Victus Bats: Why are they Unique in the Batting Industry?

February 29, 2024
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The Victus brand entered the game in 2015 when founders Jared Smith and Ryan Engross quit their 9 to 5 jobs to focus on creating the best wood baseball bats. In 2017, Marucci partnered with Victus and added the Pennsylvania-grown company to their line-up of baseball brands. 

Joining forces with Marucci proved to be a successful move for Victus. In 2023, a study showed that 24% of MLB players used Marucci bats, and another 23% used Victus. For reference, only about 15% of MLB players swing with the well-established Louisville Slugger brand. Now that Victus is among the ranks of top baseball bats for the pros, people wonder: What’s so unique about Victus’s baseball bats? 

Victus specializes in wood baseball bats but also has aluminum and composite bats. Wood bats have a traditional feel to them that many MLB players enjoy not just for practice but also for the most important games in their careers. When fused with the latest technological advancements and the best wood materials available, Victus bats are hard to beat regarding feedback and performance.

Main Characteristics

Victus bats are slightly end-loaded to add momentum and power to each swing. Most have a cupped end to manage the swing weight and enhance weight distribution. Victus bats also have iconic designs that enhance a player’s flair while at bat (see the viral Pencil Bat).


The touch of weight added to the ends of Victus bats results in unmatched balance. They’re the premier choice of MLB pros, but players of any skill level can experience the unique feel of a Victus bat.

With great balance comes the ability to make powerful and precise hits. Though made of wood, the latest technology in bat production makes these bats highly durable and able to withstand hours of play. 

Victus baseball bats are perfect for hitters who want to create winning situations for their team and know how to do it. These amazingly balanced bats give players complete control over their hits, allowing them to direct the ball precisely where it needs to go. Victus bats are the best bats for precision and maximized power. 

They also have some of the best bat designs in the market. Players who wield Victus bats can enjoy trendy, flashy, classic, or timeless styles.


Some players do not enjoy the heft and feel of an end-loaded baseball bat. While Victus bats are well-balanced, they still feel different from mid-loaded bats. They’re also made of wood, which can be less forgiving and more rigid than other baseball bats. Maple, a common material of Victus bats, is the least forgiving of all wood bats. As Maple has the hardest surface among wood bat materials, these bats require a lot of power to drive the ball across the field. Heavy hitters can take advantage of the rigidity in Victus bats to achieve their goals.

Who uses Victus bats?

Victus is the second most famous baseball bat brand among MLB players. Notable names include former Yankees slugger Gary Sánchez, Fernando Tatís Jr. of the San Diego Padres, and Julio Rodríguez of the Seattle Mariners.

The Best Victus Baseball Bats for 2024

JC24 Pro Reserve

The Victus JC24 Pro Reserve is the brand’s most durable and well-balanced baseball bat. With a thicker construction to keep this solid bat in one piece, contact hitters can rely on this stick for countless games. 

The slightly flared knob provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip for the player’s bottom hand. The JC24 is an excellent option for players transitioning from a metal bat to a wood bat with its excellently balanced swing weight.

V243 Pro Reserve Axe Bat

The popular Victus V243 now has an Axe handle for hard hitters who enjoy that hammer-like feel to their swing. The angled handle provides a comfortable grip for players who have hamate issues from using bats with non-angled handles. 

Players can deliver more speed and confidence in their swings with a more natural grip. This slightly end-loaded bat still feels balanced while providing maximum pop.

V110 Pro Reserve

The V110 Pro Reserve is a top choice for a truly balanced bat. The smaller knob paired with a thicker handle results in a bat that feels very solid and closer to a traditional wood bat but is not too heavy. Its optimized weight ensures players can still control the barrel and place balls where they want them. 

The medium-sized barrel delivers just the right amount of pop for impressive swings when needed without sacrificing control and feedback.

Whether you’re new to wood bats or have steadily relied on them for years, Victus has various high-quality options. They’re the top choice of the pros for a reason, but don’t let that be the only deciding factor for choosing Victus. These well-made baseball bats are constructed with the best materials and designs, keeping the needs of every baseball player in mind. Swing a Victus bat and try it for yourself today!