What makes a High School Softball Player good?

October 12, 2019
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Everyone wants to be good, but getting this title is not as easy. To be a good high school softball player, you need to work on yourself.

From emotional to physical characteristics, there’s always a lot of room to improve. Those who never stop learning always make the best players and teammates.

To reach the level of a good softball player, you need to develop the following qualities and skills:

Physical Qualities

Strength: A good softball player has the power to deal with a strenuous practicing session along with managing an outstanding performance in the game.

You can achieve it by practicing daily, even it is for a few minutes only. Eat good and take care of yourself to gain strength.

Agility: The responses of a good player are quick and speedy. Try to improve your response time and increase your action speed by doing different exercises to boost these qualities. From the pitcher to the hitter, everyone needs to work on it.

Coordination: How well your body coordinates with your mind makes you a better player. Work on this coordination to improve yourself.

Personality Traits

Optimistic: It is the quality of every good player. She never becomes a pessimist and always has the will to move forward.

Determination: A wise player is determinant towards playing a good game. The victory isn’t the only thing in mind, but a good team play is.

Coachable: Coaches know the best about the team. A good player always remains open-minded and listens to the coach’s advice.

High Game Ethics: The opposing team is not a natural enemy; it is just a game, and there are some rules and regulations to follow. A good player knows all her responsibilities in the field and makes sure to give respect to the opposing team players.

Confident: A good player is confident but never arrogant. Her confidence is balanced. She knows where She stands. She has complete control over her skills, but she is never overconfident about it. She plays assertively till the game ends, even when her team is on the losing side.

A Team Player: Softball could not be played alone. One needs a whole team. A good player knows her position in the team and works accordingly.

She doesn’t want to stand in the limelight alone but wishes her whole team to stand as one. She takes care of every player and makes sure to not steal the show from them. The word “I” doesn’t exist in her game dictionary, and she focuses on “We” while playing.

Patient: No one reaches the height of success within a night. The player can only achieve big with a constant good game and practicing the skills. A good player remains patient about it, and the victory of others doesn’t bother her.

She accomplishes one milestone at a time. Furthermore, she only moves forward when she completes the previous goal.

Psychological Qualities

Emotional Control: Polite, humble, emotionally composed; these are a few of the best traits of a good player. She has full control over her emotions and doesn’t get angry when the game isn’t on her side.

Stress and Failure Coping Abilities: No matter how much stress the game brings, a good player knows how to cope with it. Winning and losing is part of the game, and she recognizes this fact.

She remains relaxed during the game no matter what the situation her. She remains relaxed because she knows that she can only tackle the problem efficiently when her mind is calm.

Attention Control: During the game, the player’s attention should be on the game only. Players, whose minds stray here and there in the game, couldn’t give their complete.

The player is called great when her attention doesn’t divert during the game. The disturbance could be external or internal, but an elite player keeps all the troubles behind and acts professionally on the field. She remained focused on the task at hand.

Technical Skills

Game Sense: A vital skill of the player is the game sense. Making quick decisions helps the player achieve big, not for herself only but for the whole team. The overall game sense is essential to know what is happening and how to take action.

Mastery of Fundamentals plus Advanced Skills: A pitcher must know how to pitch, while the batter should be an excellent hitter. The player needs to master their particular skill, but learning the game’s fundamentals is also necessary.

What is it like to be a fielder or a base-runner? A good softball player keeps herself in everyone’s shoes. This tactic makes the game better from whichever position the player is playing from.

Game Planner: A player with the sheer goal in mind is highly dangerous for the opponents. A good player can plan the game.

She knows her opponents well and also how to tackle them in the field. When the game changes, her plans alter with the game, too; this leads towards success. When her first plan seems to fail, she comes up with a backup plan by truly analyzing the situation in the game.

A Necessary Component: All the above qualities are a must in a good softball player; but, there is one crucial component.

If it is missing, the game doesn’t remain the same. A player should be in love with the game.

The player should enjoy the game to be the best. Even if she has made any mistake in the field, she should be smiling at it and make it a milestone to learn from it.


For an elite player, winning and losing is part of the game. She loves the game and doesn’t feel a burden while playing. For her, her game is her pride and passion.

She takes care of the field’s game ethics and is friendly with her team in the restroom. Overall, a good softball player is a good person who doesn’t make anyone suffer but does everything at its best.