Best Batting Practice Tees for 2022 – Top Reviewed

“There’s always room for improvement.” This isn’t just a saying for general growth. It also extends over to sports, especially sports like baseball. Even if you’re a professional player, you’re always going to need to work on making sure your technique is the best it can be. For that, you’ll need to maintain a regular practice schedule. The easiest way … Read More

How to Use Visualization to Improve Your Hitting

The power of visualization for getting a hit Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you improve your performance. When you imagine yourself successfully executing the task at hand, and when you do this repeatedly, it will increase the likelihood of success when it’s time to perform in real life. This is because visualization allows us to practice with … Read More

The mental side of baseball: How to handle failure

Focus on the process, not the results. The first, and perhaps most important, part of keeping your head in the game is to not get hung up on results. It doesn’t matter how many errors you made that inning or how bad you think you looked when you swung at that fastball. What matters is what you do next. Remember, … Read More