The 9 MLB Questions and Answers That A Top Fan Want to Know

For an MLB fan, it is must to know every single detail of the game. If you are a huge MLB fan then this article is for you. I have selected the top interesting questions with their answers that you must know about MLB game if you love watching it.

#1. How many bats does an MLB player use in a season?

Nobody could really tell for sure how many bats a single player uses in one season. According to one estimate, a player may use 120 bats in a season on average; but how to calculate the numbers?

It is said that one baseball bat is for 10 at-bats in a season; according to this average, there is a possibility the number could be 60 bats per season for the top-order players. On the other hand, the same number is 3-4 bats per season for the players coming to the field at the end.

To be the top MLB fan, you need to keep an eye on the game to be precise. So you can tell for sure that you have counted the bats that have been used by the player in the game.

#2. Do MLB Players get free bats?

The answer to this question could be ‘a yes’ or ‘a no’ depending on the personal choice of the player and the factors involving in the selection of the bat.

In most cases, the bats are supplied according to the contract between the teams and the manufacturers. However, the choice is also given to the players. When the players choose their bats, the team will pay for them.

Moreover, there are also endorsement deals between the players and the bat manufacturers in which the players get paid to showcase the brand.

Overall, there are very rare cases when the MLB player actually buys their own bats but their selected bat must fulfill all the regulations set by the league. Usually, the bats they use are for free but the team has to pay for them.

#3. What is the most popular bat in MLB?

According to MLB rules and regulations, the bat should be one piece of solid wood only; other forms of bats are not allowed in the game. So it is not incorrect to say that the most popular bat in MLB is a wooden bat.

However, to classify even further, a report suggests that maple bats are highly liked among the players. More than 70 players prefer to use maple. The second spot is secured by the ash bats and the last spot is for yellow birch.

When it comes to the top brand then it is a matter of observation. It can be seen that most players like to swing the Marucci, Victus, and Louisville Slugger bats nowadays. They are the most loved brands by professional players.

#4. Who swings the shortest bat in the MLB?

The shortest MLB bat is used by the renowned Tony Gwynn. His bat measured only 32 inches at 32 ¼. He is one of the best hitters and taking this in the account, using the shortest bat is a bit different but the fruitful answer to him.

According to most players now, the bigger bat performs much better than the shortest bat, but Gwynn has shown that it depends on the playing style of the players. The bat size really doesn’t matter when you know how to swing right.

#5. What is the longest bat allowed in MLB?

In our times, there are two players who had swung the longest MLB bat in the history – Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth. They both used a 36-inch bat, not just once, but regularly.

According to the MLB rules, a player could use the bat of 42-inch; but till date, there is no reporting of any player swinging a bat larger than 36-inch. Most players nowadays prefer to use a 34-inch bat in the game.

#6. Do MLB players wear chest protectors?

Apart from the catchers, the MLB players don’t really wear chest protectors during the game it is probably because it restricts the movement. If you read the updated 2019 rules and regulations of MLB, you will not find a single line related to the chest protectors.

MLB emphasizes more on head protection than the chest. However, there’s a possibility that the players, like the field umpire, wear them inside their uniform or they don’t really wear them at all.

#7. What is the most popular catcher’s mitt MLB?

Rawlings is the top answer even when you do your personal research while watching the game. Catcher’s mitt by Rawlings is most liked among the MLB players.

#8. What size glove do MLB catchers use?

MLB has the size restriction for the catcher’s mitt and the players must abide by their rules of the game. The leather glove or mitt should not be more than 38-inch in circumference.

From one end to another, the size should not exceed fifteen and one-half inches. The size includes all the lacing and bands attached to the outside of the mitt.

So what glove size the catchers use is the matter of their personal choice and their size of the palm.

#9. Do MLB players wear cups?

Wearing a cup is the matter of the personal choice of the player; however, except for the catcher, players do not take groin injuries seriously and consider the cup to be the protective gear only for the catchers. The other infield players don’t really take it as a necessity to wear a cup, though it is a must gear that every player should wear.


All in all, now you know what MLB players use in the game and what they don’t. You also know their favorites. So in short, with your other game knowledge, you can now say that you are an MLB top fan who knows much about the game.

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