Best Batting Practice Tees for 2022 – Top Reviewed

“There’s always room for improvement.” This isn’t just a saying for general growth. It also extends over to sports, especially sports like baseball. Even if you’re a professional player, you’re always going to need to work on making sure your technique is the best it can be. For that, you’ll need to maintain a regular practice schedule. The easiest way to get batting practice on your own is a batting tee. 

However, with so many different types of batting tees out there, it can be hard to find the best batting tee for you. That’s where we come in! In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the top 5 best batting tees for 2022 and give you a complete checklist to help you choose the right batting tees for you! 

Here are our top picks for some of the best batting tees for hitting practice 2022!

1. MacGregor Baseball Tee – If you’re one of the people that really want a batting tee that can stand up to hours of batting practice without losing its integrity, you won’t want to settle for ordinary plastic. Plastic might end up being too cheap in terms of build quality and end up flying around all over the place when you need it to stay put. This is the MacGregor baseball team’s goal. 

The MacGregor Baseball Tee has Heavy-duty, injection molded, rubber tubes that can take a serious beating without a problem. The telescoping tube can easily go from 21” to 36” as needed, and the steel-enforced waffle bottom ensures that the batting tee isn’t going anywhere no matter how hard of a hitter you may be. Great for newbies and professionals alike.

2. Franklin Sports MLB 3 Position Baseball Tee – Franklin Sports knows it can be hard to find a good quality kids batting tee. Children’s batting tees tend to be low quality and hard to size, risking your budding baseball star’s batting form. This baseball tee changes all of that.

Although it is made of plastic, it holds up its own fine. The height can easily be adjusted to up to 36”, but the best part here is the large, home-plate style base. You can use the three hitting zones to set up the batting tee however needed, so you can easily get three times the practice out of the same batting tee easily! Great for future stars and pro players alike.

3. PowerNet Baseball Batting Tee – This batting tee is great for people that are looking for travel baseball equipment. While most batting tees come with a couple of different pieces that you need to put together to use them, this one’s mostly one piece, so you can set it up in under a minute! The tripod-style design makes moving it around easy while also making it super stable. So even if you’re a particularly hard hitter, you can get the job done no matter where your baseball travels take you.

4. Gonex Baseball Tee – We’ve talked about kids’ troubles with finding the right height with batting tees, but they aren’t the only ones. For those baseball players who are over 6 feet tall, most batting tees just aren’t going to cut it. 

Need a baseball tee longer than 36 inches? This is the tee for you. The Gonex Baseball Tee can easily extend up to 44” tall enough for most baseball players, even if you’re seven feet tall. The base is tripod-style and very strong. So you can practice without worrying about it falling over. You can practice your power swings, and this batting tee will be no worse for wear. 

5. Zdgao Baseball Batting Tee – If you need a batting tee that anyone can use, this is the one. The Zdgao Baseball batting tee is great for the entire team. It starts off at 24” and can extend to 46”, so no matter how tall the hitter is, the batting tee can easily accommodate them. 

It boasts High-end aluminum construction, paired with an eight-pound weighted base, so even if there are crazy winds along with some heavy play, the batting tee will stay put through it all. Overall, this is one of the best baseball batting tees you can invest in! 

Best Batting Practice Tees for 2022

ImageProductOur Rating
MacGregor Baseball Tee Check Price5/5
Franklin Sports MLB 3 Position Baseball Tee
Check Price5/5
PowerNet Baseball Batting TeeCheck Price4.9/5
Gonex Baseball Tee Check Price4.8/5
Zdgao Baseball Batting TeeCheck Price4.8/5

How to choose the right batting tees

Below are some of the key things you need to keep in mind when choosing batting tees, so you get the right one for you!


Everyone is at a different height and swings at a different angle. This makes flexibility a key component of a batting tee. Being forced to swing at the wrong height or angle ruins your batting technique. You should never adjust your swing to the batting tee. Make sure it can adjust to you.

Build Quality

Batting tees get a lot of wear and tear. They’re constantly being swung at, and even if you do hit the ball perfectly each time, the batting tee is still doing a lot of work there. That’s why you need to make sure the batting tee you get is made from high-quality materials and will last you through extensive use. No matter how great of a player you may be.


The whole point of using a batting tee is that it holds the ball exactly where you need it. You should be able to rely on it to stay put regardless of the conditions you’re practicing in. If your baseball tee or the ball keeps falling over you’re not going to be efficient with your practice sessions. So look for good quality and design that allows the batting tee to be as stable as possible. 

There are a lot of products on the market, so it can be tough to know which one to choose. These are our top picks for the best batting tees of the year. Remember to find the baseball tee that fits your style and needs. Only make the purchase if it ticks all of your boxes!

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