Top 6 Catchers Mitts for 2023 – Pro Preferred & Approved

What a delightful journey you’ve come with us for terrific outfield and infield gloves! So there is no better time than now to check out the top catcher’s mitts for 2023.

Because being a backstop requires tons of concentration and safe control, we ensure all recommended gloves are manufactured from the best material to make your catching solid. 

The key point: you only focus on techniques and let us seek gloves that suit your playing style.

So now you can get ready to witness the enormous improvement in every catch. 

From outstanding durability to comfortable feeling, etc., your 2023 season will be intriguing with these fabulous mitts below.

ImageProductOur Rating
2023 A2K® M1DSS 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s MittCheck Price5/5
2023 A2000® 1790SS 34” Baseball Catcher’s MittCheck Price5/5
2023 A2000® SCM1DSS 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s MittCheck Price4.9/5
2023 A2000® PF33SS 33” Baseball Catcher’s MittCheck Price4.8/5
2023 Autism Speaks A2000 CM33 33” Baseball Catcher’s MittCheck Price4.8/5
2023 A2000® M2 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s MittCheck Price4.7/5

Let’s hit the trail.

1. 2023 A2K® M1DSS 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

This A2K glove is the reliable guardian for your catches with an extended palm and a deep pocket, limiting rebounds and boosting tight grip. 

Wilson combined The Vintage Tan Pro Stock® with a lightweight Black SuperSnakeSkin™. 

The pair gives you a comfortable feel and total consistency to face pitches, which features 5%-hide leather to make all catch perfect.

As you’ve heard the common staple, consistent accuracy is vital to a backstop, and now you can keep your momentum with this innovative mitt during tough games.

Microfiber material for the SuperSnakeSkin™ is the best solution to make your hand feel lighter. This cloth is half the weight of Pro Stock Leather but twice as long-lasting.

As to the glove’s longevity, you 100% get rid of the worry because it features a moisture-resistance design. This new leather material also makes it easier to wash than traditional ones.

On the corner of the plate, white accents and black laces enhance endurability during the game and for long-term usage.

If you love quality leather and smooth style, this A2K® M1DSS mitt is your leading companion.

2. 2023 A2000® 1790SS 34” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

When owning this beautiful mitt, you can’t stop laying eyes on its modern and cool appearance—another marvelous innovation from the Wilson. The beauty comes from the brilliant colors in the signature Wilson(R) symbol. 

Good news: you can clean this glove easier than that with traditional leather because it’s designed with microfiber material.

Let’s forget disturbing smells from wet gloves. This 2023 A2000 mitt features a moisture-resistant design to keep it dry and boost longevity, which you can comfortably use from game to game.

Are you ready for the most important quality? The mitt was manufactured with an extended palm, large Half Moon web, and sturdy thumb. This trio helps you slash rebounds to an unbelievable level and block pitches easily in the dirt.

If you like playing with a finger outside, this glove perfectly suits your style with mega comfort and great control on the plate.

Many backstops also love the small space between fingers and the glove’s back because they reduce pain during demanding games.

Finding a better amalgam is hard: comfort, beauty, and safe catching. You’ve got all three in this 1790SS.

3. 2023 A2000® SCM1DSS 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

Blocking pitches is hands-down with this 2023 A2000, equipped with Spin Control Technology which Wilson embedded in the Black Pro Stock® leather palm.

Catcher is the most challenging position in any game, and we offer a patented surface texture so you can be free from worry.

This new material for the palm and Half Moon Web ensures quick transfer handling and helps you throw out as fast as possible, limiting the risk of base stealing.

But do you know why seasoned backstops always love this 33.5” glove?

Its deep pocket is a wide radar to frame all pitches (even with low ones) and catch slow balls in the dirt. Known for non-stop innovations, Wilson always impresses professionals with the best baseball catcher’s mitts.

Another bonus point: the friction-reducing texture makes this mitt a tough guardian for your innings.

Your current season is the perfect chance to shield your catches with this terrific Wilson glove.

4. 2023 A2000® PF33SS 33” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

Among the top-rated catchers’ mitts in 2023, let us introduce this option to help you get the most effortless wins.

Doing catches behind the dish will be easy with the A2000® PF33, boosting your confidence in every pitch.

That’s because it goes with Pedroia Fit technology, which includes a narrow wrist and shorter finger stalls. This design guarantees solid handling and flexibility for players with small-sized hands.

Also, the Drilex Wrist Lining provides lots of comforts thanks to the moisture-resistance material. You’ll never feel your sweat while wearing this A2000.

This Wilson mitt deserves great recognition with its deep pocket and Blonde Pro Stock® leather palm. These features helped create a monster-like gear for catchers to frame pitches and quicken transfers in a flash.

For the appearance, vivid colors in the gradient Wilson (R) logo give this glove a wonderful look.

You don’t need to spend much time finding a perfect mitt. You just witnessed the one.

5. 2023 Autism Speaks A2000 CM33 33” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

“Incredible totally worth” and “Amazing” are popular reviews for this fantastic glove.

Why do backstops love it so much? Because the CM33 33” features SuperSkin™ to enhance the endurability and the Flat Finger Binding to give you solid comfort and significant control. 

Wilson deducted the space between your fingers and the mitt’s back, making you feel less pain when doing catches. 

We know you want to keep your hand dry and comfortable on the plate. Without question, this glove is your suitable gear, thanks to its DriLex Wrist Lining. 

Whenever pitches reach the Wilson glove, you can enjoy a stiff yet smooth feeling to grip the balls. This quality is invaluable for securing your catches and skyrocketing the transfer speed. 

More than a mitt, Wilson delivers a message of acceptance and understanding for people with Autism. 

Let’s play with a warm heart and a wise plan.

6. 2023 A2000® M2 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

The best catcher’s gloves for 2023 bring a versatile friend for players who love a flexible playing style.

This M2 33.5” mitt is your superb warrior because its integrated thumb protection gives a comforting feel even during intense games.

Thanks to ProLux™ Leather, you can smoothly block pitches in this dirt and display maximum control to frame thrown balls on sensitive strike zone areas.

Here is why most backstops love this M2 33.5”: the brand-new Comfort Sleeve is the finishing touch that covers the binding with mega comfort.

Even young catchers can experience the soft feel and firm grip on balls.

The Wilson A2000 is also well known for iron-like endurability and unrivaled control during matches.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy companion in every pitch, this mitt deserves your fullest consideration.

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