How To Be The Greatest Slow Pitch Softball Pitcher

Slowpitch softball is one of the most famous games around the US.  Being the pitcher in the slow pitch game is harder as making a miracle with the slow movement is not an easy task.

To be the greatest slow pitch softball pitcher, using the correct pitching techniques is needed. The right thrown ball can stop home runs as well as other large shots.

There are three things to check before pitching:

  1. The grip: You need to have the full control of the ball. The right grip decides whether you will be able to throw the ball using the selected technique at its fuller.
  2. Initial position: Your initial position determines the landing fate of the ball. The position in the strike zone will tell how short or deep the ball will go. Leaving the ball early allows the ball to go deep and lowering the distance will take the ball higher. The deep balls increase the hitting pressure on the batter and he may not hit his best.
  3. Arc: The shorter arcs lead to longer shots and the opposite is the case for the greater arcs. Consider arc to be your best friend. Make them high as much as you can.

Tips that Greatest Slow Pitch Softball Pitchers Follow:

Be the most needed infielder:

There’s a huge distance between the shortstop and the second baseman. A good pitcher immediately covers the spot and becomes the infielder. Dropping back only five to six steps can do the job after releasing the ball.

As you are going for greater arcs, you can easily achieve this task. However, practicing fielding skills is essential to achieve anything from it. You need to back up the team and yourself as well.

Read the batter:

When you think that you have thrown a perfect ball and still it isn’t proven to be beneficial for you, then see where you are mistaken. You need to keep an eye on the body language of the batter.

Decide which ball to throw after analyzing the situation. Make your move after knowing what’s going in the batter’s mind. Learning their language and performing according to it can easily take you towards victory.

Aim the mat in the back of the plate:

When you are at your best, you should hit where the umpire calls strike. You can’t reach more than the 12 feet height, but using the height law you can make things harder at the batter’s end. Aim for the mat in the back of the plate so hitting the ball becomes difficult.

Learn to be diverse:

Diversity makes you unpredictable. Using a different variety of pitches will help you to create a confusing state for the batter.  It becomes difficult to know what will be your next move. Spin the ball backward or forward.

Also, you should learn to throw a straight pitch in which the ball doesn’t deviate and the slider pitch that curves the ball to the right or left. The opposite is the curve pitch, you should do it often as well.

  • Straight Pitch: In this technique, you should hold the ball using your index finger, middle finger, and the thumb; the former two should be at the top of the ball while the later one at the bottom. It is also important to note that here that the middle and the index finger should be touching each other and also now the thumb should go on the top when you throw the ball as it will keep the ball inline. The speed can be set according to your selected height while pitching. The technique will remain the same for the right and the left-handed pitcher.
  • Slider Pitch: This pitching technique can curve the ball and make it hard to it for the batter. The direction is opposite for the right-handed and left-handed pitcher. For the right-handed, it will go to the left and for the left-handed pitcher, it will go to the right. Hold the ball using the thumb, middle finger, and index finger. The middle and the index finger should be at the top, and now the thumb should be at the side of the ball. Holding the ball tightly is recommended. When it is the time to release the ball, the thumb should be at the top, other than that, there must not be any other movement.
  • Curve Pitch: For this, you need to use the same technique as the straight pitch with the only difference is in the placement of the middle finger. When you are using your right hand, place the middle finger on the right seam for a bit longer. It will make the ball curve in the right direction. The left-handed pitcher should be placing the same finger on the left seam; the ball will go left.

These are only three techniques, but you can follow any technique that suits you better. Add variety to your pitching; surprise the batter whenever you can.

Practice, Practice, and Only Practice:

All the techniques will remain theoretical only when there is no practical. To master the pitching and be the greatest pitcher, you need to practice a lot. Practice by focusing on one technique at a time. When you consider that you have attained perfection, only then go to the second technique. Practice until you are ready to pitch for a strike when you want it.

Pitch to contact as it can be beneficial for you as well but you should be the one to decide where you want the batter to hit. You should have all the control over the ball. It can be only achieved when you give a good time to practice.

Show Professionalism:

To be the greatest slow pitch softball pitcher, you need to show professionalism. Your actions in the field and outside the field should show your seriousness for the game.

It should be something that you are doing with all your heart. Make your hard work count and act responsibly. Sports are not always about winning, they are about how much you have enjoyed them.

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