Victus Bats Reviews: Why They are Unique in the Batting Industry?

July 6, 2020
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Victus is relatively a new name in the bat making industry as compared with the others, but the popularity of this name is no lesser than the big manufacturers.

It has now become one of the most renowned batting names with major players using Victus bats in the very important games of their careers. The popularity is only boosting and not coming down.

Main characteristics of this type of bat

Victus bats are slightly end loaded. They mostly have the cupped end to manage the wing weight and enhance the weight distribution overall.  Every bat has its own pros and cons, and here are the main features of Victus bats.


When you start to count the benefits and advantages of the Victus bats, the list will go on. These bats give the feel that they are only designed for the pro, but they are amazing in the hands of every player.

Though the bats are end-loaded slightly, the balance is unmatchable. These bats offer great balance and make you hit the ball every time. The durability is also superb with every bat lasting for many games to come.

These bats are for the hitters who know how to create a winning situation for their team. They have the optimal weight that gives full control over the bat and you can take the ball wherever you like. Furthermore, when it comes to design and style, you feel no less. They really look awesome and make you stand out from the others in the field.

When you want to score big, these bats can help you create miracles. Because of their amazing performance abilities, Victus bats are the choice of the many renowned players of the major leagues.


For those who are looking for the end-loaded bat that is balanced then there are not so many cons for those people. But if you are not a fan of the end-loaded bats and feel heavy about them, then they are not for you. The maple is less forgiving than other kinds of wood; it is sturdy and rigid and most of the Victus bats are made from this wood type. They have the hardest surface and you need to put lots of effort to drive the ball across the field. If you already are a heavy hitter, then you can take advantage of its rigidity and achieve your goals.

Who uses Victus Bats?

Victus is the second most popular bat brand for the MLB players with over 18.36% of the starting lineup using Victus bats. In the American League, the Victus is a very known name with the big players using these bats.

Some of the best victus bats for 2020

Victus Vandal BBCOR Baseball Bat

This Victus bat is a one-piece aluminum hybrid bat that has all the amazing qualities of the perfect bat that you have been searching for long.

This bat is made from high-quality aluminum having a carbon composite barrel end taking the extra weight from the bat end. It has an ultra-balanced design featuring low M.O.I. that gives this bat the speed like no other. The bat has the fastest ball exit speed that you have ever witnessed.

The barrel is ringless and has the walls of different thicknesses that give it a thinner and better sweet spot for the performance like no other. For better handling, it has the pro-tapered handle with the soft grip that is micro-perforated to improve control.

Available in different sizes initiating from 30 inches / 27 oz and going to 34 inches / 31 oz so everyone gets what they want. The bat is one of the best BBCOR bats of 2020 and company ready to take the field by storm.

Victus JC24 Maple In-Stock Pro Reserve -3


Victus Sports claim it to be their most durable and well-balanced bat that they manufacture.

The bat is made from the top-quality maple and constructed in such a way that it is thickened from the region where needed for the one-piece design. This making gives this bat all of its essential features.

To further enhance the performance of this bat and to make it more comfortable, it has the slightly flared knob to rest the bottom hand. This bat has a medium feel, medium barrel, and balanced wood.  Also, this bat features the company’s special Prop ATC finish.

This bat is perfect for those who want to make the switch from metal bats to wood bats. It is for the contact hitters who know how to drag the ball in the gaps and increase their score and this bat helps them in what they desire.

Victus HD28 Matte Gray Maple Matte Reserve -3


Made to take your score high, this bat has the deafening crack every time that makes your opponents shake.

Having a medium barrel, this bat is second to none with its traditional knob and the handle that is not only comfortable but very functional.  Constructed using the maple wood, this bat is especially for the grinders.

The bat has high-quality textures with the matte finish that not only enhances its appearance but also grip the ball to produce more backspin. The bat is end-loaded but slightly that gives all the features of one perfect Victus bat.

The bat has the medium feel with a weight drop of approximately -3. Furthermore, this bat is big league-grade ink dot certified. Overall, this bat has the classical yet the most modern features that can take the game to the whole new level.


Victus bats are of high-quality and handmade which makes them the choice of the many MLB professionals. They are equally amazing for the normal players as well as the pros. Their special construction makes them stand out from the others in the market and thus they have reached the heights of success in very little time.