather palm make, but also boast of anatomical design for the fingers. This helps prevent friction during the gameplay as well as offers the ability to stretch and fold your fingers on the go during the game for greater comfort. 

The design on the top of the gloves is also one of a kind, knitted with zero seams for superb ventilation and unmatched convenience. The wrists of the gloves are equipped with velcro and feature a TPR design, lending a secure and tight feeling while also being easy to fasten or open. 

USP: The gloves come with a player identification tag for you to write your name or number on the batting gloves!

3. Marucci Pittards Reserve Batting Gloves 

Another slow pitch softball batting glove pair is the Marucci Pittards Reserve Batting Gloves. These feature a digitally embossed sheepskin palm with Gripster technology for additional gripping power when wet. The silicone printed back allows maximum movement despite offering a strong and supportive structure during the game. The exclusive Pittards thumb wrapping also adds tons to the durability of the gloves despite high wear applications, while the wide neoprene cuffs offer unprecedented flexibility and support. 

USP: The digitally embossed palm stands out with unmatched style quotient for the stylish player!

4. EvoShield Adult Standout Batting Gloves 

Another masterpiece by Evoshield, this batting glove fairs true to its name and “stands out” of the league due to the unmatched comfort it has to offer. The breathable four-way stretch mesh on the backhand of the glove make it pretty easy to don the gloves for long hours all season without feeling an inch of discomfort. The sheepskin pal on the other hand adds to the comfort of the glove by tons. Apart from this, the gloves come with Lycra gussets that add to their flexibility, while the neoprene cuffs make in-game adjustments much easier already. Tech6 grip liner minimizes movement between your hand and gloves during the game, so you do not feel even remotely inconvenient throughout. 

USP: The innovative structure minimizing movement between your hand and the gloves for flawless comfort and durability combined!

5. Mizuno B-303 Baseball Batting Glove

Easily one of the best batting gloves in the market, the Mizuno B-303 series comes with a special quick-adjust strap that is designed so to offer a quick and secure fit to players. Add to that the compression molded neoprene wristband that provides additional comfort around the wrist for enhanced feel and fit. The gloves also feature a flex mesh for added breathability and a professional grade cabretta leather palm make – a leather variety particularly appreciated for its uber soft feel and incredible comfort.  

USP: The gloves come with the feature of a personalized name plate that allows you to write your name and number on it!

Best Budget Buy: Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult Series Batting Glove

When looking for a budget alternative that still offers high quality and ample features, the Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult Series Batting Gloves are what you should be looking at. The official batting gloves of MLB, these gloves are one of the most popular choices on field and are constructed using premium quality leather that is soft to touch and designed for peak performance for the entire season! Expect no tears or bunching while still getting a natural and comfortable fit on your hands due to tectonic fit inserts that accommodate flex without adding bulk to the back of the hand.

USP: The gloves come in a variety of sizes for both youth and adults, so you have a number of options to pick from!