Which are The Best Baseball Caps 2020 for The Game?

Baseball caps are not just for protecting the head, but they are a sports icon when it comes to baseball. It is a versatile fashion that serves many purposes.

Here, we have collected the best baseball caps for 2020 that will reduce your research and provide the best ones on the market.

Best Baseball Caps 2020

Baseball Cap Our Rating
Hurley Men's Dri-fit One & Only FlexfitCheck Price5/5
Columbia Men's Mesh BallcapCheck Price4.9/5
Calvin Klein Golf Men's Vintage TwillCheck Price4.8/5
Perry Ellis Men's Donegal HerringboneCheck Price4.8/5
Gelante Baseball Caps Dad HatsCheck Price4.7/5

#1. Hurley Men’s Dri-fit One & Only Flexfit

The scorching sun doesn’t feel so hot with this unique baseball cap.

Made from 100% polyester, this baseball cap is very comfortable. Its imported quality makes it highly practical for everyday use. The quality construction makes it last long for many seasons to come.

If it feels loose on the head, you can tighten it rapidly with its adjustable closure present at the back. The polyester makes it easy to wash. Just use your hands to wash it, and the cap will be as good as new. With polyester, the stains are not trouble at all.

It uses a Nike-specific dry-fit technology to keep the head cool and dry during hot summer days. It has a structured curved bill that offers optimal sun protection.  Also, it features a six-panel stretch fabric and stretch sweatband – it gives a comfortable fit.

The sweat-wicking technology keeps you cool and calm and lets you enjoy the game for the whole day. Taken as a whole, this cap has all the amazing exciting features to go into your wardrobe.

#2. Calvin Klein Golf Men’s Vintage Twill

This cotton cap is exceptionally soft on the head, along with providing protection.

Calvin Klein Golf cap requires no introduction. This cap is made from 100% washed cotton that gives softness and comfort like no other. The twill cotton gives a very soft feel; in addition to that, it has an internal padded sweatband.

The imported quality design has an unstructured 6-panel design with eyelets for better durability.  The material is of the highest quality and last long without any wear or tear.

On the front left side, the CK logo is embroidered as a decoration.  Furthermore, the contrast stitching all over the cap gives it a unique look. The size is never an issue. The back has a metal slider that allows you to adjust the cap according to the size of your head.

Overall, this cap is the way too stylish and fits really nice and provides complete protection.

#3. Perry Ellis Men’s Donegal Herringbone

It is an all-weather cap that is perfect for baseball, beaches, and running errands.

Made from 50% polyester and 50% wool, this cap gives you comfort and protection. It is an important quality cap that has an adjustable closure that offers the perfect fit. No matter what head size you have, it gives the best fit.

The hat design has the choice of athleisure wear or jeans, so you can select the one you like. Additionally, it has a flexible brim that gives optimal protection from the sun.

The front-most panels have the quilted design with a  prominent embossed Perry Ellis logo that gives it a stylish branded look. It is very easy to wash this cap and because of the polyester composition, removing the stains is not a problem.

From the fitting to the quality, this cap provides the best in all.

#4. Gelante Baseball Caps Dad Hats

Soft, durable, and optimal comfort, this cap has everything to keep your head protected with all the fantastic qualities.

Constructed using 100% cotton, the softness of this cap is outstanding. But with softness, it gives the reliability that you desire. The double ring closure gives good life to this cap – you can wear it to many games.

The back of the cap has an adjustable metal buckle. The adjustment is straightforward and gives an excellent fit. The fitting makes it ideal for different head sizes.

This cap is not for men only, but women as well.  The unstructured soft crown five-panel makes it great to wear as well. The availability of different colors makes it great for people who like to match or contrast. The same color thread stitching makes it perfect for people who like to have a single color cap.

#5. Columbia PHG Mesh Ballcap

This is one of the best cotton caps to beat the heat this season.

This imported quality cap comes in different sizes, so the closure at the back doesn’t disturb you. It is made using 98% cotton and 2% elastane – this construction makes it highly durable and comfortable because the mesh fabric is breathable and covers the head without building up any heat.

Whether it’s a gaming season of any sort or going out in the sun, this cap can become your partner for sure. This cap features a water-tolerant design that keeps your sweat in control. Also, it has a Flexfit system that gives it flexibility and perfect fit.

The choice is excellent. It has a diverse range of patterns and colors to choose from, which gives you a suitable match-the perfect curved designed into the bill. The eight stitched bill gives it durability and the optimal hardcore that is needed for complete protection.

This cap is hand washable as well as machine washable. Overall, this cap gives a clean fit with the design for suits everyone.

The key to choosing The baseball caps

Choosing a baseball cap is an art. You are going for comfort as well as functionality. Looking for the specific traits makes the selection easy. Here is what you need to look for in the best baseball caps:

Fit Style

How do you want your cap to be? Do you like to have the adjusting buckle? Or do you like it without a buckle? You need to choose your cap accordingly. The adjusted buckle helps in altering the size as per your head. On the other hand, fixed hats are not very economical, especially for the growing age, as you often need to change the cap.

Selecting the proper size for the full wearable caps is very important as loose-fitting can make the cap fall quickly, and the tighter caps are not comfortable.


The cap should be durable and last season after season. It is not an accessory to buy every day, so the durable one should be purchased. Hats with the abnormal bill or extra decoration don’t last long. Once the decoration falls off, the cap doesn’t look remarkable, so it is one suggestion to select the cap that is simple in design. The caps with minimal design and appropriate panels work the best.


Which material you prefer is a matter of your personal choice. Cap could be made from polyester, wool, cotton and others; which one to go for is up to you. The polyester is easy to wash; on the other hand, the cotton is soft and smooth. The elasticity of the cap also depends on the material. The caps with the mesh are very breathable and easy to wash.

There are woolen baseball caps as well. In the winter season, they feel great because they protect and provide the required warmth.


Breathability cannot be ignored. It is an essential factor, especially in the summers. The hat should have the airflow in a way that keeps the head cool.


For the color, where do you want to wear it should be considered. The white color feels soft and cool. It reflects heat and doesn’t absorb it, so it feels great on the head. The black color, though, is the light and heat absorb and becomes warm very easily. Going for the light colors in the summers and dark colors in the winter is suggested.


The panels don’t give design to the cap only but durability as well. The caps have different panels; you can select the cap that you like. The selection of the number of panels also depends on your choice.


What is your budget? How much can you afford? You can go for the cap that doesn’t feel heavy on the pocket. It is a one-time investment. Going for a low-quality cap is not suggested as it may tear easily and quickly. So, invest one and invest well.


When it comes to style, there are different baseball caps. The snapback has a six-panel construction, and it has a pure classic style. The five-panel cap has a rounded low profile shape. Another one is the trucker that has four panels. The dad cap is an old man cap and has a unique curved-peak design with an unformed body. So go for the one in which you feel easy.

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