Baseball Hitting Approach – tips, tricks, and hitting with two strikes

The right hitting mentality and approach can be the difference between a hit and an out. In a game of centimeters, it’s imperative for you to strategically approach each at bat according to the game situation at hand. How many are on base? How many strikes do you have on you? How has the pitcher been pitching you all game? … Read More

Umpire in Softball – Things You Need to Know

To keep the game fair, teams assign umpires or referees in almost every game. They have keen eyes to see the game in detail and make decisions about the play. The umpire in softball is also important to keep the game going. The official softball umpires are called ‘blue’ because of the color of their uniform in the field. A … Read More

Knowledge That Is Important For Every Softball Fan

A softball player knows every insight of the game, but what about you? The game is full of special knowledge that makes the game more fun to watch. Being a softball fan, it is necessary for you to understand every inch of the game. Here are the unique questions and their answers that every softball fan must know. Why is … Read More