The Best Drop 8 USSSA Baseball Bats for 2021

The 2020 come with a lot of drop 8 bats. It’s hard to tell which the Best drop 8 USSSA baseball bats for 2021 are. However, we have researched the bats currently available on the market and picked the bats below that we think are the best drop 8 USSSA bats on the market now. You can take a quick … Read More

Answers and Questions related to USSSA Baseball Bats

We have gathered a few Answers and Questions regarding USSSA bats below. If you are confused about this type of bat, then we hope this article will answer your questions. #1. What ages use USSSA bats? USSSA stands for United States Specialty Sports Association. USSSA baseball bats are bats that come with a 1.15BPF certification. These bats are typically geared … Read More