Top 6 Slowpitch Softball Batting Gloves for 2024

February 22, 2024
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Finding the right slowpitch softball batting gloves can be challenging. So many varieties and brands are out there, making it a hassle to try everything before finding what works for you.

In this article, we’re tackling the features you should be looking for when shopping for softball batting gloves, why one would wear batting gloves in the first place, and our top 6 picks for 2024.

Should you wear softball batting gloves during your game?

Batting gloves increase the quality of your grip on your bat, absorb sweat from your hands, and provide protection. They’re not mandatory for every player but have helpful features to improve your game.

Too much sweat on your hands can hamper your performance. You have more chances of losing control of your bat if you do not have a good grip. A better, tighter, and more controlled grip can help you hit the ball harder and further.

When the ball makes contact with your bat, there can be a lot of sting and vibration felt through the handle. Good quality batting gloves reduce the discomfort of the ball’s strong impact, and provide warmth in cold weather. Wearing batting gloves can also prevent blisters (especially if your bat’s grip is rough) and callouses from forming on your hands. They also protect your hands from friction burns if you’re crazy enough to try sliding in a slowpitch softball game.

What to look for in slowpitch softball gloves

Several factors go into play when choosing a slowpitch softball batting glove.


First, measure the length of your dominant hand to find the right size of gloves. Start at the base of your palm and right up to the tip of your middle finger. This number is your basis for determining what size of glove will fit you best.

Additional Features 

Player preference is a key reason why there is an abundance of features to choose from. Some gloves provide players with an articulated thumb to enhance mobility. In contrast, others offer pre-curved fingers that follow the natural curve of your palm, reducing the amount of bunched-up fabric underneath your knuckles. Some batting gloves focus more on providing more protection and have extra padding to absorb vibration. Knowing your needs is essential when looking for the best batting gloves.

The Best Slowpitch Softball Batting Gloves of 2024 

ImageProductOur Rating
Louisville Slugger Genuine V2 Batting GloveCheck Price5/5
Miken Pro Slowpitch Softball Batting GlovesCheck Price5/5
Easton Pro Slowpitch Softball Batting GlovesCheck Price4.9/5
Franklin Sports Shok-Sorb Batting GlovesCheck Price4.8/5
Easton Gametime Batting GlovesCheck Price4.9/5
Best Budget Buy: Seibertron B-A-R Pro 2.0 Signature Softball Batting GlovesCheck Price4.7/5

1. Louisville Slugger Genuine V2 Batting Glove

Engineered for breathability and durability, the Louisville Slugger Genuine V2 Batting Glove prioritizes your comfort. The perforated backhand allows more airflow, reducing sweat build-up and barely-there comfort for hot summer days. The synthetic material in the palm of the glove gives the player a steady, consistent grip as the material isn’t too thick but is very durable.
The neoprene cuff is adjustable and comfortable, and with the various colorways and designs, the Louisville Slugger Genuine V2 Batting Glove is a must-have for any softball player.

2. Miken Pro Slowpitch Softball Batting Gloves

Opt for the Miken Pro Slowpitch Softball Batting Gloves for added protection that is still comfortable. They feature an ultra-soft, treated goatskin palm that offers maximum grip. The palm pad adds protection from vibration and shock, while the 50mm neoprene cuff supports the wrist without digging into the skin. 

The option to get unique gold accents adds a touch of style for any elite player who wants to dominate the diamond.

3. Easton Pro Slowpitch Softball Batting Gloves

Durability and comfort are the names of the game with the Easton Pro Slowpitch Softball Batting Gloves. The smooth and tacky goatskin leather palm enhances your grip significantly without sacrificing comfort. The reinforced leather material allows for added durability but remains flexible for mobility. The Lycra backhand is stretchy and fused with silicone to add structure that still moves naturally with your hand.
The elastic cuff is 1.5” with bar tack stitching for more durability. The wrist liner has Bio-Dri material so your hands can stay cool and dry even hours after swinging at the plate.

4. Franklin Sports Shok-Sorb Batting Gloves 

Get the gloves tested by the pros! Franklin Sports manufactures these Shok-Sorb Batting Gloves from world-class premium materials in the same facilities as the batting gloves used by professional MLB players. Although designed for recreational play, these gloves have materials and features similar to their pro counterparts.

This glove’s mesh vent technology provides breathability and comfort, while the leather technology adds durability and softness. The Shok-Sorb tech reduces sting for improved performance. Sizing is a bit limited, so check your measurements before purchasing.

5. Easton Gametime Batting Gloves

Check out the Easton Gametime Batting Gloves for a more stylish pair of gloves. The sleek design is timeless, making these the batting gloves you can count on to show off your style on the field. You get maximum comfort and improved grip with premium goatskin leather on its palm. The sublimated, flexible, four-way stretch mesh allows for breathability and a secure fit that doesn’t restrict movement.
The neoprene cuff with a branded pull tab is adjustable to suit any player. The sizing of this glove runs smaller, so be sure to check your measurements before purchasing.

Best Budget Buy: Seibertron B-A-R Pro 2.0 Signature Softball Batting Gloves

If you’re looking for more affordable gloves, the Seibertron B-A-R Pro 2.0 Signature Softball Batting Gloves are an inexpensive but good-quality option. Primarily made of synthetic materials, this glove may not excel in durability. However, this glove has SuperGrip Technology that helps you gain better control of your bat with each swing.

The ventilation holes on the palm also allow for breathability, while the padding absorbs vibration and reduces sting. The reinforcement between the thumb and index finger adds some durability, while the wrist’s hook and loop closure are adjustable and comfortable.

Batting gloves are a cost-effective way of improving your game. If you’ve been playing slowpitch softball without batting gloves, try them and see how they feel in your next game. They could quickly become a staple for your practice sessions or upcoming weekend games!