What are The Best Batting Tees for 2021?

What are the best batting teesAmong all the practicing aids, batting tees offer the best way to practice swing as they are persistent in providing the ball at the same place again and again. Also, it omits the need of another player to throw pitches while practicing. Nowadays, highly perfect batting tees are available that are versatile as well as long-lasting. Here are the best batting tees for 2021 that have taken the market by storm.

Best Batting Tees for 2021

#Batting tee Our Rating
1Tanner Heavy | Premium Built Baseball/Softball/Slow PitchCheck Price5/5
2Jugs T - Pro Style Batting TeeCheck Price5/5
3GTee GT2653 Batting TeeCheck Price4.9/5
4ATEC T3 ProfessionalCheck Price4.9/5
5Jugs 5-Point Hitting TeeCheck Price4.8/5
6Fortress Baseball Batting TeeCheck Price4.7/5
7JUGS Hit Like a Pro Hitting TeeCheck Price4.6/5

#1. Tanner Heavy | Premium Built Baseball/Softball/Slow Pitch

This heavy version of the Tanner stands firm on the ground without displacing its place once.

A blend of perfection, this batting tee has all the amazing features that you can think of. Having a hand-rolled rubber flextop makes you feel the ball at a contact instead of the tee to provide the optimal hitting fun.

With easy height adjustment, you can set your desired height. It has the patented friction technology to allow a smooth transition. Thanks to its three points contact it stands firmly on the ground. It has a 10-pound heavy claw-like structure to adhere the tee to the ground for extra grip.

It has the ideal weight distribution that keeps it forever balanced. The solid steel frame gives the surety that this tee can be your pitching partner for many seasons to come.

#2. Jugs T – Pro Style Batting Tee

Whether you are a newbie or professional, this tee is just perfect for all.
It is one of the most stable tees that you can have for your practice. It will not fall no matter what thanks to its patented internal interlocking bolt design which prevents slipping at all cost.

You don’t need any outside weight to make this tee stable while practicing. Furthermore, the base is covered with rubber and has rounded edges that also protect the gym floor.

You always feel the ball only on contact thanks to the highly flexible top. You can adjust the height as per your need. You can swing throughout the hitting zone.

When it comes to transport, things are also easier. It features a patented grip-n-go handle that makes it easy to hold it. Also, it can fit into any travel bag with ease. Overall, it is an amazing net to improve your practicing many folds.

#3. GTee GT2653 Batting Tee

Winning the American Baseball Coaches Association’s best of show Award and getting the title of BMWs of all, this batting tee is surely worthy to try.
Made from high-quality materials only, this batting tee is for the professionals who don’t compromise on less.

The adjustable upright height starts from 26” and goes high up to 53” so you can practice with any height you want. Thanks to the seals and bushings at the core, the tee never leaves its place no matter how many times you hit the ball. The tee base is manufactured using high-density polyethylene with a weight of 10 lb that makes it very stable.

The flexible rubber tee cup makes you feel the ball at the contact and not the tee. It lets you hit without much effort and with more accuracy. Assembling and disassembling are done within seconds and don’t need any labor. On the whole, this tee is amazing in every aspect.

#4. ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee

This helically wrapped composite cone is the specially designed batting tee that improves your game after every practice session.

The quality of this batting tee is to lower the resistance at contact that allows the hitters to gain the full control of the ball and hit it like a real pitch. The special construction doesn’t only limit the resistance but also improves the durability of the whole system.

The telescopic design quickly adjusts the ball height and allows the hitter to practice more efficiently. The assembling and dissembling of the batting tees are made very easy and quick, so you can start practicing without wasting any time. The quick turn screw attaches the base with the upright that can be separated very fast. This makes it easy to store and travel with.

It has all the exciting industry-leading features that make it ideal to be used by professionals and newbies alike for their practicing.

#5. Jugs 5-Point Hitting Tee

This adjustable advanced hitting tee makes you practice your favorite game in the most appropriate way.

Designed to efficiently practicing baseball and softball alike, this hitting tee comes with five unique positions with the stable dual stems to practice on. To practice facing different pitching positions, the stems can be adjusted. With this tee, you can practice inside, outside, and middle pitches.

Not only different positions, but you can also practice hitting at different heights. The telescoping extension tubes can have different sizes. The base is a heavyweight solid rubber that keeps the whole system in one place and doesn’t allow it to tremble even with the strongest hit.

Like other batting tees, it can also be dissembled that makes it easy to transport it from one place to another.  Because of this feature, the storage is also very easy. Using a tee offers the quickest way to develop eye-hand coordination while using the right hitting mechanics and knowing the proper contact point.

#6. Fortress Baseball Batting Tee

Adjustable height, hand-rolled rubber top, and weather-resistant, this batting tee aids your practicing on a rainy day or under a blazing sun.

This batting tee makes you feel the ball to be smooth on contact like it has been originally thrown by the pitcher. Its high-quality ball cup is hand-rolled rubber that gives the optimal feel of realism when hitting.

The stem is made using a premium class stainless steel. It is also 100% waterproof which means you can use season after season without getting worried that it will get damaged. There are also stainless steel screws that connect the stem to the base to provide a flawless connection between the two.

The base is heavy duty and of diamond shape that makes it easy to use it on any practicing ground. This super-strong batting tee has the extendable design and the height range can be changed between 22-inch to 37-inch to practice different pitching heights. Overall, it is a versatile tee that is good for the practicing of softball and baseball.

#7. JUGS Hit Like a Pro Hitting Tee

Durable, simple, yet fully capable, this batting tee is crafted with all the things to make every training session fruitful.

The special telescoping design keeps this tee working in every situation. The ripped upper tee tube doesn’t allow the system to fall or slip during practicing. Keeping in mind the special needs of the youth players, it helps in practicing hitting by remaining stable.

The base is solid rubber. It provides a perfect platform that doesn’t tremble with your hit. Its heavyweight doesn’t allow the tee to fall on to the ground. The size is also adjustable and can be set according to the need of the player.

The whole system dissembles in minutes which makes its transportation as well as storage very easy. It has every feature that   All in all, it is one of the best batting tees available today.

The other Batting Tees Reviews

The G Tee Baseball Batting TEE

Quick assembling, durable, and result producing, this batting tee is the training aid with all the qualities you have been searching for.

This G tee has the base, stem, and cup, that is specially designed to last for many practicing sessions. The base is made using high-quality polyethylene that doesn’t fade with time. To enhance performance, the base is pretty stable. It has been given with the additional 10 pounds of weight plate to lower the catapult effect so you can stay more focused on hitting.

The special lock pin system stabilizes the stem tightly in its position. No matter how hard you hit, it will not hinder the play. The stem height can be adjusted according to your own size. The assembling and disassembling don’t take much time and an easy job to do. The height is changeable from 26-inch to 53-inch. Furthermore, with these adjustments, a player can practice different height pitches.

The cup is a sturdy but durable rubber that can hold the ball even after hundreds of hits without breaking at all. It can hold on to softball or baseball. The quality is unmatchable and made this batting tee your practicing partner season after season.

Oscar Millers Swing Rite

Two is better than one, and this batting tee makes sure you get the best when it comes to the practicing of your favorite game.

The dual hitting system makes this tee favorite of many because it allows practicing low and high and outside and inside pitches at the same time. This improves the outcomes of the practicing session too many folds. Furthermore, the dual settings save time as well.

The system is made highly stable. The base remains firmly on the ground to hold the stem and the cup above. It keeps the stem secure steadily so you can hit with all your might without any hindrance.

You can carry this batting tee easily wherever you want to go. It can fold up into a compact package that is not only convenient to transport but to store as well. The position adjustment further improves its functionality.

Overall, not many batting tees offer dual practicing at the same time at these rates. To take your game to the whole new level, it is one of the best ways to practice.

CHAMPRO Professional Grade Adjustable Brute

Designed for the veterans as well as new players, this batting tee makes the ball hitting as natural as it can be.

Featuring an ultra-flexible rubber top, the swing resistance is greatly minimized.  When the bat comes in contact with the ball, the light-weighted rubber cup gives the feel that it is not present at all and the hitter can hit the ball with all his might. The rubber top is not only efficient in functionality but also in durability.

Only a premium quality material has been used in the construction of this batting tee that helps it to withstand great impacts of even the professional players. No matter at which skill level you are, this batting tee can resist your hit.

There is a weighted square base that is essential to give the stability that is needed during the hit. Not only that, the base further has a non-slip rubber feet grip that fastens the tee to the surface of any kind, whether it is grass, turf, or dirt.

The height is adjustable and ranges between 27-inch to 47-inch. Furthermore, the special locking system secures the stem at your desired place and gives the ultimate stability that is needed when the ball is hit hard. The assembling and dissembling are also easy and it weighs only 6 pounds. Overall, it is a complete practicing package that can improve your game a lot.

Franklin Sports MLB Total Tee

Beneficial for young elite players, this batting tee is perfect for the practicing of the tee-ball, softball, and baseball.

Designed especially with the durable fiberglass aluminum, the durability of this batting tee is unquestionable. It is made to provide long-term batting improvements to the serious players who want to take their game to the whole new level.

The height is adjustable from 27 to 37 inches which makes it possible to try the diversity of the pitch using one batting tee. The twist and lock adjustment system makes it easy to change the height in no time with better stability.

This batting tee is made to last long. It provides a solid base to practice on. The weighted base has the capacity to hold the stem even when the tee faces the hardest hit. It features a special and unique hybrid calcium carbonate system to keep the tee in its place so the focus doesn’t deviate from the real practicing.

The flexible thick rubber cup holds the ball and gives a very real feel on contact. It doesn’t hinder the capacity of the player to make the move. Its construction makes it last really long and allows practicing in the best way possible.

How to choose The Batting Tees

Batting tees are one of the best methods to improve the swing for any level player. It completely allows the player to focus on hitting mechanics.

By keeping the focus, better outcomes are produced. Before buying the batting tees there are certain things that should be considered:


The batting tee should be made with high-quality tough material so that it doesn’t break after a few swings. Rubber classifies as one of the best materials for the tees. Many other materials are also used for the construction.

You just need to make sure that it lasts long. There are waterproof materials as well for the stem, with extra small rubber present for the base.


The height of the tee should be adjustable because the pitches in the game don’t remain the same. The size should be adjusted as it allows the hitter to practice at different positions.

The size for the adult and children batting tee is not the same. The size range is different for every batting tee.

The Cup

The cup holds the balls you are going to practice with. The holding cup must not show resistance towards the ball otherwise, it will hinder the practicing and doesn’t allow the hitter to play at his full.

Many rubber caps are made specifically to lower the resistance and give the sense of a natural pitched ball. Keep this feature in mind when you are going to buy the best batting tees.


The base should be able to hold a cup and stem without trembling at all when the ball is hit with the great force. The batting tee should remain on the ground even in the heavy practicing.

So, the design must be carefully selected because good design doesn’t hinder the playing session at all. In some cases, the batting tees are provided with the extra weight to control the base while heavy playing. The design of the base plate also plays its parts.

Overall, if you want to have the neatest and the most convenient way to improve your swing, then going for the list above would help. The batting tees are among the many acceptable practicing tools that is lked by the hitters and the coaches alike.

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